My Top Ten Addictions – Let’s Discuss

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Those of you who’ve been around my blog for a while know that usually, when I feature a guest post from an author on my blog (usually along with a review), it’s the author’s Top Ten Addictions (click the link if you want to see them). I like that it’s a fun, lighthearted tie-in to my blog name and that it’s a quick read. (If I’m being honest, I don’t usually take the time to read long author guest posts on blogs unless it’s a topic that really catches my eye or an author I REALLY love, so short always seems better to me.)

But it occurred to me that I’ve never shared my OWN top ten addictions, and I thought it would be fun to do that. So, here they are!

Nicole’s Top Ten Addictions

(Not necessarily in order)


Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? Books have pretty much taken over my life in a lot of ways. I spend an inordinate amount of time reading them, talking (or writing) about them and thinking about them. My blog is aptly named – this borders on actual addiction! (Sometimes I think my husband would like to stage an intervention.)



Another obvious one. When I’m not reading, you can often find me blogging. Whether it’s writing posts, creating graphics, replying to comments, or reading and commenting on other blogs, this takes up A LOT of my day. Heck, the amount of time I spent just creating my little number graphics borders on insanity! (Yeah, it took me longer than it should have.)


Believe it or not, I only started drinking coffee a year or two ago (and I’m 42). I always said I hated the taste of coffee – even the smell! But when we got a Keurig, my husband convinced me to try it out. (I’m NOT a morning person, so I really did need something.) I found that, with enough cream and sugar, coffee wasn’t so bad after all. I now typically drink two cups a day – one at full strength and one “second run” through the Keurig. I know this is nothing compared to a lot of coffee drinkers out there, but for me, it’s monumental. AND I’ve found that if I don’t get my coffee in the morning, I get a headache and I almost can’t function. My husband created a monster!


You know those memes that you see that say, “I’m silently correcting your grammar”? I actually am doing that. I don’t mean to be obnoxious or anything, but I can’t help it, I notice when people make mistakes! The worst is when I have errors on my own blog. I have to confess that even though I’m a freelance editor, I don’t always proofread my own writing. I just don’t have the time (and since the blog itself is a hobby, I try not to stress too much about it). Still, when I find errors it’s a little embarrassing sometimes!


I LOVE my pooches! These are my Australian Shepherd mixes – Bella and Snickers. I think they’re pretty much the most adorable things on the planet, even if they do make me crazy sometimes (especially Snickers, who likes to bark crazily every time the kids dare to so much as walk fast or giggle a little too loud.) Bella has the softest fur you have ever felt, so I could spend all day just hugging her!



This is actually probably a serious addiction here, people. I CANNOT go without sugar. I have to have a small dessert of some type after lunch and dinner. Like seriously have to. I like sugar in pretty much all its forms – cakes, cookies, candy, ice cream, chocolate … the list could go on and on. It’s a wonder I don’t weigh 300 pounds (I do limit myself on the amount of dessert I eat – I try to keep it small most times). I know it’s not a healthy addiction, and I know I’m passing it down to my kids, which is even worse. On the positive side, we try to stick to natural ingredients in our diet. Plus, they know that they can only take two small cookies or two small pieces of candy or something (they see lots of their peers just chowing down on candy bars or drinking tons of pop, which they don’t do.)


This is directly related to my sugar addiction, but it deserves it’s own slot. I chew gum ALL THE TIME. (I’m chewing it right now, in fact.) Tree Hugger natural bubble gum is pretty much the best thing on the planet. This is another addiction I’ve passed on to my kids, so we’ve had to set limits. We’re all allowed up to four gumballs at a time (they’re relatively small) twice a day.


really wish we lived somewhere beautiful. The Chicago suburbs is NOT a great place to live if you’re a fan of nature – I mean, sure there are some forest preserves, but it’s pretty much just some paths and some trees and an occasional stream or lake. Nothing breathtaking or anything. That’s why, whenever we go on vacation, we try to go somewhere with spectacular scenery. If I had my way, we’d move to Colorado, where we spent a month last year. I LOVE the mountains, and everything there is absolutely gorgeous. Just thinking about it now makes me sad that we’re stuck here. Sigh. (For some awesome pictures of our trips to Colorado and Arizona, click the links!)


Well, I couldn’t very well do a post like this without mentioning my family, right? I mean, I’m pretty sure they should rank pretty high up there on my list of addictions.

