Master List of 2019 Reading Challenges

Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to put together this list for 2020, BUT I want to point you all to two great resources (bloggers who’ve created very similar lists):

For the last few years I’ve posted a comprehensive list of all the book blogging and reading challenges I’ve found. It seems like it’s been a useful resource, so I figured I’d do it again this year! This is a list of everything I’ve found so far, but I’ll be adding to it. The latest entries can be found at the end of each category. Feel free to let me know in the comments if you know of another challenge and I’ll add it to the list.

And if you’re considering hosting a challenge yourself, you might want to check out my guest post over at 125 Pages with advice on Running a Successful Meme or Challenge.

The Challenges

Blogging Challenges

Book Blogger Discussion Challenge @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction & It Starts at Midnight – Encourages bloggers to post discussion posts! Has a monthly giveaway.

Blog All About It Challenge @ The Herd Presents – A blogging prompt challenge. Each month there’s a different prompt that you can interpret as you’d like then create a blog post around it.

Comment 4 Comment Challenge @ Elgee Writes – Leave no comment un-replied or un-returned.


Challenges About Challenges

Reading Challenge Addicts @ Reading Challenge Addict – Enter and complete reading challenges! (The link brings you to the About page, the sign-up for 2019 is HERE).

Dread & Read Challenge @ Hotchpot Cafe – This challenge sweetens the deal for list readers who have books they’d rather not read–but have to finish to accomplish their goal of reading all the books on their list. You can earn “sweeteners” by reading your books (which sounds like a giveaway?)


Bookish Resolutions Challenges

Bookish Resolutions Challenge @ Because Challenges Make Reading More Fun – Create three or more resolutions related to books/book blogging/writing (there are examples but you can make up your own). There will be a giveaway at the end of the year.

Reading Resolutions@ Goodreads (The Challenge Factory) – Five topics for resolutions.


Cover/Title-Based Challenges

Color Coded Challenge @ My Reader’s BlockRead books that feature a specific color in the title or where the color is dominant on the cover.

Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge @ My Reader’s Block – For this challenge, there are six key words associated with each month in 2019. Your task is to read one book each month whose title includes one or more of the key words for that month.

Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge @ Escape With Dollycas Into a Good Book – Read books with titles from every letter of the alphabet.

AtoZ Reading Challenge @ Ginger Mom and the Kindle Quest – Read books with titles from every letter of the alphabet. There is a Kid-Lit version and an adult version. There will be mini challenges, read-a-thons, Twitter parties, and giveaways throughout the year!

Read My Name Challenge @ SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews – Read books with your first, middle or last name as an author name, character name, place name or is about someone of that name. (Not limited to nonfiction, by the way.)

2019 Reading Challenge @ Read Another Page – Read a book that begins with each letter of the alphabet. For every 6 books you read, you can enter the giveaway for a kindle of one of the author’s (Rebekah A. Morris) full length books. And everyone who reads at least 12 books will get a free kindle copy of one of her short stories.

Alphabet Yearly Challenge @ Goodreads – With Easy, Medium and Hard levels. (Using just titles, or using author names, etc too).

Ready, Set, Cover @ Goodreads – Items and colors listed for each month.

What’s In A Name Challenge @ Carolina Book Nook – Choose a book to read from several categories (click on the link to see them).

Color Challenge @ Goodreads (2019 Reading Challenge) – This challenge requires you find books that have certain colors in their covers or in the title.


Location-Based Challenges

Aussie Author Challenge @ Booklover Book Reviews – The objective of this challenge is to showcase the quality and diversity of the books being produced by Australian authors.

Literary Escapes Challenge @ Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book – Try to read 1 book set in each of the 50 states + the District of Columbia.

Where in Canada are You Reading? @ Faith Hope and Cherrytea – Read books written by Canadian authors or featuring Canada as a location.

European Reading Challenge @ Rose City Reader – Read books by European authors or set in European countries. There will be a giveaway.

Brit Trip Adventure @ Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks – Follow the Roman Road through England with the intent of reading a book from each of the 45 counties with a few extra trips to London. Options for mystery reading or mixed genre reading.

12th Annual Canadian Book Challenge @ The Indextrious Reader – This one actually started in July (it starts and ends on Canada Day), but I still thought I’d mention it. Aim to read and review 13 or more Canadian books in a one year.

The Sweet Southern Reading Challenge @ Readeropolis – Read fiction primarily set in the southern United States (aka the American South or the South).

Where are You Reading? @ Book Dragon’s Lair – Read a book set in a location for each letter of the alphabet. This can include states, cities, countries, and fictional locations too.

A – Z Places Spell-Out @ Goodreads – For each letter, read a book in which the location name begins with the corresponding letter. For the difficult letters Q, X, Y and Z, you may use locations where the letter appears somewhere in the location name. You can use the location’s country or city/town name.

Continental Reading Challenge @ Lady in Read Writes –  Read at least one book for each of the seven continents.

World Reading Challenge @ Tale_Away – This list includes 52 titles from around the globe – each set in a different country.

Celtic Coasts @ RIEDEL Fascination – Read books with any type of Celtic connection—author, setting, strong heritage, Celtic myths, etc. This challenge will have a giveaway.


