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One thing I’ve recently realized is that I have a hard time keeping track of comments on my older posts. I’m relatively good at replying to comments on my most recent posts – within the past few days or so – but when people go and comment on older posts, I often miss them for a while. I DO get emails about my comments, but I have to admit that sometimes I just get SO overwhelmed by emails (especially when there are TONS of notifications for a single post and I’ve already replied to most of them right from the post itself) that I end up deleting comment notifications if I haven’t gotten to them in a reasonable amount of time.

Anyway, I end up going to older posts and realizing that there are several comments I’ve missed replying to. Of course, I always read every single comment I get, but at that point I almost feel weird replying – like people are going to wonder why I’m just now getting to something they wrote two weeks ago.

SO, I have two questions for everyone:

  • Do you have a good system for keeping track of comments you have and haven’t replied to? Is there a place to see this somewhere that I’m missing (on WordPress)?
  • Does it seem weird to you to receive a reply a long time after you’ve commented? Would you rather get a late reply or no reply at all?

I promise I care about what all of you have to say. Replying and commenting back are both really important to me – but I’ve found that, now that my blog is a lot bigger, it’s just not realistic for me to be 100% on top of this all the time.

This week (I’m writing this on Dec. 29th) I decided to take a break from posting so much so I could catch up a bit on writing ahead a little and catching up on commenting and replying. But I’ve already spent HOURS today and yesterday replying and commenting back and I’ve realized that I haven’t made a drop in the bucket when it comes to those older posts. I’m not trying to complain – at all – but sometimes I start to feel a little overwhelmed by it all (especially since I have other, non-blog things that I need to take care of as well!). I need a system!!

Feel free to impart your wisdom – or even just commiserate with me. Do you have a good system for keeping track of un-replied-to comments? I want to know!



73 responses to “Replying to Comments on Older Posts – Let’s Discuss

  1. I started turning off comments on older posts and that made things easier. Disqus gives you the ability to disable comments on posts past a certain time frame and I use that because, even if the discussion could still go on, I can’t monitor it. I have a friend that disabled comments COMPLETELY on his blog, which I find baffling. That’s too far in the other direction.

    And I usually give myself a week at most to get back to people. If I don’t reply to a comment, then I just move on. I know plenty of blogs where the authors don’t reply AT ALL, and I find that strange too. So I think you’re doing fine.

    S. J. Pajonas recently posted: Sunday Update – January 3, 2016
    • Hmm … it never occurred to me to turn off comments on those older posts – not sure if I can do that on WordPress or not. I think the best solution I can come up with is just not to stress about it – reply if I can, but don’t worry about it if I miss some. Sometimes I just need to give myself these little reminders.

      And I agree that turning off comments completely seems extreme. It would feel like I’m just talking to myself over here – and I’m not that exciting! 🙂

      • Nicole, you can do that in WordPress and I’ve thought about doing it. It’s under Settings > Discussion > Other Comment Settings. Since I’m testing out CoSchedule, I might wait. CoSchedule (right now) is making it easier to promote some of my content longer so I need to figure out what that timeframe is.

        I try to respond to all my comments, but since switching back to the WP Native Comments, I find it difficult because I prefer to reply by email and I can’t find a free plugin that will deliver the emails to my inbox consistently.

        Terri M., the Director recently posted: Shannon Ryan, author | In the Spotlight Interview
        • Teri – if you use WordPress app, and go to comments, it’s in chronological order of comments left on your blog. So I just go back to where my replies were last, and that’s how I know where I left off replying to comments. ANd I reply right there in the app.

  2. I don’t have a system, but could use one. 🙂 I do like to get comments on older posts, especially ones that didn’t get many comments the first time around- but yes keeping track can be tough. And I do try to comment on them unless they’re too old. 🙂

    One thing that’s interesting is when I link an older review or whatever on Twitter and someone comes by- I have to remember to keep an eye out for those!

    Greg recently posted: Desperately Seeking Susan
  3. I get an email every time someone comments one of my posts too. I don’t really reply ON my blog posts – I’d rather reply within the email (if they have their comments set to an email) or just visit their blog and give them bloggy love (plus, answer any questions they had) that way I know they see what i’ve written and it’s a bit like “kill two birds with one stone” type of thing. 🙂


    ShootingStarsMag recently posted: M/M Reviews: Tied Together + Give Yourself Away
  4. There’s a plugin called ‘Comments Not Replied To’ but that one stressed me out so much I turned it off. It includes ping backs, and those sometimes take up a lot of space. I do turn it on every now and then just to make sure I haven’t missed some real comments.
    I feel weird about answering comments if more than a week has passed, too, but at the same time, that could be a great way to further discussion, no?
    Good luck finding a way that works for you better than the e-mail notifications do!

