Announcing BookBloggicon: a New Annual Book Event You WON’T Want to Miss!

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I know that with all the changes to BEA this year, many bloggers are sad at being left out. Because of that, I decided something needed to be done. We needed an extra special event just for us! It wasn’t easy to keep this a secret, but I’m finally able to announce an event that I’ve had in the works for months now:

The event will be hosted right in my backyard! Don’t worry, I have a really big yard that backs up to a wetland preserve, and my two next door neighbors have agreed to allow author signing booths to be set up in their yards as well. We will have tents set up in case of inclement weather and plenty of fans to keep our beloved authors cool in the summer heat! You can sign up for a time slot to take a dip in the pool with your favorite authors, and my husband will be providing amazing pulled pork and brisket, hot off the smoker.

I am SO excited about this event, people! I have a HUGE list of authors who have agreed to be a part of this. The full list will be posted soon, but just to give you a little taste, here are a few of the keynote speakers I have lined up:

  • Suzanne Collins, who will be talking about her new Hunger Games spin-off, coming out in 2018!!
  • Neal Shusterman, author of my favorite series of all time, The Unwind Dystology! He will be reading the first book, Unwind, in it’s entirety. This will be a drop-in/out event, but trust me, folks, you won’t want to miss a minute of this!
  • Terry Pratchett, famed author of the Discworld Series, which has sold over 85 million copies worldwide! He’ll be talking about what he’s been up to lately (bet you haven’t heard from him in a while.).

Because I know that lodging costs often keep bloggers from being able to attend bookish events, I have made special arrangements with many of my neighbors to host you for a very low fee. You’ll just fill out a simple form to let us know what type of accommodations will suit you—spare bedroom, sofa, blow-up mattress on the floor, etc. (You should also indicate if you’re willing to bunk with a child—for instance, my house has a bunk available in my son’s room, and you would be welcome to indicate whether you’d like the top or bottom bunk.) You will also need to indicate if you have any pet allergies or dust and mold allergies (as some of the homes in my area are older). Lodging at my neighbors’ houses will be an incredibly cost-efficient way for you to enjoy the conference!

But that’s not even the best part! If you register for “neighbor accommodations,” you will automatically be entered to win a super special prize: a sleepover with four (very popular) mystery YA authors in my basement! These four authors have been gearing up for an exciting all-nighter where we’ll watch book to movie adaptations of their own books (this is a major hint as to who the authors are). The authors will provide running commentary (just like the old days of Mystery Science Theater 3000)!

Like I said, full details will be released soon, but here are just a few of the awesome special events I have lined up for the conference:

Author spelling bee: Authors should be great at spelling, right? Well, we’ll put them to the test with this fast-paced event. I also might throw in some grammar questions, just to make it all the more interesting!

Author drag races: We’ve all read Katie McGarry‘s books about racing, right? Well, I wanted to see how she would do in some actual drag races with fellow authors. I’ve gotten special permission from my town to close down the road in front of my house so that we can put her to the test!

Author water polo match: What fun would a swimming pool be without a little water polo? Several of the authors that are attending the event competed in high school, so we’re all set for an exciting match!

Custom Slip n’ Slide: I’ve had a fantastic slip n’ slide made with special permission from Harper Teen! It’s printed with an unabridged version of an ARC of One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake! I know everyone’s looking forward to this book, just based on the crazy number of views that my Spoiler-Filled Discussion of Three Dark Crowns has gotten. This is your chance to read it first, while slipping and sliding down the hill in my backyard!!


So, are you ready to register? This is going to be the event of the year, and you won’t want to miss it! All you have to do is …

Woops! April Fools!

Sorry! As exciting as this event sounds, it’s not actually happening. It’s a shame, I know.




62 responses to “Announcing BookBloggicon: a New Annual Book Event You WON’T Want to Miss!

  1. I was highly skeptical of how many people could be accommodated, as I’m sure we’d ALL like to attend that event. You are always on top of the April Fools shenanigans. We should make an award for you or a badge or something.

  2. Awesome! I think your event will be a huge hit, and Collins will be there? Wow what a huge get! You’re gonna be swamped with… oh wait. this isn’t real?!?


  3. Joycedale

    How is it that I can scroll Facebook and know it’s a joke but I fall for yours every year??
    I swear it took me until slumber party in the basement to realize it’s a joke lol. The whole time I was thinking this is such a cool idea

  4. I didn’t get that this was an April Fool’s joke until I read Terry Pratchett will be at the signing. I was surprised that you would host this at your home, but that did not ring enough alarms for me. Great prank, but it would still be fun to have a blogger event alongside BEA.

  5. Nicole. I cry. I should have known the minute I saw the Comic Sans font but noooo I was totally excited at the idea of a slumber party with four mystery YA authors. Great prank but I sure hope something like this will happen someday ?

  6. The more I read the more incredulous I got, but I just kept thinking: how did she get all these authors to agree to do this?!

    Guess that’s what I get for reading this after April Fools – nicely done! Haha

    • I’ll take even a split second. I’m actually surprised so many people were fooled for longer than that, but people who aren’t thinking about April Fools’ just don’t jump to the assumption that someone would be “lying” about something like this!

  7. As impressive as it would be to get Collins and Shusterman, getting Pratchett to attend from beyond the grave would definitely take the cake! But I do think you’ve uncovered a strong interest in an actual blogging convention…

    • Yes, that was my crowning achievement! (I tried to invite Mark Twain, but he was otherwise engaged in the afterlife.)

      And, yes, this just proves that we bloggers are desperate for a conference. So desperate we’ll even get excited at the prospect of one in someone’s backyard.

  8. This made me laugh so much… because for a second I really did think you were serious! And I was like “damn, Nicole, you DID keep this a secret!” and then I realized… wait, no. I am especially loving the sleepover, and the water polo match- I played in college, so I mean, just saying Team Readers stands a chance. Though Neal Shusterman is a force to be reckoned with in the water, just saying. ?

    Also, I will please take a child-FREE accommodation? And I call first dibs on the Kendare Blake slip and slide. Does she come WITH the slide? Or just ODT? It matters not, just curious 😉

    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted: The 100 Episode 4×08: God Complex
    • I don’t know, poor Neal is going to be awfully tired by the time he finishes reading all of Unwind aloud. He might not have the strength for water polo. I promise that I will hunt you down some child-free accommodations—you totally don’t mind dogs licking your face to wake you up in the morning, though, right?

  9. Oh my gosh, I don’t if I’m more excited about the YA sleepover with MST3K-style commentaries or the author water polo. They both sound fantastic! I hope they don’t conflict. And gosh, where to book… Did I hear something about a face-licking dog alarm? That’s definitely the accommodations I need right there.

    BUAHAHAHAHA!!! Hands down the best April Fools joke I saw this year. Kudos, Nicole.

    Amanda @ To Read or Not To Read? recently posted: REVIEW: Potions in the Pizza by Mikey Brooks (The W.H.O. Files #1)
  10. I was definitely taken in by this. I was thinking how very cool this event was going to be. I admit to being suckered in. And I’m not even embarrassed! Great gag.

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