Time Period-Based Challenges

Family Tree Reading Challenge @ Becky’s Book Reviews – Read a benook from the birth year of at least three selected family members. Or, this year, she’s added the option of books set in family members’ home states or books that represent family members.

When Are You Reading? Challenge @ Taking on a World of Words – The complete challenge will include 12 books from eras from pre-1300 to the present.

Birth Year Reading Challenge @ Hotchpot Cafe – Read books published the year you were born. There will be giveaways for those who complete the challenge.


Diversity or Marginalized Groups Challenges

Diversity Reading Challenge @ Luketn av trykksverte

Diversity Reading Challenge @ A Novel Challenge

Just One More Pa(i)ge Reading Challenge @ Just One More Pa(i)ge – Monthly challenges that all have to do with diversity!

Diversity Reading Challenge @ Celebrity Readers –  Read as many diverse books as you can. They’ll have an optional monthly theme mini-challenge. There is a giveaway (have to meet certain criteria to be entered).

Brunch Book Challenge @ Hindustan Times – Read (at least) 60 books total in 2019, with at least 12 of them being written by Indian authors.

#OwnVoices @ Goodreads (2019 Reading Challenge) – Read books written by authors who are members of different marginalized groups that feature one or more prominent characters from the same group.

Year of the Asian Reading Challenge @ The Quiet PondSprinkles of DreamsShut Up Shealea, and Vicky Who Reads – Read as many books written by Asian authors as you can!

Year Of Asian Stories @ Bookish Valhalla – Read Asian-inspired stories. (They don’t have to be written by an Asian author).


Women Writers Challenges

Reading Women Challenge @ Reading Women – A list-type challenge where you read books by women authors.

The Year of Reading Women Writers @ Elif the Reader – A list of 20 topics.

Australian Women Writers Challenge @ Australian Women Writers – Read and review books by Australian women throughout the year.


Bingo or List Style

Popsugar Reading Challenge – A checklist of 40 different categories of books to read!

Monthly Motif Reading Challenge @ Girlxoxo – Each month has a different theme (click on the link to see them).

52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge @ Mommy Mannegren – Checklist type challenge with a free printable to help you out.

Ragdoll Reading Challenge @ Ragdoll Reads – Read one book from each of 24 categories (plus a special WILDCARD category for the holidays).

Cayl Reading Challenge @ The Wandering Cayl – A topic for each month.

Golden Trio Challenge @ The Order of the Planners (on Instragram) – A fun Harry Potter themed list challenge where you read books that would appeal to Harry, Ron and Hermione.

#PWOWReadingChallenge @ Putting Wings on Words – 30 prompts in total in 5 categories (plus 5 bonus options): Classics, Friends, Formats, Diversity and Seasons.

#HBGREADS Challenge @ Haute Beauty Guide – 13 prompts.

Book Challenge 2019 @ By the 100th Page – 12 prompts.

I Spy Reading Challenge @ Faith Hope and Cherrytea – 50 categories. Copy the list of clues, find, then add the books you’ve “spied” that fulfill that challenge. Participation can be via blog, tweeting, Pinterest, or the I SPY Goodreads group.

Pick-a-Theme Challenge @ She’s Got Books on Her Mind – You choose a theme each month and read books that fit that theme.

Walter & Co. Reading Challenge @ Walter & Co. Booksellers – 26 categories.

Around the Year in 52 Books @ Goodreads – A list of 52 topics (you can find the 2019 list HERE)

While I Was Reading Reading Challenge @ While I Was Reading – A category-based challenge with 12 categories.

2019 Reading Challenge @ Linz the Bookworm – A checklist type challenge with several levels.

2019 Reading Challenge @ Yellow Book Road – 12 topics.

A Book A Week @ Pingel Sisters – 52 topics.

While I Was Reading Challenge @ Ramona Mead – 12 categories.

NJM Book Challenge @ Nicki J. Markus’s blog – 25 topics (with a fun graphic).

#Booked2019: A Seasonal Reading Challenge @ Litsy – A year-round challenge broken into seasons. There will be six prompts for each season for a total of 24 prompts spread across the year. There’s also a Goodreads group for the challenge. There will be a giveaway each season.

2019 Reading Challenge @ Louisa George’s blog – A topic for each month.

2019 Reading Challenge @ Lantern Arts – Features Easy, Medium, Challenging and Insane lists.

Build Your Library Reading Challenge @ Build Your Library – Over 40 categories, many of which feature diversity.

LB the Librarian’s Reading Challenge @ LB the Librarian – Set a goal of 25, 50, 100 or 150 books. She gives a list of thirty prompts as “reading ideas.”

52 Books Bingo @ Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks

The 2019 Reading Challenge @ The Island Reader – 12 categories.

#WotNReadingChallenge @ Word of the Nerd – One prompt per month (a few of them are SFF specific, but not all of them)

#Ampersand2019 Reading Challenge @ Commas and Ampersands – 52 prompts

The HSL Reading Challenge @ Home School Life – Bingo style (the prompts aren’t specifically related to homeschooling)

Read Broader @ Curious Iguana Bookstore – Choose your own titles or select from their suggested reading list filled with books to inspire you to read outside your literary comfort zone. They’re encouraging everyone to read 20 books in 2019, drawing from five different categories. There will be a $25 gift card giveaway for their store at the end.

The Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge @ Modern Mrs. Darcy – A choose-your-own-adventure reading challenge with ten categories.

Read Harder Challenge @ Book Riot – 24 categories of books to read. If you finish, you get a 30% off coupon for Book Riot.

2019 Reading Challenge @ The Perks of Being Noura – 52 categories, but there’s no pressure to complete them all.

Happily Ever After Reading Challenge @ Happily Ever After Novel Thoughts – 11 categories.

2019 Reading Challenge @ Beyond the Bookends – One category per month.

Xepherus Reads Reading Challenge @ Xepherus Reads – 50 categories.

Book Bingo Blackout @ Unruly Reader

DDRR Reading Challenge @ Dance Dance, Ramble Ramble – 25 categories.

Ivyclad Bingo @ Ivyclad Ideas

2019 Reading Challenge @ Professional Book Nerds – 12 categories. There will be a giveaway for a reading device. (You can listen to the podcast announcing the challenge HERE).

Her Money Moves Annual Reading Challenge @ Her Money Moves – 12 categories.

Grand World of Books 2019 Book Bingo @ Grand World of Books

52 Ways to #KillYourTBR @ Bookish – A list-style challenge with 52 prompts.

Pink and Dizzy Reading Challenge @ Pink and Dizzy – 24 prompts.

Bloom Where You’re Planted Reading Challenge @ Stephanie Howell – 24 prompts.

2019 Reading Challenge @ The Cozy Shelf – 12 fiction prompts and 12 non-fiction prompts.

Year of Epic Reads Reading Challenge @ Epic Reads – You can choose a quarterly, monthly or weekly reading track.

ONTD Reading Challenge @ Oh No They Didn’t! – A list-style challenge with one category per month.

Reading Challenge 2019 @ Savored Grace – 27 categories.

2019 Book Club @ Blogger’s Bookshelf – A list of twelve prompts that we’ll be tackling throughout the year, with team members each sharing their picks for each one.

2019 Reading Challenge @ The Nerd Daily – Consists of 52 challenges, so you could read a book a week or simply use it as a guide when it comes to making the difficult decision of what to read next.

#40MoreBks Challenge @ Books, Occupation… Magic! – 40 prompts.

The Ultimate Home Made Reading Challenge @ Ivy’s Library Card – 50 topics in 7 different categories: EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion), LGBT+, Series, Me Myself & I, Type of books, Geography, and Randoms.

Write Tribe Reading Challenge @ Write Tribe – Commit to read a minimum of 24 books in 2019 (reading a minimum of 12 books based on their prompts) and review one book a month.

Monthly Reading Challenges @ Books and Munches – Each month has a theme or topic. (You don’t have to commit to all the months.)

2019 Reading Challenge @ Hudson Booksellers – 50 topics, each worth a certain number of points.

Helmet Reading Challenge @ Helmet – The Reading Challenge is a playful reading project where you choose something new to read from 50 different subjects. You can use a book for more than one category if you want. There is also a Facebook group for the challenge.

Reader Challenge @ Reading Glasses (Podcast) – 5 reading topics and 5 reading-related activities.

The Literary Feast Reading Challenge @ A Literary Feast – Monthly topics.

Harry Potter Board Game Reading Challenge @ The Perks of Being Noura – Seven levels of categories that are tied to Harry Potter in some way.

Reporter’s Challenge @ Goodreads (The Challenge Factory) – Five categories: Who? What? Where? When? How? With prompts under each of the categories.

Periodic Table of Literary Elements @ Goodreads (The Challenge Factory) – A topic for each element on the Periodic Table.

The Really, Really, Really, Really, Hard 2019 Challenge@ Goodreads (The Challenge Factory) – Each month, read 5 books that match a specific prompt.

Badass Books Reading Challenge @ Melissa Hawkins – Checklist type challenge with a free printable.

2019 Book Reading Challenge @ Live Life at Your Own Pace – 52 prompts.

2019 Reading Challenge @ Emily’s Attic – 50 prompts.

Carla’s Reading Challenge @ Carla Laureano – A prompt for each month.

#G20Reads Blackout Bingo Reading Challenge @ GenTwenty – Must black out a bingo card (25 books), but there are multiple bingo cards to choose from. There will be multiple giveaways throughout the year.

The LitJoy Reading Challenge @ LitJoy Crate – 16 prompts.

2019 Reading Challenge @ Memories and Mayhem – 25 prompts.

Mrs. Happy Homemaker’s 2019 Reading Challenge @ Mrs. Happy Homemaker – 12 prompts (with 4 bonus prompts).

2019 Reading Challenge @ Ambassador International – 15 prompts.

PolyWogg Reading Challenge @ The Writing Life of a Tadpole – Sort of a Bingo approach, but she used the word READS (you can download a PDF of the list at the bottom of the page).

MomAdvice Reading Challenge @ MomAdvice – 26 prompts.

