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For the last couple of years I’ve posted a comprehensive list of all the book blogging and reading challenges I’ve found. It seems like it’s been a useful resource, so I figured I’d do it again this year! This is a list of everything I’ve found so far, but I’ll be adding to it—feel free to let me know in the comments if you know of another challenge and I’ll add it to the list.

If you’re looking for some advice on how to wisely choose the challenges you want to participate in (and how to get yourself organized), check out my post: How to Keep Yourself Motivated and Organized for Reading Challenges. And Julie over at Chapter Break wrote this great post on How to Embed a Goodreads Shelf into a Blog Post!

The Challenges

Misc. Challenges

WOAH BAM’S Reading Challenge 2017 @ WoahBam – A mid-year challenge with very few restrictions. Just try to read 30 books in the second half of the year (but even if you don’t make it, you’re still eligible for some entries in the giveaway)

Book Blogger Discussion Challenge @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction & It Starts at Midnight – Encourages bloggers to post discussion posts!

Literary Loners Reading Challenge @ Whatever I Think Of – Read books featuring a character identified as a loner, outcast, recluse, wallflower, or introvert. OR read works written by writers known to have been loners or recluses.

Color Coded Challenge @ My Reader’s BlockRead books that feature a specific color in the title or where the color is dominant on the cover.

What an Animal Reading Challenge @ Socrates’ Book Reviews – Read books that involve animals in some way.

Charity Reading Challenge @ Becky’s Book Reviews – Read for a good cause! Buy books at a charity shop, or even a friends of the library book sale, or donate a certain amount of money for each book you read for the challenge.

Reading Assignment Challenge @ Fantasy is More Fun & Because Reading – With this challenge you set a goal of how many books you read each month and which books you will read for the year.

Newbery Reading Challenge @ Smiling Shelves – Read Newbery and Caldecott books!

Bookish Resolutions Challenge @ Because Reading & Trips Down Imagination Road – Choose from: Blogging Goals, Reading Goals or Personal Goals.

Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge @ Escape With Dollycas Into a Good Book – Read books with titles from every letter of the alphabet.

What’s In A Name Challenge @ The Worm Hole – Choose a book to read from several categories (click on a link to see them).

Foodies Read @ Based on a True Story – Read books that center on food in some way!

The Bestseller Code Challenge @ It’s a Mystery Blog– Read through the list of 100 bestsellers picked by the computer model described in The Bestseller Code: Anatomy of the Blockbuster Novel by Jodie Archer and Matthew L. Jockers.

Share a Tea Reading Challenge @ Becky’s Book Reviews – Love drinking tea while you read? This challenge is for you!

Epistolary Reading Challenge @ Whatever I Think Of – Read books written in the form of letters, diaries, blogs, e-mails and such, either completely or partially written this way.

Reading Challenge Addicts 2017 @ Reading Challenge Addict – Enter and complete reading challenges!

New to Me Challenge @ The Herd Presents – This challenge is all about pushing your boundaries and trying something new! And author, a series, a sub-genre, etc.

Pages Read @ Book Dragon’s Lair – This challenge isn’t about how many books you read but rather how many pages.

You Read How Many Books? @ Book Dragon’s Lair – Read between 100 and 250 books!

Netflix and Books Challenge @ Bookmark LitNovel Ink – Watch television shows you’ve been wanting to get to (both new and old) and read books you’ve been wanting to read. The books and shows need to match one of the many fun challenge prompts.

Library Love Challenge @ Bea’s Book NookAngel’s Guilty Pleasures

Books N’ Tunes Challenge @ Delighted Reader – This challenge is just a fun way to match music to books and share what you have with other readers.

Review Writing Challenge @ Delighted Reader – Let’s get those reviews written!

Reporter’s Challenge @ Dead Herring – This is a Goodreads challenge but it’s run by Ellie @ Dead Herring (click this link to be brought to a post about the challenge—the other link will bring you to Goodreads). Read books that fulfill the various categories under the reporter’s standard questions – Who, What, Where, When and How.

Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge @ Everyday Gyaan – The goal is to outdo yourself by reading more in 2017 than you did in 2016.

Birthstone Bookology Reading Challenge @ Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks – A challenge with goals having to do with the 12 birthstones.

52 Books in 52 Weeks @ Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks – Read a book a week.

Oliver’s Nest @ Operation Awesome – Read and review books to earn (book)worm points


Diversity or Marginalized Groups Challenges

Diverse Books Reading Challenge @ Chasing Faerytales & Read, Sleep, Repeat – The main objective of this challenge is to promote diverse books and help bloggers and readers who want to read more diversity in 2017!