I’ve got three kiddos, two of whom I homeschool, so I spend a lot of my time with them. Luckily, I think they’re pretty darn awesome. My oldest son is super intelligent and just a little bit “weird” (by his own labeling – it’s a point of pride for him), so conversations with him are always really entertaining. Lately, he’s been really into Japan too, so we’ve been reading manga together and watching anime – broadening my horizons a bit. My daughter has to be one of the most caring and nurturing people on the planet – the girl always puts others first and she just really wants to spend time with people, so our whole family is always kind of vying for her attention. My youngest is a happy-go-lucky kid who laughs loud and long and kind of crazily!

Then there’s my husband. We’ve been together since high school, so I like to think we’re an example of a YA novel gone right. 🙂 Because we’ve been together so long, we know each other incredibly well, and we understand each other. We have great communication, which I think is the most important key to a happy marriage. (Well, most of the time – I mean, we all have our moments, right?)

And I can’t forget my mom, who some of you have even met! She lives with us on the weekends, so she’s a big part of our lives, and she’s a huge godsend. Seriously – best mom ever!



I’m far from a “perfect Christian” – I feel like there are plenty of moments when I go about my life and leave God out of it, but I strive to be better about that every single day. Discovering God has had such an impact on my life and I really do feel his presence in my life all the time – there are so many little moments where he shows himself to me so clearly. I teach in a K-1 classroom at my church, which is also incredibly fulfilling. Sometimes I feel like I get just as much out of teaching those kids as I do out of “big church” (as those of us in childrens’ ministry often like to call it). It’s beyond rewarding.

I think often about how I can put more of God into my blogging (without being overwhelming or preachy, of course). I haven’t come up with perfect answers yet, but I’m working on it!

What things are you addicted to? I want to know!



34 responses to “My Top Ten Addictions – Let’s Discuss

  1. Love this! I am with you on books, blogging, coffee and family. Coffee is a must for me in the morning. I always have my books with me and checking my blog and doing all sorts of blog related activity. My family is my first love 🙂 I am also pretty addicted to Tv shows. I love watching TV which is bad but I can’t help it at this point. We have actually talked about going to church again since we really haven’t since we got married. Hopefully we can start to go again and kind of bring that back into our lives. Great post!!

  2. Having just moved to the ‘burbs of Chicago, from the Hudson Valley in NY with it’s beautiful mountains and hikes – I feel ya on the nature thing. But I’m loving exploring what’s around!

  3. Your dogs are so cute! I didn’t start drinking coffee until about 2 years ago (I’m 39), and I seriously don’t know how I survived without it for so long, especially on weekday mornings, lol.

  4. I have a couple things in common with you! Obviously I also love books and blogging. And I assume when you say you need something in the morning it’s caffeine you need? I don’t drink coffee, I’ve always hated the smell of it even since I was a kid, but I drink Crystal Light with caffeine. And if your coffee is caffeinated, that’s why you get a headache when you don’t have it. Caffeine is *literally* an addiction, so oops, we’re all addicted lol.

    I also love good grammar! I agree, I judge other people’s grammar and always worry about making mistakes myself. But there’s a difference between typos and just completely incorrect words, no punctuation, etc.

    I’m so NOT a nature person though. As I’ve mentioned somewhere online before, sitting outside to read a book sometimes is pretty much the extent of my nature-y ways lol.

    This was a fun post, getting to know you better 🙂

  5. This is such a fun post. I didn’t know you could be addicted to gum, but I guess you can. Bella and Snickers are adorable. Your kids are really cute too, nice that they are all readers too (and addicted to gum, lol) I love your list!

    Karen Blue recently posted: Weekly Wrap Up #92
  6. Books are probably my number one addiction. My dogs as well. I like cupcakes too. I’m not a coffee drinker, but my caffeine is from Dr. Pepper, so I’d probably say I’m addicted to that. Hmm. What else. Oh, yeah, The Big Bang Theory. I could sit and watch reruns of it all day and night and not get bored. Fun post! I also love that you always tie the name of your blog into this topic for author interviews. Such a great idea!

    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted: Cover Reveal and Giveaway - Elementals 4: The Portal to Kerberos
  7. Fun post! I love seeing more about the blogger behind the blog. Your dogs are TOO cute. I’m pretty addicted to my family too, especially my mom. I still live at home and she’s seriously one of my best friends. We talk about everything and do all sorts of things together. I’ll probably STILL see her all the time whenever I do move out. Your kids sound great- and that’s cool you and your husband met in high school! 🙂


    p.s. I just saw your comment on my Saving Montgomery Sole review! Mongtgomery has problems with religions because she does see things one-sided, but I feel like that changes in the end. She gets to understand how not ALL people with religion believe the same things, which I appreciated!

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted: Rekindled Flame by Andrew Grey
  8. First, your family is so beautiful! I don’t know HOW I missed your vacation pictures before, because I LOVE a vacation picture (I am like “that guy” who would actually be interested in watching slideshows from your last trip bwhah) but they are gorgeous! (Family and location, that is!) And I love your mom! I hope I get to meet her (and you obviously) again!! Your dogs are so cute too!