2019 Reading Challenge @ #READINGPARTY – The entire challenge is made of 25 challenges which you can choose 12 from. You can then fill the free printable bookmark you’ll find next with those challenges, so you can cross them off when you complete them.

A RAD Reading Challenge @ RAD – 10 prompts with printable bookmark & checklist.

Ultimate Reading Challenge @ Zenspired Lifestyle – 52 prompts.

Hope by the Book Reading Challenge @ Hope by the Book – There are three levels to the challenge: Avid Reader (2 books per month), Voracious Reader (1 extra book each month), and Insatiable Reader (2 extra books per month).

40 Next Books Challenge @ Explorer Momma – 40 categories (in honor of turning 40)

A Year of Reading Dangerously @ Emma Lea – Each month she will present a trope and some suggested books that fall into the selected category.

Ultimate Reading Challenge @ Beware of The Reader & Collectors of Book Boyfriends – One topic per month.


Challenges for Specific Genres/Age Groups


The Bad Boys of Romance Reading Challenge @ Delighted Reader – Read books that feature a bad boy hero (Rock stars, MC members, streetfighters, assassins, mafia, loners, geeks, etc.)

Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge @ Andi’s ABCs – There is a monthly giveaway for this one!

Literary Pickers Reading Challenge @ Delighted Reader – A scavenger hunt style romance book challenge where you see if you can find a list of items as you read. Can use romance books or any book with a strong romance.

The Series That Never … Ends Challenge @ Delighted Reader – Read at least five books in a series you’ve fallen behind on. Only romance series are accepted. Any sub-genre of romance accepted.

ROMANCEOPOLY @ Under the CoversPeace Love Books – A romance reading challenge that’s visual, interactive and fun but easy dive into. There’s a giveaway going on right now for a specially-made Romanceopoly board and it looks like they have lots of interactive things planned!

Out of this World @ Addicted to Romance – Read romance that has sci fi elements.

Smutty Reads Reading Challenge @ Kat Reads – Read books from the New Adult/Smut genre.


Victorian Reading Challenge @ Becky’s Book Reviews – Read 4 or more Victorian books with an optional checklist of up to 32 different types. Includes a quarterly giveaway.

Georgian Reading Challenge @ Becky’s Book Reviews – Read books from the Georgian era (either 1714-1830 OR 1744-1837).

Year of Shakespeare @ Hibernator’s Library – Read one Shakespeare play with a specific theme per trimester.

Austenesque Lovers TBR Pile Challenge @ Goodreads – This one’s a Goodreads Group based challenge to read books by Austen, about Austen, or other Austenesque books.

Jane Austen Book Club Challenge @ Bunny’s Girl – Read Jane Austen. You make your own plan and choose your own novels.

Back to the Classics Challenge @ Books and Chocolate – Another one with a different theme each month. This challenge has a giveaway.

Classic Books Reading Challenge @ Penguin – A specific classic to read each month.

Nick’s Chapter-a-Day Readalong @ One Catholic Life – Read one chapter a day all year long. They’ll be reading and discussing: Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, Lilith by George MacDonald, and The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens


Just the Facts, Ma’am (Vintage Mystery Challenge) @ My Reader’s Block – Read mysteries from the Golden or Silver Mystery Eras. There will be periodic giveaways.

Calendar of Crime Challenge @ My Reader’s Block – A list of crime and mystery options for every month.

Craving for Cozies @ Escape With Dollycas Into a Good Book – Just what it sounds like. This challenge also has a FB group if you want more interaction.

Cruisin’ thru the Cozies Reading Challenge @ Socrates’ Book Reviews – This year there are two options: read from specific sub-genres or read cozy mysteries of your choice.

The Purrfect Reading Challenge @ Socrates’ Book Reviews – Read mysteries that have cats as the main characters.

Cloak and Dagger Challenge @ Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! – A challenge that incorporates all different types of mystery and crime novels with a linkup and two giveaways throughout the year.

Whodunit Bookology @ 52 Books in 52 Weeks – Seven prompts that will get you thinking.

British Crime Classics Challenge @ The Book Decoder – Read crime novels that were written in the late 1800’s to mid 1900’s (Agatha Christie is a great example).

Medical Examiner Mystery Reading Challenge @ Rick Mills Project – In this fun challenge, you are the Medical Examiner, and your goal is to examine as many homicide victims as you can during 2019 by reading murder mysteries. There will be multiple giveaways at the end of the year.

Six Shooter Mystery Reading Challenge @ Rick Mills Project – Shoot (read) six mysteries by the same target (author) during 2019.

My Kind of Mystery @ RIEDEL Fascination – Puts the spotlight on “mysteries” that go beyond the typical cozy mystery or crime genres. There will be a giveaway.


Sirens Reading Challenge @ Sirens – Read fantasy written by women and non-binary authors.

Dystopia Reading Challenge @ Hope, Faith & Books – Has an optional bingo card and a bi-annual link-up. The challenge has two giveaways.

SpaceTime Reading Challenge @ Jemima Pett’s blog – Read books from any part of the science fiction genre universe – hard sci-fi, military, sci-fi romance, space opera, first contact, time travel, etc.

