Just Like Click by Sandy Grubb: Review & Grubb’s Top Ten Addictions

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Today I’m featuring JUST LIKE CLICK by Sandy Grubb, a middle grade contemporary about a kid who tries his hand at being a real live superhero (without any superpowers).

Read on for my review of the book, and then make sure you also check out the author’s list of top ten addictions to find out more about her!

Just Like Click by Sandy Grubb: Review & Grubb’s Top Ten AddictionsJust Like Click by Sandy Grubb
Illustrator: L.L. Tisdel
Published by Fitzroy Books on April 16, 2024
Genres: Contemporary, Middle Grade
Pages: 188
Source: The Author
My rating:
4 Stars

Nick Townley has lived his entire life— all eleven years— at Black Butte Ranch, nestled in the foothills of the snow-capped Cascade Mountains. While his parents push him to study, practice sports, and make friends, Nick prefers to retreat into his superhero universe and create exciting Adventures of Click comics. When a string of robberies threatens Dad’ s job, forcing them to move across the country, Nick’ s world implodes. He loves his home, and what will he do about the $237,000 in cash under his bed that Great Gramp gave him before he died? Desperate to stop the move, Nick steps off his comic book pages and ventures into the night as Click, an undercover superhero. Catching thieves would be a lot easier if he had actual superpowers. When three new kids discover his identity and want to join him, Nick vows to stay undercover… until he realizes even a superhero needs friends. But can he ask them to put their lives in danger to save his home? What would Click do?


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Just Like Click will appeal to any kid who’s ever felt helpless and wants to know they can actually make a difference. Nick doesn’t have any superpowers, but he’s been drawing superhero comics for years, and he’s also been inspired by his late great grandfather to step in and help people whenever he can. So he takes it upon himself to do some anonymous good deeds around the community at night–and maybe even find some clues about the thieves who are threatening his dad’s job. Meanwhile, during the day, he’s just trying to make it through the pressures he feels from his parents’ expectations of him and from the kids who used to be his friends but now just seem happy to tease him. The story explores navigating new and changing friendships, dealing with family pressures, and how to be yourself when others don’t seem to see value in your skills and talents. I especially loved Nick’s determination to help his great grandfather’s friends, proving that you don’t have to be a superhero to make a difference! The comics at the beginning of each chapter are a fun addition that will draw middle grade readers in even more. Kids will love this one!

***Disclosure: I received this book from the author so I could provide an honest review. No compensation was given and all opinions are my own.***

About the Author

Sandy Grubb has been writing children’s stories since she was a child herself, fine-tuning her talents when she became serious about publishing. In 2022, Sandy’s manuscript Just Like Click won the esteemed Kraken Book Prize, recognizing finely crafted middle grade fiction and resulting in a publishing contract with Fitzroy Books, the children’s imprint of Regal House Publishing. The book, releasing in 2024, is a superhero story about friendship, belonging, and self-discovery.​

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Sandy Grubb’s Top Ten Addictions

  1. Hugs from my kids. I can’t get too much of them.
  2. Sunshine and warmth. Secret: I’m spoiled like a medieval princess as my husband warms up my side of the bed while I’m brushing my teeth.
  3. Gratitude for God’s blessings and answers to prayers.
  4. Chocolate, not too dark, but not too light. Somewhere between 55 and 70 is perfect, and it’s hard to match the pleasure of a chocolate chip cookie warm from the oven.
  5. Good books, movies, and Broadway musicals that make my creative spirit soar.
  6. Hiking on beautiful mountain paths with breathtaking vistas—the beauty of nature lifts my spirit.
  7. World Vision trips off the beaten path to places like Bangladesh, Kenya, and Mongolia where I see clean water changing lives, the end of child marriage allowing girls to go to school, and extreme poverty finally receding.
  8. Savoring the fruit of very hard efforts, including feats like standing on top of Kilimanjaro to seeing my debut book on bookstore shelves.
  9. Laughing with friends and family over meals, playing games, or just out for walks.
  10. Playing Wordle every morning. At this moment, I just need five more threes to tie my fours!

Wow, it sounds like Sandy’s had some amazing adventures!!

What’s your favorite superhero book? I want to know!



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