    • I was wondering if there was a plugin like that. Hmmm … sounds like it might cause me MORE stress not less, though. I think I’ll just try to come up with a plan where I give myself grace on those older comments and make sure to reply if one specifically sparks more conversation but not worry about them if I don’t have anything profound to say. (Cause, you know, I usually have all sorts of profound things to say). 🙂

  5. I struggle with this quite a bit too. I’m good with replying to comments on recent posts but not older ones. I’ll respond if someone asks a question, but otherwise I don’t. I honestly don’t know if I would have time for it too though. It’s already a whole lot of work as it is!

  6. I have always struggled with replying to comments, which is weird because my blog doesn’t even get many comments. This might sound bad, but I stopped replying to comments on older posts. My real life is crazy, and I don’t always have time to devote to the blog. The comment section of my blog suffers, but I don’t feel like there’s anything I can do about it right now. If my life calms down a little, I’ll get better at managing comments. Right now, I’m just trying not to stress about them too much. Blogging is supposed to be fun.

    Aj @ Read All The Things! recently posted: Reading Challenge Wrap-Up, Reflections, Do-Overs, And Excuses
  7. I don’t know about other people, but I appreciate replies no matter how long ago they come from. That being said, I don’t reply to all the comments on my blog. I just don’t. I reply to comments on all my reviews and on the MEMEs I host, but for stuff like TTT posts, I’d rather just hop by and visit the person’s blog. There’s just not enough time in the world to do both >.< Do whatever works for you my dear: I know bloggers who don't reply to comments on their blog at all because they'd rather spend time commenting back. I know other bloggers who don't comment back at all but prefer to reply to comments on their own blog. Everyone is different but keeping on top of EVERYTHING is nearly impossible so hopefully you'll figure out a system that works for you 🙂 Good luck!

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted: Harry Potter Moment #124
    • Yeah, I’ve pretty much stopped replying to most of my TTT posts – like you, I think it makes more sense to just go visit theirs. Sometimes I just need to remind myself that it’s okay if a few things fall through the cracks – I put too much pressure on myself to be a “perfect” blogger (which doesn’t exist).

  8. I don’t have a system other than the comments going to my email, but honestly I only get an average of 3 per week, so that’s all I need. Personally I would love any reply to a comment I made, even if it took a while for a blogger to get to it. Well, if it needs a reply like me asking a question; I wouldn’t want to bother the blogger if all I said was “Ooo, cool!”

  9. I really appreciate getting comments back regardless of timeframe, but I know it isn’t always feasible–and for blogs that don’t notify ME when I get a reply, I sometimes miss out completely because I forget to check back.

    Personally, I like the way the WordPress app works with notifications. I can see which ones I’ve opened or not, and I don’t tend to open a comment notification if I’m not able to reply to it at that point in time. Sometimes, if I have a lot of time on my hands, I browse down my blog and look for posts with an odd number of comments–it’s far more likely for me to have missed a response on those. But I don’t have much of a system and my blog isn’t nearly as huge as yours ^^;

    Whatever it may be that you decide to do, please don’t stress too much <3

    Blaise recently posted: On Book Recommendations
    • That was my biggest complaint when I was on Blogger – the fact that people didn’t know when I replied. I tried Disqus and CommentLuv, but always had problems – that was what finally got me to switch to WordPress.

      Glad to hear you won’t be bothered if I reply back a little … ahem … late. I agree that I just need to take some of the pressure off of myself and not stress about it!

  10. You can actually check to see if there are new comments when you click on the bar at the top of your dashboard right next to your profile photo. It looks like a comment bubble that glows orange if there are any new comments AND replies to other WP blogs that you commented on..

    But don’t stress out. I like getting replies even if it’s from a comment I posted a while back. I also think that you should do what you normally do. It’s impossible to reply to all the comments on your blog especily if you have a lot of comments. ? i have a thing about quality/meaningful comments..

