Top Ten Tuesday – Crazy Character Names

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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is:

Top Ten Unusual Character Names

From my Read list.  Here they are, in no particular order:
  1. Katniss Everdeen – This name will probably be on everyone’s list, but it’s pretty unusual, so I had to use it anyway.  Do I even need to say what book this is from?  (Okay, it’s The Hunger Games).
  2. Cricket Bell – I didn’t love Lola and the Boy Next Door nearly as much as I loved Anna and the French Kiss, but I was a big fan of the boy next door.  But, what a name!  Cricket… really?
  3. Trella – I don’t remember Trella’s last name (she really didn’t have one for most of the book), but her first name is really unique!  Trella is the main character from Inside Out.
  4. Sia Holloway – I’ve never heard of the name Sia before (from the book by the same name), but I think it’s pretty.  She also has a friend named Tiff.  Both strange names for a contemporary book.
  5. Ink and Inc – Yep, these are two different characters from the book Indelible.  They are brother and sister (sort of) with matching names.  I Loved this book, but I know some people thought this name thing was pretty crazy!
  6. Layken Cohen – This lead character of Slammed has a very unusual name, but it seems to fit her!
  7. Pressia and Partridge – These are two of the main characters in Pure, a dark dystopian series that I love (can’t wait for the third book in the trilogy!).
  8. Percy Jackson – For a “normal” kid this would be a pretty weird name, right?
  9. Freya Catten – Named after the Norse goddess, Freya from Scars of the Bifrost has an unusual name.  Oh, and her love interest is named Theron – another very interesting name for a very interesting character!
  10. Every character from every fantasy novel I’ve ever read – Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but let’s face it, most fantasy characters have unusual names.  Names like Nynaeve, Perrin and Egwene (The Wheel of Time series) and Verity, FitzChivalry, Burrich, Brashen, Malta and Nevare (all from my favorite fantasy author, Robin Hobb) are pretty much par for the course in fantasy!


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