Review & Giveaway – Divine Scales by Jennifer Blackstream

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Review & Giveaway – Divine Scales by Jennifer BlackstreamDivine Scales by Jennifer Blackstream
Series: Blood Prince #4
Also in this series: Golden Stair
Published by Skeleton Key Publishing on 6/30/14
Genres: Adult, Fairy Tales Legends & Mythology
Pages: 214
Source: The Author
My content rating: 18+ (Explicit Sex)
My rating:
5 Stars

Marcela is a mermaid who takes her duties as a daughter of Triton seriously. Like all of her siblings, she takes her turn with every duty rotation - including saving the lives of sailors when a ship comes under distress. Never has she been distracted from her responsibilities, never has she stopped to dream a little dream for herself. When Prince Patricio, the angelic Prince of Meropis, is sent careening into the stormy sea, Marcela’s world is turned upside-down - literally.

Patricio is an angel beset by a curse. Charged with a god-given duty to bring sinners to justice, his magic-imbued sword sends his victims to the next life with clean souls - and leaves the sinner’s family struck with a glamour that leaves them falling over themselves to thank their loved ones’ executioner. When his interest in piqued by a mermaid that saves his life, he is disgusted to find her affection for him intense, sudden, and blind - a result of his curse, not true attraction. He’s determined to have nothing more to do with her. Until he finds himself saving the mermaid...from drowning.

With glamour following him around like a cloud, it’s difficult for an angel to be sure what’s real. A mermaid with legs and no voice. A hamadryad with a prophecy. A witch with a chip on her shoulder. The world is full of magic and mayhem and for an angel and a mermaid, it will take more than a kiss to balance... the Divine Scales.


My Take

This series is just way too much fun! I adore the way that Blackstream takes fairy tales that we all know and love and turns them into something fun and different! Divine Scales is the story of The Little Mermaid – with a twist, of course – and I think it’s my favorite in the series so far (or maybe tied with the first book – I loved that one too – oh, never mind, I’ve loved them all!).


  • Patricio. Patricio was a complicated character. He actually isn’t terribly likable at first. He’s haughty and self-righteous and he’s got a serious chip on his shoulder. When Marcela falls under the curse (which was put on him!) he really looks down on her at first and can’t be bothered with her. Is he sympathetic to her plight? Not really. He also doesn’t take any responsibility for the curse because he feels like he was not at fault for it – after all, it is his duty to bring sinners to justice and he is doing the world a service by eliminating these people and actually helping them by cleansing them of their sins before they die. He can’t really see any other perspective on the matter – and he doesn’t want to because then he’d have to face some truths about himself. And he has a point (which I love – those of you who read my reviews often know that I love those shades of gray!). But, as the book goes on, Patricio starts to learn more about his duty, his curse and his heritage – and it leads him to rethink everything he’s believed in.
  • The romance. I have to confess that I was worried at first because the book starts out with magical insta-love.  I thought, “Oh no! Jennifer, you couldn’t. You wouldn’t do that to me!” Well, thank goodness, she didn’t. Yes, as the synopsis says, Marcela falls instantly in love with Patricio because of the curse. And it’s for that reason that Patricio wants nothing to do with Marcela at first. In fact, as I said, he’s pretty haughty and miserable to her because he thinks she’s just a simpering adorer who obviously can’t think for herself. But the effects of the curse are mitigated pretty early on in the book – and Marcela isn’t smitten with Patricio any longer – in fact, he makes her a bit crazy. Then, we get to see the real feelings between these two form. Yes, timewise it still happens quickly, but we get almost the whole book to see the relationship develop.
  • The Little Mermaid. As a huge fan of the Disney movie, I loved the idea of a book based on this one. And it works perfectly with the world that Blackstream has created in the Blood Prince series. I loved how Blackstream incorporated little details from the original story (and from the movie) and still made it all her own. She has a definite talent for that! This world has an array of interesting lore and magical creatures that worked really well with the classic mermaid tale.

The negatives:

  • The beginning.  Since Patricio is a bit frustrating in the beginning and Marcela was blinded by insta-love, it was a worrisome start. But Blackstream pulled it all together really quickly, so I found myself enjoying this one just as much as the other books in the series (or more)!

Another fantastic installment in a really fun series. I loved this one! 5/5 stars.

***Disclosure: This book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given and all opinions are my own.***

About the Author

Jennifer BlackstreamJennifer Blackstream is a psychology enthusiast with both a B.A. and M.A. in Psychology. Her fascination with the human mind is most appeased through the study of mythology and folklore as well as all of Terry Pratchett’s novels.

Jennifer enjoys listening to Alice Cooper, trying new recipes (to which she will add garlic whether it calls for it or not), watching television with her family, and playing with her woefully intelligent three year old son.

Jennifer spends most of her time drinking coffee from her X-Men mug and desperately trying to get all her ideas written down before her toddler can find that all magical button on her laptop to make all her work vanish.

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    • Nicole

      Actually, this wasn’t a prophecy (although the overall series does have a prophecy tied to it – but it doesn’t have to do with the romance). In this case, Patricio is cursed with a strange curse – he is adored by the loved ones of the people he kills. This false adoration causes Marcela to fall in love with Patricio (briefly) and causes lots of other problems along the way!

  1. Linda romer

    Divine Scales does sound like fun, I would like to read this series. I do like a good re-telling. Thank you

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