    Zeee @ I Heart Romance & YA recently posted: Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor | Audiobook Review
  11. If it has been more than a few weeks, it is probably time to move on. Unless someone asked a question that needs answering and I missed replying for some reason, most replies are something like “yea me too” or “thanks I agree” so really, don’t need to be replied to. Replies within a few days of the comment are relevant, but later it feels out of place to me. I try to reply to comments if I have something relevant to say other than “thanks” but I don’t stress over it if I don’t reply to some.

  12. I do try to reply to all comments, but the number I get is manageable. The best way for me is to keep up with them as they come in — I have an email filter designated so the notifications go in their own folder, and it’s easy to see what’s unread there.

    If you have a backlog from older posts I wouldn’t worry about that. If it’s important to you to reply to everyone, try to find a way that works for you from now on. But if it’s too much, I think we will all forgive you for not replying now and then! We can tell from your blog that you’re a responsive and caring person anyway.

    • Yes, I definitely do better when I keep up with it on a daily basis. It’s those times that I can’t get to replying for a day or two that really throw me off. Then I suddenly realize that there are four comments on last week’s discussion that I never replied to and I think, “How did I miss those?” And I appreciate the kind words – sometimes I think I’m a bit hard on myself and I forget that people don’t expect me to be perfect, so I shouldn’t really expect it either. 🙂

  13. I try to reply to every person who comments that’s never commented before (all comments from new commenters are flagged for my approval before they’re published, so I wait to approve them until I know I’ll have time to write a reply). If it’s someone who comments regularly, I allow myself to not reply if I think it’s a more close-ended statement than a question or discussion. That’s not really based on anything more than how I feel when I comment on blogs. If I’m a regular commenter, I don’t always expect a reply. If I’m commenting for the first time, I appreciate any kind of acknowledgement that the blogger read my comment (even if they’re reply is just a standard “thanks for commenting”).

    • You make a good point about new commenters. I always try to respond to those sooner rather than later so that people feel welcome (actually, I’m pretty sure that you were one just a week or so ago!). When someone goes and comments on twelve posts at once, I don’t always manage to reply back to all of them, but I figure if I’ve gotten to some of them, they know I’m listening!

  14. I do not have a commenting system but I could use one haha. In general I just try to reply to all the comments I get but sometimes I lose track.
    I’ll admit I do like seeing comments on some older posts, especially if the post is one I’m really proud of and didn’t really get any attention.
    However, I feel weird when I reply to the comment because I figure that they’ve forgotten about it by now. At the same time I feel like the saying “better late than never” also applies at times so I can definitely understand the internal should I/shouldn’t I debate.

    Lois @ My Midnight Musing recently posted: Review: Night Owls by Jenn Bennett
  15. I have no system whatsoever. I doubt I receive as many comment as your blog, but I use the Comments section in the WordPress dashboard and just scan through to make sure I didn’t miss replying to any comments, but I’m not positive if I’m catching everything.

  16. First of all, I think this is the first time EVER that I’m commenting on your post the DAY it was posted! *self five* My new years resolution was to stay on top of commenting on other blogs xD ANYWAYS! I am one of those people who comments in mass on your old blog posts, so I’m sorry for that. But honestly, when you reply to my comments I get really happy. It’s nice to be acknowledged, no matter how many days later it is that you get to me.

    My blog is small, so I keep up with comments fairly well. I don’t have any experienced advice for you on how to keep up with comments. So sorry :/ But, if it helps, I’ve never felt ignored on your blog ^_^ You treat your readers well! Hope you find a better system for yourself, and I hope you have a very happy 2016.

  17. I dont think it should be necessary to reply to comments on older posts! Especially if you take so much time on comments that in my opinion matter more, the ones on newer posts. If someone chooses to comment on a post that is not exactly, well, new, then they should be aware that their comment might not get replied too, it will probably get looked over… Also usually I forget what I comment a lot of the time, because I follow so many blogs, and only remember the comments I put more thought into, like this one! So I personally probably wouldn’t notice if you didnt reply, if it was on an older post!