Women Writers 2017 Reading Challenge @ Books and Feminism – Read books written by women.

Mental Illness Advocacy (MIA) Reading Challenge @ Opinions of a Wolf – Read books, fiction or nonfiction, that are either about mental illness or feature characters or real people with a mental illness.

LGBTQIA Reading Challenge @ Book Dragon’s Lair

Banned/Challenged Books Reading Challenge @ Book Dragon’s Lair – Read books that have been banned or challenged. Or you could read non-fiction books about censorship and/or banning books.

Diversity Bingo @ The Aus. Reader

The Platypire Diversity Challenge @ Platypire Reviews

Banned Books Challenge @ Buckling Bookshelves – Read some books this year that people have tried to keep off the shelves.

Read Diverse @ Read Diverse Books – The point of this project is to read and review diverse books.


Location-Based Challenges

World from My Armchair @ ipsofactodotme – Read a travel or non-fiction book from every country and ocean (and some seas!)

European Reading Challenge @ Rose City Reader – Read books by European authors or set in European countries

Nebraska 150 @ Nebraska 150 Books – Read books by Nebraska authors

British Books Challenge @ Tales of Yesterday – Read and review books by British authors.

Australian Women Writers Challenge @ Australian Women Writers – Read and review books by Australian women throughout the year.

Russian Literature Reading Challenge @ We Went Outside and Saw the Stars

Literary Escapes Challenge @ Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book – Try to read 1 book set in each of the 50 states + the District of Columbia.

Aussie Author Challenge @ Booklover Book Reviews – The objective of this challenge is to showcase the quality and diversity of the books being produced by Australian authors.

Where are You Reading? @ Book Dragon’s Lair – Read a book set in a location for each letter of the alphabet.  Includes states, cities, counties, and fictional locations too.


Bingo or List Style

GWB 2017 Book Bingo @ Grand World of Books

Full House Reading Challenge @ Book Date

Wild Goose Chase Reading Challenge @ The Bookshelf Gargoyle – This is a category-based challenge and is designed to be fun, frivolous and filled with feathers.

Popsugar Reading Challenge – A checklist of 40 different categories of books to read!

The 2017 Reading Challenge @ The Island Reader – A checklist type challenge where you read books that fit the various criteria and check them off.

Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge @ My Soul Called Life – For this challenge, there are six keywords associated with each month in 2016. Your task is to read one book each month whose title includes one or more of the keywords for that month.

Monthly Motif Reading Challenge @ Girlxoxo – Each month has a different theme (click on the link to see them).

Book Challenge by Erin 6.0 @ TexErin-in-SydneyLand – Another checklist type challenge.

2017 Reading Challenge @ Better World Books – Another checklist type challenge.

The Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge @ Modern Mrs. Darcy – A choose-your-own-adventure reading challenge!

52 Weeks, 52 Books @ Books and Ladders – Read a book with a different theme each week.

Book Bingo @ Goodreads

Bookopoly @ Broc’s Bookcase – A challenge with an adorable and fun Monopoly-style gameboard.


Challenges for Specific Genres


Back to the Classics Challenge @ Books and Chocolate – Another one with a different theme each month.

The Classic Book-a-Month Club @ Roof Beam Reader

Victorian Reading Challenge @ Becky’s Book Reviews – Read 4 or more Victorian books with a checklist of up to 32 different types.

All About Austen @ First Impressions Reviews

Classic Horror Challenge @ Making Sense of the Stars

The Pride and Prejudice Project @ Bookish Wanderess – Once a month post a review of a book that is based on or is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice or a review for a movie adaptation or a TV show or a web series based on Pride and Prejudice.

Austenesque Lovers TBR Pile Reading Challenge on Goodreads – Since this is a Goodreads group challenge, you’ll have to join the group, but it’s open to everyone!

What Would Jane Do? Reading Challenge @ R.A. Vucci – This is the challenge for all the lovers of Jane Austen’s literature or people who have always wanted to experience her works.


Cloak and Dagger Challenge @ Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! – A challenge that incorporates all different types of mystery and crime novels.

Craving for Cozies @ Escape With Dollycas Into a Good Book – Just what it sounds like. This challenge also has a FB group if you want more interaction.

Cruisin’ thru the Cozies Reading Challenge @ Socrates’ Book Reviews – Read books in specific cozy sub-genres.

Follow the Clues Mystery Challenge @ My Reader’s Block – This is a very unique challenge where you’re supposed to follow a set of clues furnished by the mystery books you read to create a body of evidence to support a book court case. Click the link to find out more!

The Purrfect Reading Challenge @ Socrates’ Book Reviews – Read mysteries that have cats as the main characters.

