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A professional editing job is essential to make you stand out in today’s publishing climate. You need an editor who can assist you in perfecting your craft and creating a polished final product. I can help. I provide a full range of editing services, from basic proofreading to full developmental editing. Contact me today so that we can determine which service will best meet your needs!

The Process

When you request a quote for my services, I ask that you provide me with the first few chapters of your book so that I can assess which type of editing service will suit you best. Of course, you can request a certain level of service, but I will give you my honest feedback based on the first few chapters to let you know what services you truly need. Because I take pride in my work just like you do, I do not guarantee that I will accept your manuscript for just a basic proofread if I feel it needs more. I strive to be honest and constructive in my feedback!

When you utilize my editing services, you are in control. I know that your book is a product of your heart and soul. I will treat that with the utmost respect. Any suggestions that I make are exactly that—suggestions. After I have completed my edit, I will provide you with a copy of the book with all edits and notes shown (using Word’s Track Changes feature) and a copy with mechanical changes (essential edits such as spelling and punctuation changes) accepted. You will then be able to go through the book and accept or reject any suggested wording changes and read my notes, which will outline any other suggestions I might have (if a substantive or deveopmental edit has been requested). Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


My pricing on a per word basis, so there will never be any surprises. Please contact me for a quote.


Includes line-by-line correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation and minor sentence structure issues.

Developmental/Substantive Editing

Includes feedback on plot and character development, continuity, voice, style, etc. Suggestions for sentence re-writes will be given. Also includes line-by-line correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure issues.

Once the author has accepted or rejected all changes and completed any desired re-writes, I will then go through the entire manuscript again for a final edit. (If extensive re-writes are necessary, there may be an additional charge).


Just looking for someone to read your draft and give you general feedback about plot and character development, etc.? For a flat fee, I can provide you with my basic impressions and advice. Three day turnaround.
(For a more thorough and specific critique, you’ll want to choose my Developmental/Substantive Editing option. If you decide to use my editing services after you’ve already paid for a critique, I’d be happy to take the critique fee off of your final balance).

Please note that this information will be for your use only and will not be a review that will be published on my blog, Goodreads, Amazon, etc.

  • $25 flat fee

About Nicole Hewitt:

I have been a freelance editor for the past three years, working primarily with self-published authors but also with the (now defunct) hybrid publisher, Booktrope. I am currently working toward my Copyediting Certificate from the prestigious UC San Diego.

I have a BFA in Theatre from the University of Illinois, where I was a Bronze Tablet recipient. (That means I got straight A’s in college, though I must confess that I achieved this by avoiding college level math. If I’d taken Calculus, I guarantee there would have been a B involved. And, most likely, tears.) While I was not an English Lit major, my coursework reflected my interests, and I took many literature and writing classes.

A year or so after I graduated college, I somehow ended up working at a software company (an obvious choice with my theatre degree, right?), where I worked as a business analyst. My favorite part of my job was writing user documentation—since I wasn’t technical, I excelled at putting the documentation into terms that non-technical users could understand. I eventually led a large team of quality and business analysts, so in addition to writing documentation, I was also in charge of editing my team members’ work, making sure that the documentation was clear, accurate and grammatically correct.

Fast forward twelve years (and three children) later: I was a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom when I discovered the world of book blogging. Always an avid reader, book blogging was a perfect fit for me. I also realized that there was a need for quality editors in the self-publishing world, and I soon discovered that the skills that made me an excellent business analyst transferred quite nicely to the creative world of fiction copyediting. In addition, I found that developmental editing—helping an author to hone and strengthen their story—was a true passion. I will never look back.


Recent substantive/developmental edits:
This is a list of the projects I’ve worked on. They are separated by author and then by series.

Samantha Long:

  • Unscripted

Allie Juliette Mousseau:

  • Hunted, Pursuit, and Chase (previously published as The Scars Saga by Alana Jewel Mousseau)
  • True North: Finding Home, True North: Finding Us, and True North: Finding Now
  • Dare (which became a USA Today bestseller!), Burn, Dare You Forever, and Defy
  • Stripped

S.J. Pajonas:

  • Summer Haikus

L.A. Starkey:

  • Deceived, Destroyed, and Descent
  • Howl at the Moon
  • The Core, The Light, and The Future (all published under the pseudonym Kate Thomas)

Karly Morgan:

  • Alyssa’s Redemption

Other copyediting/proofreading jobs:

Celia Kennedy:

  • Cognac & Couture

Kate Thomas:

  • Resounding Truth and Resounding Desolation

Ali Parker:

  • Baited (Parts I, II and III)

Leigh Bennett:

  • Avalon’s Child

K.L. Horvath:

  • The Undays of Aralias Lyons 
  • The Rathemaker Magician 

Genevra Thorne:

  • A Faerie Tale: The Enchanted and A Faerie Tale: The Beloved


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