Dancing with Fantasy and Sci-Fi @ A Dance with Books – This reading challenge consists of 3 sections: Fantasy, Sci-Fi and General for a total of 52 prompts which comes down to about 1 book a week.

Hodderscape Reading Challenge @ Hodderscape –  Bring some sci-fi and fantasy flair to your reading life in 2019! Has a prompt for each month and includes suggestions for each.

Ethereal Challenge @ RIEDEL Fascination – Read anything that’s out of this world. Fantasy, magic, surreal children’s books, non-fiction metaphysical subjects like healing and positive empowerment…. This challenge has a giveaway.


Operation Deepen Faith @ Operation Actually Read Bible – Read the Bible or Christian non-fiction books.

Cloud of Witnesses Reading Challenge @ Operation Actually Read Bible – Read Christian non-fiction authored by “the cloud of witnesses”…. in other words, they must be dead. (There is a list of suggestions.)

The 2019 Christian Reading Challenge @ Challies – A checklist-type challenge that offers lots of fun options for reading!

CathLIT @ Carrots for Michaelmas – 19 categories of Catholic books.

Christian Reading Challenge for Women @ Young Wife’s Guide – Comes with a free toolkit with everything you need to follow along with the challenge, how to tailor it to fit your needs, book suggestions, etc.

Christian Reading Challenge for Men @ Young Wife’s Guide – Comes with same free toolkit described above.

Christian Greats Challenge: Past & Present @ journey-and-destination – 10 categories to read from (not required to do them all).

Kids/MG/YA Challenges

Middle Grade Reading Challenge @ Becky’s Book Reviews – Read at least 6 middle grade books, with an optional checklist of categories.

Picture Book Challenge @ Becky’s Book Reviews – Read at least 6 picture books, with an optional checklist of categories.

12 Children’s Classics for 2019 @ Book Hippie – A list of 12 books to read.

Newbery Reading Challenge @ Smiling Shelves – Read Newbery and Caldecott books!

2019 Reading Challenge @ KidsTravelBooks – A simple reading challenge that allows you the opportunity to broaden your kids’ horizons by focusing on the setting.

Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge @ Kid Lit Frenzy –  Set a goal for reading a certain number of nonfiction picture books (or nonfiction MG or YA books) in 2019.

Manga/Graphic Novels/Comics

Manga Reading Challenge @ Manga Hoarder – A list-type challenge with lots of fun categories!

12 Annual Graphic Novels & Manga Challenge @ Facebook – This Facebook group just recently changed the name from “11th Annual,” so they’re ready for 2019!

Manga Reading Challenge @ Anime-Planet – Choose from any manga, manhwa, light novel, or more. On a related note, they also have an Anime Watching Challenge.

Comics Are For Everyone Challenge @ Book Riot – 37 prompts.

Graphic Novels Through the Ages @ Beforewegoblog – Read a comic or graphic novel from every decade from 1890 till now.


Historical Fiction Reading Challenge @ Passages to the Past

Oldie But A Goodie Challenge @ Addicted to Romance – This challenge is to try out those books that were published before 2010. This challenge is to be centered around historical romance.


Learn Something New Reading Challenge @ SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews – Read at least 3 non-fiction books on a topic you’ve not read much about but would like to learn more about.

Non-Fiction Book Bingo @ Reading in Winter

Nonfiction Reading Challenge @ Doing Dewey – There are several different ways to play along with this one. It has a giveaway at the end of the year.

Smart is Sexy@ Goodreads (The Challenge Factory) – For this challenge, you’ll be reading only Non-Fiction books. There are several topics to focus on for each month – your books should center around these topics. If you’re going for the medium or hard level, you can choose all your books from the same topic.

NonFiction Growth Challenge @ Goodreads (2019 Reading Challenge) – A challenge that hopefully will lead you to some personal growth.

Multiple Genres

Diversify Your Reading Challenge @ Mongan Moments – Encourages you to read from new genres! Each month, pick a book from a different genre, based on the genres included in the Goodreads Choice awards.

Read Wide Challenge @ Roni Loren – Read more genres/age groups! She gives her own list of categories (and sub-categories within those), but she also gives suggestions for how you can choose your own categories.

Genre Bingo @ Goodreads (2019 Reading Challenge) – Read books in multiple genres to make as many “bingos” as possible. You can set a goal for total number of books, number of bingos, or both!

Other Genres

Humor Reading Challenge @ Whatever I Think Of – Any book (fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, graphic novels, poetry collections, plays, picture books) labeled as humor counts.

Memoir Reading Challenge @ Whatever I Think Of – To participate, you must read a minimum of five memoirs from any of the categories listed.

Thriller Thursday Challenge @ Facebook – Read a different type of thriller each month of the year. The link will bring you to a post on Instagram about the categories for the challenge, but it looks like it actually takes place via a (closed) Facebook group where you can find out more specific details.

Retellings Reading Challenge @ Cornerfolds – Not just for retellings based on fairy tales—there are amazing retellings from all kinds of classic stories and this challenge celebrates all of them! It will include monthly group reads and retelling bingo and there will be a giveaway.