Vintage Mystery Cover Scavenger Hunt @ My Reader’s Block – Find as many objects on the scavenger hunt list as possible on the covers of the mystery books you read.

Adult/New Adult/or 18+

Pervy Girl Reading Challenge @ The Herd Presents – (Adult/18+) This challenge is all about the naughty and exploring the gloriously kinky world of romance.

Under the Covers Reading Group’s Romance Roundabout Reading Challenge on Goodreads – (Adult/18+) Since this is a Goodreads Group challenge, you’ll have to join the group, but it’s open to everyone who’s 18+.

Spooks, Howls and Fangs @ Addicted to Romance – (Adult/18+) This is a reading challenge for those fun and sexy PNR reads.

New Adult Reading Challenge @ Ashleyz Wonderland


Sirens Reading Challenge @ Sirens – Read fantasy written by women authors.

Decades of Sci-Fi @ Sci-Fi and Scary – Read twelve sci-fi books, one a month, one for each decade back to 1900.

Wired into Sci-Fi @ Sci-Fi and Scary – A list of 30 sci-fi books to read based on Abe Book’s 50 Essential Sci-Fi Novels list.

Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge @ Hello, Chelly & Alexa Loves Books

Paranormal Reading Challenge @ Whole Latte Books

Witchy Fiction Challenge @ The Domestic Witch – Focuses on fantasy and paranormal fiction that includes witches and other magickal beings.

Steampunk Reading Challenge @ In WonderlandBookish Things and More

A Discworld Reading Event @ An Armchair by the Sea – Read Terry Pratchett’s books in 2017

The 2017 Sci-Fi Experience @ Stainless Steel Droppings

Valdemar Challenge 2017 @ All Booked Up – Read Mercedes Lackey’s world of Valdemar.

Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge @ Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf

Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge @ Pages of Starlight

Clocks, Cogs, and Mechanisms Reading Challenge @ R.A. Vucci – A steampunk challenge.

Out of this World @ Addicted to Romance – Read romance that has sci fi elements.


Cloud of Witness Challenge @ Operation Actually Read Bible – Read books from Christian authors of the past

Operation Deepen Faith @ Operation Actually Read Bible – Read the Bible or Christian non-fiction books

Reformation Reading Challenge @ Operation Actually Read Bible – Any book by a reformer, about a reformer, or about the reformation (history, theology, legacy) will count.

The 2017 Christian Reading Challenge @ Challies – A checklist-type challenge that offers lots of fun options for reading!

Kids/MG/YA Challenges

YA Reading Challenge @ Whole Latte Books

Picture Book Challenge @ Becky’s Book Reviews – A Bingo style challenge with picture books.

Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge @ ReadatHomeMom – Encourages bloggers and other kidlit enthusiasts to read and review more children’s books of the past. In general, a book will be considered “old school” if it was published in the decade of your birth or before.

Read all the Youth Media Award Books @ My Head Is Full of Books – Read the 8-11 YA Award Titles from the Youth Media ALA Awards.


The Bad Boys of Romance Reading Challenge @ Delighted Reader – Read books that feature a bad boy hero (Rock stars, MC members, streetfighters, assassins, mafia, loners, geeks, etc.)

Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge @ Andi’s ABCs

Historical Romance Reading Challenge @ I Heart Romance & YA

Literary Pickers Reading Challenge @ Delighted Reader – A scavenger hunt style romance book challenge where you see if you can find a list of items as you read.

Oldie But A Goodie Challenge @ Addicted to Romance – This challenge is to try out those books that were published before 2008. This challenge is to be centered around historical romance.

Manga/Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels & Manga Challenge @ Graphic Novels Challenge

Comic Book Bingo Challenge @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

Other Genres

Memoir Bingo Reading Challenge @ Whatever I Think Of

Humor Reading Challenge @ Whatever I Think Of – Any book (fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, graphic novels, poetry collections, plays, picture books) labeled as humor counts.

Retellings Reading Challenge @ Once Upon a Bookcase – Read retellings of all types (Classics & Children’s Classics, Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends, Folk Tales)

Pick Your Genre Reading Challenge @ The Herd Presents – Everyone can pick their own genre to focus on in the challenge. You can tackle more than one genre too!

Well Read Pagan Reading Challenge @ The Domestic Witch – Read non-fiction books on Paganism, Wicca, witchcraft, magick, and so on.

Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge @ R.A. Vucci – Create your own challenge by choosing to read books in any random sub-genre.

Dystopia Reading Challenge @ Cornerfolds & My Soul Called Life – Now with a dystopia bingo added for 2017!


