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Posted June 19, 2020 by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction in Junk Art / 40 Comments

I’ve been in a major slump lately when it comes to my reading/blogging/writing life. It’s been pretty extreme, and honestly it feels like it’s getting worse, not better. If anyone has any advice to get me out of it, feel free to share!

But, while I’m not doing much with my blog, I’ve been filling the creative void by creating junk art! I do the designing (or the finding of designs) and my husband does the welding. It’s been a fun hobby that we can do together, which is nice since we actually don’t have many of those. I thought I’d do a monthly post to share our newest creations.

Introducing our cute little bookworm! I found the design for this guy online – several people are selling similar dudes on Etsy, and I thought he was super cute (and perfect for me). He’s made mostly from nuts, with nail hands, screw antennas and some sheet metal for the base and the book.

Next is this super cute mole. I’m especially proud of this guy because he’s the first creation that I just came up with from out of my imagination. I found this vintage oil can pourer thingy on Facebook Marketplace (along with a few others) and my daughter and I thought that the shape of it looked a lot like a mole face. We gave him a hat made out of a blue tea kettle top, eyes made of large nuts, whiskers made of short nails, and his little paws are just little bracket thingies that we screwed in (you can tell I have a lot of expertise in these parts based on my highly technical names for them). The finishing touch is his little buck teeth, which are made from two square nuts. I think he turned out great!!

And finally we have our scorpion. Again, we found this design online, but we adapted it a bit to work with our materials. His body and tail are made of a bike chain (my husband came up with the idea of using three rows for his body and two for his tail since we didn’t have two sized chains). Then we used nuts for his eyes, a square nut cut in half for his mouth pincer, two small wrenches for his main pincers, wire from an old broken drying rack for his legs, and a small nut with a piece of a nail attached for his stinger. This little guy is a Father’s Day present for Scott’s dad, who lives in Arizona half the year (where scorpions are prevalent – hopefully he won’t ever see a real one this big!).

And those are our latest creations!! I’ve got a few more in the works, so come back next month to see the finished projects. And if you missed my first post with our earliest junk art, feel free to go back and check those pieces out too!

Here’s one final pic of what our metal garden is looking like so far:

Have you been doing anything creative lately? I want to know!




40 responses to “June Junk Art Creations

  1. That bookworm! I love it, I feel like it’s something all us readers need in our lives. And the mole is cool, I love seeing it in the garden as if it’s poking its head out of the ground. The scorpion will make a great gift, very unique. I can’t wait to see more.

  2. I’m loving your creations!!!! And don’t stress about your slump – when the time is right, you will come out of it. Sometimes our brains our sending us a message to take a break…just embrace the time to pursue other things. Reading and writing will be back before you know it!

  3. It’s so fun that you’re doing this with your husband. And how creative of you with the Mole! I’d be excited if I came up with something like that too. The bookworm is adorable – and I really want one now. I love that the scorpion is a gift – I think his dad is going to love it. Great job!!!


  4. Oh my gods, I LOVE the little bookworm! He’s so cute! And so perfect!

    My advice for slumps is almost non-adivce… I say just ride it out. For me I’ve discovered I can’t force myself to read/blog, even if it’s re-reading a favorite book, because it’s just no fun for me if I’m not into it. So I just let it happen. I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately cause I’m in the same boat as you. Oh and my brother just got a Switch so I’ve been borrowing that. I get the urge to read every now and then and I just take advantage of that when it happens.

  5. These are SO CUTE!! I am so impressed, especially that you came up with the mole on your own! It’s so nice that you and your husband have a hobby to do together, I love that!

    As for the slump…. I wish I had better advice, but I am sorry! They are the WORST. I will say this- I find that if I don’t MAKE myself try to push through it, I become very content to NOT do it. So it might be worth trying a “fake it til you make it” approach, you know? It has worked for me historically, at least. I hope it ends soon ♥♥

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