Fanfiction Reading Challenge @ Cat on the Bookshelf – Choose to create your own level goal or use the list of 25 topics to read.

Poetry Reading Challenge @ Savvy Verse & Wit


TBR/Backlist Challenges

Mount TBR Reading Challenge @ My Reader’s Block – Applies to books you already own.

The VIRTUAL Mount TBR Reading Challenge @ My Reader’s Block – For people with a mile-long “wish-list” of a TBR. The strategy and general set-up is the same as Mt. TBR–except you don’t have to own the books.

Beat the Backlist Challenge @ Novel Knight – This fun challenge encourages you to read books that were published prior to 2019. You can also optionally join the Hogwarts Mini Challenge, which puts you into teams where you earn points for the team by reading backlist books.

The Untouched Bookshelf Challenge @ Swift Coffee – Make a pact not to buy any books until you’ve read the physical books on your shelf.

The Backlist Reader Challenge @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard – Read the older titles on your want-to-read list. There will be at least one giveaway.

TBR Challenge @ The Misadventures of Super Librarian – Once a month, pull a dormant book out of your TBR pile and read it! The challenge has optional theme ideas.

Tackle My TBR Challenge @ Kimberlyfaye Reads – Read at least one book from your TBR each month. Includes a quarterly readathon, a tracking template and optional monthly themes.

TBR Pile Challenge @ Roof Beam Reader – Read 12 books from your “to be read” pile (within 12 months). There will be a $50 gift card giveaway.

Read Your (Book) Shelf Challenge @ Gather Together and Read – For this one, you literally read 12 books across (or up or down, if you stack) on your bookshelf.

Clear the Shelves @ Goodreads (2019 Reading Challenge) – Clean out all of your bookshelves: your physical, your electric, and your audible ones! The books you read for this challenge are books that are already in your possession.

TBR Jar @ Goodreads (2019 Reading Challenge) – Make a jar to pull your book choices from, and be creative on how to make it! You can go with the traditional TBR Randomizer Challenge and let Goodreads choose OR you can put your own list of TBR in the jar (for instance, a list of books from another challenge).


Review Book Challenges

Blogger Shame Challenge @ The Herd Presents – Any review book that is 6+ months PAST DUE is eligible for the challenge.

Review Writing Challenge @ Delighted Reader – Let’s get those reviews written!

NetGalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge @ Reading Between the Pages


Series Challenges

Series Challenge @ Mamma Got Time to Read – Reread past books in series and then finally finish them!

Finishing the Series Challenge @ Celebrity Readers – This challenge is focused on finally finishing those series that you’ve started but not yet completed.

First in Series Challenge @ Cuddle Up With a Cozy Mystery – Start some new series you’ve been meaning to get around to!

Serial Reader Challenge @ Geeky Zoo Girl – Knock some of those series off your TBR list! Series you started then forgot about, series you’ve fallen behind on, series you want to reread or series you’ve always said you’ll pick up and failed to, anything goes!

Series Enders Reading Challenge @ Somewhere Only We Know & Words Fueled by Love – This challenge is for all of you series readers who are scared to death of that last book in the series. This challenge has a monthly giveaway.

Three in a Row @ Book Dragon’s Lair – Read three books in a row that are from the same series or have the same author. 

Serial Reader @ Goodreads (2019 Reading Challenge) – This challenge is to help you dig into all those wonderful series you just know you want to read.


Author Challenges

Alphabet Soup–Author Edition Reading Challenge @ Escape With Dollycas Into a Good Book – Read one book that has an author whose first name or last name starts with every letter of the alphabet.

2019 Reading Challenge @ For Reading Addicts – Each month you pick a book, any book, by an author who was born that month.

TCF’s It’s Called What??? (African version) @ Goodreads (The Challenge Factory) – Spell out a crazy long African town name with the first letter of authors’ first or last names.

An Author’s Works @ Goodreads (2019 Yearly Challenge) – For this challenge, pick an author and then pick at least 5 unique works they have written (if an author has written less than 5 works, make sure to pick at least 2 authors so that your total is at least 5).


Specific Series/Author Challenges

Dresden Files Group Read @ Hibernator’s Library – Read the Dresden Files books in a little over a year.

A Year of Harry Potter @ mrskatiefitz on Instagram – Read all of the Harry Potter books leisurely over a year.

Hail to the King @ Readinary – Read a Stephen King book each month in 2019 and share your thoughts on the book.

The Nancy Drew Books@ Goodreads (The Challenge Factory) – Either read the Nancy Drew books themselves or a prompt that the challenge leaders came up with that goes along with the title of each book.

Read Christie 2019 @ Agatha Christie – A checklist to help prompt your Christie story exploration.


New Release Challenges

New Release Challenge @ (un)Conventional Bookworms – Read and review books released in 2019. Link up quarterly for the giveaway!


Re-Reading Challenges

Read It Again, Sam @ My Reader’s Block


Format Challenges

Epistolary Reading Challenge @ Whatever I Think Of – Read books written in the form of letters, diaries, blogs, e-mails and such, either completely or partially written this way.

Print Only Reading Challenge @ As Told by Tina – Read as many physical books as you can.