TBR or Review Book Challenges

Mount TBR Reading Challenge @ My Reader’s Block

Rock My TBR @ The YA Book Traveler

Blogger Shame Challenge @ The Herd Presents – Any review book that is 4+ months PAST DUE is eligible for the challenge.

The Backlist Reader Challenge @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard – Read the older titles on your want-to-read list.

Beat the Backlist Challenge @ Novel Knight

TBR Challenge @ The Misadventures of Super Librarian

Shelf Love Challenge @ Chapter Break & Second Run Reviews – Goal: To grow your TBR pile responsibly and read the books you already own. You have ‘em, now read ‘em!

Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge @ Bookish Things & More

Read the Books You Buy Reading Challenge @ Book Date


Series Challenges

Read All the Books Challenge @ The Herd Presents – Read all of the books by one prolific author (an author who’s written at least 45 books). Can take multiple years to complete.

Series Enders Reading Challenge @ Somewhere Only We Know & Words Fueled by Love – This challenge is for all of you series readers who are scared to death of that last book in the series.

The Series That Never … Ends Challenge @ Delighted Reader – Read at least five books in s series that you’ve fallen behind on. Only romance series are accepted. Any sub-genre of romance accepted.


New Release Challenges

2017 New Release Challenge @ (un)Conventional Book Views & Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! – Another one that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Debut Author Challenge @ That Artsy Reader Girl – Read books from 2017 debut authors!


Re-Reading Challenges

Read It Again, Sam @ My Reader’s Block

#ReReadIt Challenge @ Inside My Minds


Format Challenges

eBook Reading Challenge @ Book Dragon’s Lair

Audio Books Challenge @ Book Dragon’s Lair

Strictly Print Challenge @ Book Dragon’s Lair

Audiobook Challenge @ Hot Listens & Caffeinated Book Reviewer

Deal Me In Short Story Reading Challenge @ Bibliophilopolis – Read 52 short stories. The challenge has a fun playing card twist to it.


I’ll be adding to this list as I see more sign-ups. Feel free to let me know in the comments if you know of others!!



79 responses to “Looking for a List of 2017 Reading/Book Blogging Challenges? Look No Further!

  1. This is quite an extensive list! I want to do one that will get me reading some old unread books (not classics, mind you). I’ve been hoarding books for years now so I think I’ll do a From the Basement challenge which will be about books that i’ve neglected and are now collecting dust in my basement. Lol.

    Thank you for sharing, Nicole! Great job in compiling this list.

  2. Thanks for sharing – I know this was really helpful last year. I don’t know if I’ll be doing challenges for 2017 or not. I really like some, but I tend to forget to link up or focus on them. I mainly just separate them via Goodreads. haha I’m still thinking if I want to do my Unique Format Challenge again. What do you think? I know I’ve slacked on posting a linky these last few months. I need to do a final one this month.


    ShootingStarsMag recently posted: Lauren's Gift Guide of Things She Wants
  3. Thank you Nicole! This is the perfect list! I have been trying to put together my challenges for 2017 and this post puts them all right there for me to check out 🙂

  4. Awesome list, Nicole! hahaha 🙂

    I am looking for a few challenges this year, but I am pretty sure it’s not going to be A LOT! I will try to do a max of 5 reading challenges! Hopefully I can pick 5 challenges but if not, I can settle with less!

    I am also hosting the Historical Romance Reading Challenge this year..and this is my first time hosting a challenge of this magnitude! Eeep!

    Zeee @ I Heart Romance & YA recently posted: Historical Romance Reading Challenge 2017
  5. I think I may try and sign up for these this coming up year. I never do well with them but always want to. i just forget about them. But I am starting bullet journaling so maybe this time I wont. thanks for the list.

  6. Oh boy! Your list is fantastic. I was looking for a diversity one.

    And thanks so much for listing our Delighted Reader challenges. More the merrier.

    Oh, and I wasn’t sure if you wanted to count them, but I’m part of two reading challenges that are on GoodReads. I think a person has to join the group page, but they are open to the public on GR.

    Here they are if you want to check them out:
    Under the Covers Reading Group’s Romance Roundabout Reading Challenge https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/100383-under-the-covers

    Austenesque Lovers TBR Pile Challenge Group: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/205699-austenesque-lovers-tbr-pile-reading-challenge-2017

  7. Traditionally, http://novelchallenge.weebly.com/ used to be the place to inform when you organized a reading challenge or a reading event (like a read along), but since they switched platforms and switched to weebly, it’s terrible, because you can’t do a really search – weebly has something blocking the google web crawler. Which is bad for that type of site! I complained last year, but they have not switched to a more friendly platform

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