    • You’re absolutely right – I didn’t really think about it from that perspective. It’s not like I sit around with a list of comments that I’ve made, waiting for other bloggers to reply to me so that I can cross them off. Who do I think is keeping tabs on this sort of thing? Of course, I still want to reply to meaningful comments as much as I possibly can, but there’s no one out there keeping score. 🙂

  18. I use the plugin “Comments Not Replied To”

    It was recommended to me by a fellow blogger last year. It adds to your comments area on the dashboard. Comments that haven’t been replied to yet have a little yellow circle and say “The author has not replied.”

    If you’ve responded to that comment, the circle changes to green and says “The author has replied.” There’s also a tab/link at the top of the comments area on the dashboard that is labeled “Missing Reply” and tells you the number that you have waiting on replies. It barely changes the look of the dashboard, but lets you see exactly what needs your attention.

    As far as taking a long time to reply… I don’t think anyone would care how long it took? I mean, RL gets in the way. We all know that, and at least you responded? *grins* So commenting late shouldn’t be much of an issue if at all. That said, don’t stress yourself out. If you’ve replied to some other comment from that person before, and just don’t have time or feel awkward about replying late, no one is going to lynch you for skipping a few here and there.

    • I’m considering that plugin, but someone else mentioned that having it stressed them out even more. I think that might happen to me – I’m worried that that little yellow circle would end up giving me an ulcer! LOL! Still thinking about it, though …

  19. I struggle with this as well, but if someone is commenting at all, it has to resonate with them. This to me means that that topic should be one you could expand on in the future. You may or may not comment. That is okay. The blog world is just that, those that blog and have something to share with the world. With our busy schedules and different time zones it’s not easy to keep track of anything much less blog comments. I have a blog planner to make sure to keep notes of things that are important to me. Reminders etc. Either way the suggestions above bring much light to the topic that I have to ponder as well in 2016.

  20. I get an email every time someone comments or likes a post – i save all these in a folder in my email system so they don’t get muddled up with other email stuff. I do try to reply to all comments even if I’m not that prompt. For me that discussion and dialogue is a key part of blogging so I don’t understand people who have a policy of never responding. Doesn’t that make blogging a very isolated experience?

    • I agree that I find it strange when bloggers don’t reply – or very rarely reply – to their comments. I really love the back-and-forth interaction that I have with other bloggers and I definitely don’t want to give that up. I DO know a few bloggers who don’t reply, but they comment back instead (or answer direct questions on Twitter). I’m fine with that because there’s still a relationship being built there.

  21. I’m always happy to get a reply to my comment, no matter how long it takes. It puts me off if my comments never get responded to, because to me that seems like they’re not interested in having a conversation with me. However if I’m a regular commenter on a blog, and that blogger has responded before, it doesn’t bother me if they miss replying to one or two. Here, for example, I’m never put off from commenting because you’ve often made an effort to interact with me. 🙂 As for a system, I don’t really have one haha. But I don’t get many comments anyway so it’s pretty easy for me to keep track! Good luck with finding one that works for you, Nicole!

  22. On the right hand corner of the wordpress site, there’s actually a place to view all your recent comments. When I get a new comment or follow or like one of my posts, I get notified and I usually just respond to comments straight away. I actually think late replies are better than no replies because getting that reply tells you that the blogger read your comment and appreciated the fact that you took the time to comment on their post. Even a form response is great. I guess it’s pretty manageable for me because I don’t receive a lot of comments on older posts (mostly because I kind of forget to promote them.. but that’s something I’ll be working on doing a lot more this year.)

    Oh and you could always just change the settings so that you receive an email every time someone comments, then you could place all emails related to blog comments in one folder and go through it and respond to some comments now and then. (This won’t work as well if you can’t stand seeing unread emails but who knows..)

    Rachana recently posted: poetry | mistake
    • I actually really need to work on promoting older posts as well. Some people have great systems in place for tweeting about older posts and such, but I haven’t put anything in place at this point. That needs to go on my resolutions list!

      Glad to hear that you wouldn’t mind a late response (at least it’s better than no response). I’m just going to go on ahead and reply, even if it’s late, and not feel weird about it anymore. 🙂

  23. I try my best to keep track of all my comments, but I know that sometimes a few slip through the cracks. I am on Blogger, so there is a comment section there. I try to look at it every day. I know that once I was replying to a new comment on an older post when I realized that someone had commented a couple of months before and I had never replied! I felt so bad. I did go ahead and respond. I do figure that a late reply is better than no reply at all. That is how I feel. I like it when bloggers take the time to reply to my comments. When bloggers don’t reply at all, I have no idea if they ever read what I write. I really hate that. Great post!