For The Love Of EBooks Reading Challenge @ As Told by Tina

Audiobook Challenge @ Hot Listens & Caffeinated Book Reviewer – Listen to audiobooks! There will be two giveaways during the year.

A Year in Anthologies @ Because Challenges Make Reading More Fun – Pick one or two maybe 6 anthologies that you want to read this year and get them read! There will be a giveaway at the end of the year.

Deal Me In Short Story Reading Challenge @ Bibliophilopolis – Read 52 short stories. The challenge has a fun playing card twist to it.

eBooks Reading Challenge @ Book Dragon’s Lair

Audio Books Reading Challenge @ Book Dragon’s Lair

Strictly Print Reading Challenge @ Book Dragon’s Lair


Long Books Challenges

Chunkster Challenge @ Becky’s Book Reviews – Read books that are 450+ pages long.

Big Books Challenge @ BookswithEmilyFox (YouTube)

Kind of a Big Deal @ Goodreads (2019 Reading Challenge) – To participate, commit to the number of long AND short books you would like to read.


Indie Book Challenges

#LetsReadIndie Challenge @ As Told by Tina – Read self-published books or books published by small indie publishers

Indie Challenge @ Ninja Book Box – Read more independently published books. There’s a bingo card with topics to get you started. There will be a giveaway at the end.

Indie Book Goal Challenge @ Lauryn April – Pledge to read a certain number of Indie or Self-published books in 2019.


Book to Movie/TV Challenges

Book to Screen Challenge @ Whole Latte Ideas – Read books that have been turned into movies or television shows.

Book to Movie Reading Challenge @ Gather Together and Read – Read books that have been/are being made into movies and TV series!

A to Z Challenge – Stage Edition @ Goodreads (2019 Reading Challenge) – Read a book for each letter of the alphabet that has been adapted to a Movie, Television, or Stage Show.


Topical Challenges

Creativity Reading Challenge @ Whatever I Think Of! – This challenge is about reading books on creativity, art, crafts, writing, filmmaking, photography, cosmetology, DIY, cooking, music and any other topic that helps you live a more creative life.

Mental Health Reading Challenge @ Whatever I Think Of! – Read books related to mental health, fiction or non-fiction.

What an Animal Reading Challenge @ Socrates’ Book Reviews – Read fiction or nonfiction in which an animal plays a major role.

Books N’ Tunes Challenge @ Delighted Reader – This challenge is just a fun way to match music to books and share what you have with other readers.

Royal Reading Challenge @ She’s Got Books on Her Mind – Read books that have a royal theme.

Resist Reading Challenge @ MagicResists – Read books about history, politics, activism, and social change. Includes an optional Bingo and a suggested reading list.

World at War Reading Challenge @ Becky’s Book Reviews – Read books that have to do with different wars, were written during wartime, etc. There is a bingo card with topics.

War Through the Generations Reading Challenge @ War Through the Generations – Link up any fiction, nonfiction, poetry, middle-grade, children’s, or graphic novels you may be reading about war: WWII, Vietnam War, WWI, Korean War, French and Indiana War, War of 1812, the American Revolution, Gulf wars, and more.

FFL Reading Challenge @ Future Female Leaders – Ten prompts, several of which are political in nature.

Foodies Read @ Based on a True Story – Read books that center on food in some way! This challenge has a monthly giveaway.

Travel Reading List Challenge @ Traveling with MJ – Focuses on travel and books perfect to read while you’re traveling. A list of 24 topics, with an advanced challenge of another 6.

Reading Naturally @ Hotchpot Cafe – his challenge encourages reading books about nature from a variety of perspectives. Has a list of topics to choose from and you’ll get a small giveaway when you complete your list.


Number of Books/Pages

52 Books in 52 Weeks @ 52 Books in 52 Weeks – Read 52 books. There are lots of mini challenges to help you along the way.

300 Book Reading Challenge @ Goodreads – Read 300 books in 2019!

#Bookiary2019 @ Fabiary – Read 52 books, one book per week or four books per month. There will be monthly goals to reach, and a little prize (giveaway) is waiting for you if you finish all tasks!

Flexible Fifty-Two Reading Challenge @ Goodreads – Start with a goal of 52 books, but this challenge is about enjoyment, avoiding both reading slumps and over-structured challenges, and making a dent in your ever-growing reading list. Bend and break rules as it suits you and have fun.

readingchallenge2019 @ Instagram – Read a minimum of one book per month. Take a picture of what you’re reading and tag @readingchallenge2019 in the post!

Outdo Yourself Challenge @ Everyday Gyaan – Read more books than you did last year!

Pages Read @ Book Dragon’s Lair – Instead of counting books, count pages and get more credit for those big books!

You Read How Many Books? @ Book Dragon’s Lair

100 Book Genre Challenge@ Goodreads (The Challenge Factory) – Read 100 books – 20 each from 5 different genres – over the course of the year!

Let’s Turn Pages @ Goodreads (2019 Reading Challenge) – Make a goal for number of pages you want to read.


Lists of Specific Books to Read

Chain Letter Reading Challenge @ Tea in the Cloister – A list of 44 books that was created via a chain letter of book recommendations.