    My addictions? Coffee, of the iced variety. Hummus. Books and blogging go without saying. The 100. The Hunger Games. Yep, that about sums it up ?

    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted: Reviews in a Minute: Actual Randoms
  9. I was just thinking the other day, as I drifted off for yet another nap, that my sugar addiction is a definite craving–I know it’s not good for me, and I have trouble doing the “small portion” thing when it comes to dessert. But coffee is more of a physical addiction, in that while I was perfectly happy to not have any, my body responded by crashing, because I’ve been relying on it so much lately. I usually switch to decaf or half-caf during the summer to give myself a break.

  10. I love these kinds of posts. It’s great to get to know the people behind the blogs I look at every day. I’ve lived in Colorado for almost my entire life. It’s overcrowded because everybody wants to live here, but I really like it. I also have an Australian Shepard mix. Her name is Butch, and she’s an idiot, but I love her.

    Aj @ Read All The Things! recently posted: The Sunday Post #53
  11. Anna @ Enchanted by YA

    This is my first time seeing a post of yours and I love how immediately I can understand the person behind the blog! We share many addictions – I always have something sugary nearby, but it’s with tea instead of coffee. I’m also fairly addicted to TV (there’s a whole list of shows on my phone that I’m currently watching) which is nice in the evenings on the sofa with my 2 dogs. They’re part of the family which I adore with my whole heart and it wouldn’t be complete without them! Lovely post, I look forward to more <3
    Enchanted by YA

  12. Bella and Snickers are adorable, as are your whole family! I went over to Amazon and immediately bought some of that gum. I gave up gum when I suddenly became allergic to aspartame a few years ago. I had a hard time finding a good gum that did NOT have aspartame so I gave it up. I’m also a big fan of suuuuuuuugar. Mmm mmm.

    I’ll have to think about my addictions. Obviously, sugar. Tea, I drink lots of tea. Walking, I am not a whole person without lots of walks. Reading and listening to audiobooks. Facebook is definitely an addition. Lol. I have no spiritual addictions (you already know I’m an atheist) except astrology, which I’m nuts about! Great post!

  13. What a fun post! Your dogs (and your kids) are adorbs! As much as I love certain things about living in the Chicago burbs, I also miss beautiful, majestic, natural scenery in my life. Colorado is one of the few states I could see myself moving to someday! Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better with this post!

  14. Jen

    I love this post and that we share a lot of addictions! Books and blogging – although those are kinda obvious lol. But I adore my dogs too. I have two little havanese and they are such a huge part of our family. ♥ We also share family because I’m so grateful for not only my hubby and boys but for my parents, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and so many others that make life that much more wonderful. PLUS sugar…….ugh, sugar lol! There are so many desert recipes I want to try! And I also love nature! Every Tuesday we do a play date with friends up at the Lake because being in the sand, surrounded by the pine-trees and listing to the water crash on the beach while the kiddos laugh is the perfect way to spend the day for me. 🙂

    The one that I wished I shared with you is grammar. I am a math girl through and through. I even took extra classes of calculus in college and I love working with numbers. So my grammar definitely could use some help here and there but my hubby is an engineer and he is even worse than me lol. Maybe one of my boys will fall in love with this subject and they can teach me someday. 🙂

  15. This was really fun to learn more about you! I’m with you on books, sugar, family, God. Especially God. It’s interesting to hear you mention about thinking about how to include God in your blog without being preachy or overwhelming. I’m much the same way with my books. I feel good about how that was executed in my debut, and most reviews have felt the same, so that’s good. My next novel is different because the characters are not religious. I’ve just spent the last, oh, five days praying through all the problems in my work in progress. Together, He and I came up with some lovely solutions. In a venn diagram of my writing life and my faith, it’s just one circle.

    Jackie Lea Sommers recently posted: Benign
    • That was probably my favorite thing about your book. I loved that it portrayed a character with faith without being preachy at all. It showed faith in such a positive light – something that I don’t think happens all that much in mainstream YA fiction (or mainstream fiction in general – seems like you have to read “Christian” books to get faith positively portrayed a lot of the time.)

      Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted: I Dream in YA – Let’s Discuss!
  16. YES to the addiction to grammar! I am THE SAME WAY!! What I also hate is when people share FB memes that have bad grammar in them. There have been many memes that I refuse to share for that very reason. And like you, I just don’t proofread my own writing enough. When my husband points out an error in one of my posts, I just want to hang my head in shame. Great post! I may have to steal this addictions post.

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