    Cynthia @ Bingeing On Books recently posted: BOOK REVIEW: Life At The Speed Of Us By Heather Sappenfield
    • Yeah, bloggers who don’t reply at all (and don’t comment back or anything either) typically get taken off my rotation of blogs to visit. I have SO many blogs to get to that I don’t want to spend time on the ones that don’t respond – unless I happen to see a post that really strikes me, I won’t make an effort to comment anymore (but I DO still follow a couple of them – just don’t make them a priority).

  24. So, I star my emails that alert me to new comments. And then, I have so many starred emails that I lose them all in my inbox, never to be seen again. So basically, I fail as hard as you do 😉 Harder, probably, because at least you’re getting back to them within a week! I am SO BEHIND I could cry and throw a tantrum. I’ll try not to I guess. But I want to.

    As for how long? Well- if the PERSON commented recently, even though it’s an old post, I will respond. But if it is just because I was overwhelmed and forgot and the poor person commented a month ago? I let it go, and then try to be extra sure to visit their blog.

    But honestly? The commenting is KILLING ME. I posted on Twitter that I wanted to comment on ALL the blogs (because I do and did) and then like, 300 people sent me their blog links. I need a life coach, Nicole. Do you know any? I need one like, yesterday. I shouldn’t be allowed to tweet things that could come back to bite me, hard. So that is my one tip for you- NEVER do that 😉

    • Oh, Shannon, you and I should go live in a cave somewhere together with just a lot of books (and maybe our kids too – if they can manage to live on only books and berries). I think we’d be safer. If there’s one bit of advice I’ve gleaned from the comments on this post it’s that we shouldn’t freak out about things. I know – easier said than done, but the fact is that most people who comment aren’t sitting at their computers hitting refresh and waiting for our reply. Those people who tweeted you probably aren’t either – they can’t expect you to get to them ALL right away, and most of them will probably forget within a week or two. So, I suggest you just go sign up for that Comment 365 Challenge and give yourself a year to visit those 300 blogs – then you still followed through, but you’re not completely overwhelmed with it!

  25. I think the important thins is that you READ all the comments. Replying shouldn’t be stressful. If it is a question, then try to answer it. You don’t have to REPLY to every single comment. I have just approved some comments without replying, those people still come back. I don’t automatically expect a reply to everything I comment on other people’s sites.

    Karen Blue recently posted: Things That Inspire Me ~Beyond the Books
  26. It’s always nice when someones replies to your comment, even after quite a while, but I also understand that bloggers who have a lot of followers don’t really have the time to reply to everything. It’s also not like I ‘expect’ a reply, unless I asked a specific question (I usually just comment to share my thoughts or show a blogger that I read & appreciate what he/she is writing :)). If I where you I would focus on replying to comments on newer posts and just answering questions at older posts. I think most commenters who are also bloggers know that even if you don’t reply to a comments it doesn’t mean you haven’t read it.

  27. What I do to keep track of comment replies is I just go to the comment tab on the back end of my blog where it shows all the comments. (This is a self hosted WP blog too, right? So you probably know what I’m talking about.) Then I find the oldest one that I haven’t answered yet and work my way up, answering each comment in order. That way I don’t miss any. I don’t even get an overwhelming amount of comments, but I still couldn’t stand to get an email for each one!

    I always appreciate getting a comment reply though, even if it takes a while! But I mean, if three months go by and you suddenly realize you missed one, you could probably give that comment a pass, haha. If a blogger occasionally doesn’t reply, I understand. It’s just when they never reply that I stop bothering.

    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted: Book Review: Trailer Park Fae (Gallow and Ragged Book 1) by Lilith Saintcrow
  28. When I got comment emails, I wouldn’t delete them from my email until I replied to them. Haha. This way I could see what I needed to go comment on. However, I really slacked off on replying to comments and then I just ended up doing an email purge, so I never got around to it.

    I admire that you want to go back and do it Nicole! I think that’s great. I am really trying to be better in 2016. I really lost my zest for all things blogging last year and was merely just existing, not really participating anymore. I definitely want to go back and reply to comments, even if no one but me knows I did it. But definitely don’t stress yourself out over it. Getting overwhelmed is NOT fun!

