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Wendy over at Falconer’s Library came up with this bookish “This or That” post back when she did the Slice of Life month of blogging and commenting. She invited us to join in on the fun, so I’m doing just that! Feel free to create your own Bookish This or That post or tell me some of your answers in the comments! And make sure to visit Wendy’s post too!

Buy new or buy used?
I used to say that it didn’t matter to me, but I’ll confess that the longer I’ve been blogging, the more I prefer shiny new books. I buy from The Book Outlet sometimes and even that little line on the bottom of the book makes me a teensy bit twitchy.

Eat while you read or read while you eat?
I sometimes snack a bit when I read, but I don’t do a lot of it, and I don’t have specific “reading snacks.” If I’m reading an ebook, I definitely keep reading when I eat if I can get away with it (obviously not at family dinners). If I’m reading a physical book, I get nervous about getting it messy. I’ll often listen to an audiobook while I eat too.

Re-read old favorites or pre-order upcoming possibilities?
I almost never re-read. Sometimes I do a skim re-read before I read a new book in a series—or (very occasionally) I listen to the audiobook before I move on to the next book.

Read every single word or skim at times?
I’ll admit that I skim sometimes. Long actioney scenes often get skimmed. Long descriptions? Skimmed. I’m getting bored? I have a compulsion to keep reading (I’m horrible at DNF’ing), but I’m not opposed to skimming to find my way to the end if I get really desperate.

Happy endings or tragic?
I’m a sucker for a happy ending (especially in the romance area), but sometimes those tragic endings kill me in the very best way.

Audiobooks or ebooks?
Both! I’m relatively new to audiobooks, but they’re fantastic for driving or chores like folding laundry. I resisted ebooks at first, but when I started getting review copies that way, I adjusted.

Multiple books at once, or one at a time?
I used to ONLY read one book at a time, but now I sometimes have a physical book and an ebook going. And I’m pretty much always listening to an audiobook, so there’s that too.

Mostly one genre, or a little bit of everything?
I’d say I stick mostly to YA fantasy and contemp, but I also read some adult or NA (again, mostly fantasy or YA) and I throw in sci-fi and other genres occasionally.

Lifelong obsession or later (re)discovery?
Pretty much a lifelong obsession, but there was a point when I was a young mom that I barely read for some reason. It was the Twilight books that brought me back to reading!

Classics–yea or nay?
I used to LOVE classics. When I was in high school I read them for fun. Now, for some reason, I’m scared of them. The only classic I’ve read in recent years is Pride and Prejudice. It was pretty good, but not lifechanging or anything. (Sorry!)

Read aloud to others or be read to?
I like to read aloud, but I don’t do it often anymore. When my kids were little, they loved me to read the Charlie and Lola books to them with a British accent—I was a theater major in college, so I kind of love doing accents.

Absolute silence or background noise/music?
Absolute silence if possible. Sometimes I’ll turn on instrumental music to drown out people talking if I’m somewhere loud and the people are too close to me to blend into the background.

Cover on or naked?
Naked.  Do some people actually read hardcover books with the covers on? They slip around and then there’s a possibility they could get bent or ruined—this is not acceptable.

Dog-ear or bookmark?
Bookmark. I NEVER dog-ear. Ever. (Though I should point out that “bookmark” is a broad term here. It’s often a random receipt or a torn off piece of paper or, if I’m desperate, a tissue or something.)

Movie covers or originals?
You’ll probably hate me, but I actually don’t mind movie covers—especially if it’s a book I read because of the movie. (Yep, that’s definitely happened.)

What would your answers to these be? I want to know! Tell me in the comments or write your own post and link me (and Wendy!) up.

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26 responses to “This or That Bookish Edition

  1. Joycedale

    Who leaves the covers on???
    There’s only one book that I ever preferred the movie cover and it’s Warm Bodies. I first read it before the movie came out but I didn’t get my own copy until after the movie and I got that cover.

  2. I can’t remember if I already did this tag. Is that weird? I’ve been blogging for so many years that I no longer remember what I’ve blogged about.

    I think you’re the first person I’ve met who doesn’t mind movie covers. I hate them because the characters in my head rarely look like the actors plastered on the cover.

  3. This is so fun! I think most of my answers are similar to yours. Except audiobooks, I simply cannot concentrate! But I feel you SO MUCH about those black lines on the bottom of Book Outlet books- why do they want to make us cry? It’s rude. And I cannot imagine leaving the cover on! I did that ONCE by accident and it got all denty from my bookmark. SOBS.

  4. Fun post! I need to give audios another shot, but I do really like the ease of e-books. Physical books will always be my favorite. I’m totally with you on wanting new books, but I’ll buy used. I don’t really mind unless it’s really falling apart or messy.


  5. How did I miss this post? I will have to give this a try. I am more for ebooks than audiobooks, I’m too easily distracted if I’m not looking at something. I am a dogear converter, though. I used to dogear books but with the bookmarks I keep getting I really have no excuse for not using one. I used to use photos before that.

  6. I’m the same with the new or used thing. And also the “bookmark” lol. I have this amazing talent to lose every bookmark I’ve ever had within like a day. Eventually I just gave up and went straight for random papers and receipts and things lol.

  7. This is fun!
    I used to spend tons in new books before kids now that all my $ goes to their activities I don’t buy many books or buy used. I usually don’t eat or drink because I’m usually driving or in bed 🙂 I’m a HUGE fan of audios because that’s the only way I can read as much as I would like I’m definitely a big skimmer 🙂 need to get to my happy ASAP and because I read at least 5 books at once so I have zero patience 🙂 Sooooo many books! sooo little time! So, I’m deeply jealous of any bookworm that has the time to re-read! Funny I used to LOOOOVE classics too when I was in high school! Not so much anymore 🙂

    • So I’m not the only one who lost interest in the classics as I got older? I don’t quite understand why. It seems very strange! And I totally agree with you about kids—their activities totally gobble up all of our spare dollars. It’s kind of crazy!

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