Bookish Backdrops – Firewalker by Josephine Angelini

November 21, 2015 Bookish Backdrops 12


This idea was inspired by those fashion posts, where people design outfits based on the color palette from a book cover (and, often, the story too). I’m not much into fashion, but I love looking at interior design pictures. (I would love to say my own house is beautifully decorated, but we’re not that refined around here – I do have a gorgeous Amish made Mission style bedroom set, though!)

So, I wanted to do something a little different, and I thought, what about designing a room with the cover palette? Now, I’m not going to claim this has never been done before (I’m guessing someone else has thought of it), but I haven’t seen it – thought it might be a fun twist on the fashion thing. And so, Bookish Backdrops was born!

Here’s my take on Firewalker bedroom that might be perfect for a teenage or pre-teen girl:



Click on the links to see the source picture (and to see each picture bigger!)

Fish – Add an aquarium with this little guy (along with his purple habitat) and you’ll have both a friend and a beautiful accent to the room!
Blanket – You need a pop of that deep pink color for the room! This Moroccan wedding blanket will add that (plus a little sparkle!)
Throw Rug – This one looks like it was made for this book, doesn’t it? You can pick it up at
Fireplace – Can’t have a Firewalker room without a fireplace? How is your teen going to travel to alternate dimensions without it? This purple one will do nicely.
Bedroom – This Moroccan style bedroom fits the color pallet beautifully, and while Salem (even the alternate dimension one) certainly isn’t Morocco, I think a room with an air of mystery fits the story well.
Doorknob – A jeweled doorknob! You can get this one at House of Antique Hardware.
Pentagram Shelf – How perfectly does this shelf go with the book? Have to add a little witchcraft to the room!!
Canopy Bed – Even a teenager couldn’t resist this gorgeous canopy bed, right? (Well, I suppose it would depend on the teenager.)
Bookcase – Of course, every room needs a bookcase! Make a bold color choice that matches beautifully!
Pillow – These deep purple fuzzy purple pillows match the color pallet perfectly AND bring a little fun into the room!
Dresser – This one will do just fine.
Chandelier – The book cover almost has a chandelier design to it, doesn’t it? This chandelier looks like it was made to go with the book – just look at how the lines of the chandelier match the cover.
Quilt Wall Art – This gorgeous quilt art piece made by Nancy Luenn would be a beautiful accent and pull in a splash of those fire colors.

What do you think of my Bookish Backdrop? Would you have loved a gorgeous purple room as a teenager or would that be too girly for you? Feel free to do your own Bookish Backdrop and link to it in the comments!


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  2. lisa

    You may not like the ankle boot and dress look but I think it was fab! That’s a really cute black dress and it looked GREAT the way you paired it!
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