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros recently posted: Weekly Wrap-Up: A busy first week back to blogging
  29. Wow! Great responses. I finally got around to trying to comment from my computer at home (re: spam message I told you via email.) I like the idea of turning off commenting after a certain time, because I find most of the comments I get on older posts are spam. I have my notifications set to send me an email every time someone comments on a post on my blog. Good luck!

    Annette recently posted: Stacking the Shelves - A Reread
  30. I love the idea of having a system for organizing comments — I haven’t yet received enough where this has become an issue for me but I’m going to read the replies to this post for the future.

    From the receiving end, I don’t think it’s ever too late to receive and I appreciate ever comment I get!

    Great post!

  31. I am one of those people who feel awkward with small talk, so I usually only comment if I have something to say beyond “Great post!” The same goes with replying to comments. If all I have to say is, “Yep! Thanks!” then I’d rather go to that person’s blog and look for something to comment on there. I also tend to forget to see if my comments had replies, unless I did ask a question, but I definitely notice and appreciate when a blog I’ve visited and commented on returns the favor. And I know you are really good about that! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself that it adds stress to your life. I actually feel a little bad that you are so good about commenting on my posts, because as happy as it makes me, I know I am one of many, many blogs you are reading, and I don’t like to think of you feeling obligated to do all that. Speaking as one teacher & mom of special needs kids to another, this is what we do for FUN, in our nearly non-existent free time, so only do what makes you happy.

    Wendy recently posted: Reading Log for 2016
  32. I feel the same as what Wendy said. I’m not a good small talker. I feel so awkward at times trying to just think of something to comment.

    I have zero systems. Zero. I didn’t get “fair” at replying to comments until the last six months or so. I still have a long way to go (especially for commenting back). I’ll go once or twice a week and reply to all of my comments in one big bunch because I ONLY do that one thing during that time, instead of multitasking and looking at 20 million other things. In the WordPress dashboard, you can see your most recent comments by changing the filter. I have mine set like that.

    It does seem very weird to me to reply to a comment long after I’ve received it. I feel obligated to reply, and I think that is where this whole conversation is going. Although on the one hand I feel obligated, on the other I know most people don’t care as much as I am building it up in my mind. I would rather visit them back than reply, in all honesty.

    At the end of the day, I am trying to remind myself not to stress so much about my blog, because for most of us we all understand and live the same struggle. We have families and lives and other activities we enjoy that always take time away from our blogs, and at the end of the day, although I love my blog, I love the people in my life and the time I spend with them more. We will always still be hanging around for one another. Do what you can do.

  33. I fail hard at replying to comments. I love comments and I love commenting on other blogs but i am very wordless most of the time. Not sure why i chose to blog but i am a woman of few words unless I know someone very well. so I never know what to say and I feel bad. I do love and appreciate the comments I get. I have tried over and over and its just not easy for me. Not sure I will ever conquer the replies.

  34. I’m the kind of reader which does go back and look at older posts so when it comes to commenting I would rather a later reply than none at all! But I do understand when bloggers don’t have the time to go back and look at comments from older posts. Personally I would still reply because, well, the old posts are still relevant after all ^.^ I’m not a crazy popular blogger so I don’t get TOO many comments flooding my inbox which means I just use the emails that notify me to know when to comment. I only leave the email there until I have commented back on their blog and replied. Which means I mostly do that instantly – otherwise I would forget. But when it comes to you and having so many comments I can understand how you’d rather have another system! Maybe an email solely for blog comments?

    Olivia Roach recently posted: My Hoarding Catastrophe: It Wasn't Me!
  35. A very good point. To be honest, I have a terrible comment system, at least I did when I first started out years ago. I didn’t know anything about my niche (Webcomics) and even less about blogging. Needless to say, there were many comments that fell through the cracks. I am much better about it now and I think it’s important to always be on the look out for new technology that helps out- I’ll probably look through some of the suggestion here as well.
    As far as older comments, I always keep mine open because there are always new people visiting my site everyday, and I believe it’s important to give attention to both new and old commenters.

  36. I fail hard at replying to comments. I love comments and I love commenting on other blogs but i am very wordless most of the time. Not sure why i chose to blog but i am a woman of few words unless I know someone very well. so I never know what to say and I feel bad. I do love and appreciate the comments I get. I have tried over and over and its just not easy for me. Not sure I will ever conquer the replies.

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