52in52 @ Reddit – Every week they aim to read and discuss a particular book together as a community. There are twelve themes and three books from each theme + one free for all book, read in phases throughout the year.

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge @ Goodreads – Read all of the books mentioned on Gilmore Girls. This is technically an ongoing challenge that can be done at any time, but I’m including it since I think it might be of interest to a lot of people and because they have 2019 goals and mini-challenges.

Wild Honey Book Club Challenge @ Wild Honey – A list of 12 books.

13 Ways of Looking at The Lifetime Reading Plan Challenge @ Gather Together and Read – A yearly challenge that goes along with a perpetual challenge.


Challenges in Non-English Languages

Dalle 3 Ciambelle @ The Libridinosa, La Biblioteca di Eliza, and Due Lettrici Quasi Perfette – This reading challenge is all in Italian. If you’d like to see a translation, check out the comment from Jamie on my announcement post. There does seem to be a giveaway.

Reto de Lectura 2019 @ Katerine – This is a checklist-type challenge with 12 topics, all in Spanish.

52 Books Reading Challenge 3.0 @ Livraddict – This is a French challenge with 52 categories.

Hebban Reading Challenge @ Hebban – A reading challenge in Dutch.

The No-ComfortZone Reading Challenge @ The Ink Spell – Another challenge in Italian!


Misc. Challenges

Moody Reading Challenge @ Perspective of a Writer – Choose books in genres you love but never seem to get to. Mix it up so that there will be all sorts of books to fit any mood! Don’t feel pressured, even DNF if you’re not feeling the book.

Good Rule Reading Challenge @ Becky’s Book Reviews – Challenge yourself to read both old and new books. Goals can be very flexible and you set them yourself.

Share a Tea Reading Challenge @ Becky’s Book Reviews – Love drinking tea while you read? This challenge is for you!

Charity Reading Challenge @ Becky’s Book Reviews – Read for a good cause! Buy books at a charity shop, or even a friends of the library book sale, or donate a certain amount of money for each book you read for the challenge.

All About the Trope Challenge @ The Herd Presents – This fun challenge asks you to pick a trope… and read it as much as you can! You can read across genres as long as it includes your trope.

Library Love Challenge @ Angel’s Guilty Pleasures – Show your library some love! There will be a giveaway with this challenge!

Connect Five Books Reading Challenge @ Book Date – Look at connections between books. When you have five books that connect in some way, you group them then link up. (There are suggestions for types of possible connections.) There will be a monthly giveaway.

Reading Challenge Throwback @ Books and Ladders –  Finish off old challenges you didn’t quite manage to complete in 2018.

Literary Loners Reading Challenge @ Readeropolis – Read books featuring a character identified as a loner, outcast, recluse, wallflower, or introvert. OR read works written by writers known to have been loners or recluses (or about real people who are).

2019 Annual Reading Challenge @ MobileRead – Want somewhere you can set any reading goal at all and have people to share it with? Here’s the place!

Reading Assignment Challenge @ Because Challenges Make Reading More Fun – With this challenge, you’re registering for “classes” that fit your reading goals. Each semester you can sign up for a different class or stick with the same one. Instructor options: Professor AuthorLuv (books by a certain author), Professor Genre, or Professor Mix-It-Up. There will be a giveaway at the end of the year!

Reading Rivalry @ Facebook – Every month they have a challenge where you can be placed on a team. Books are your points – the more books you read, the more points you earn! The genre switches every month, and they have an author highlight.

2019 Debut Author Goodreads Challenge @ Class of 2k19 Books – Read, review, and share the Class of 2k19 books (from authors debuting in 2019). Includes a big grand prize giveaway!

BookTube ReReadathon @ Alex BlackAbi Mack Reads, and sushidragonmaster – Reread one book per month (with general prompts for each month).

TCF’s Pi/Pie Challenge@ Goodreads (The Challenge Factory) – Three different challenges: 1 – Pi/Pie Spell Outs (spell the words using title or author), 2 – Numerical Pi (read series books). 3 – Pastry Pie (color of colors).

Fifth Annual Academic Reading Challenge @ Reading & Listening – For academics who feel that their reading has become over-specialized and possibly joyless, who want to read more literature for pleasure, who want to broaden the way they approach their own research and teaching, who like to talk about reading with each other, who are interested in interdisciplinary reading, and who want to support their friends and colleagues by reading their books.

Read & Go Challenge @ The Novel Tourist – This unique challenge helps you explore both reading selections and activities that you otherwise might not. As you read, highlight or jot down the activities or locations that seem interesting to try and then grab a friend or strike out on your own, and go explore!

Listopia @ Goodreads (2019 Reading Challenge) – Read from Goodreads’ user-created lists. The number of lists you choose and the number of books you read from each is entirely up to you.

Never Hit the Stage @ Goodreads (2019 Reading Challenge) – For one reason or another, there are just some books that will never be made into a movie, television show, or play. For this challenge, you will read as many books as you can.


I’ll be adding to this list as I see more sign-ups. Feel free to let me know in the comments of my announcement post for this list if you know of others!!