The Author I’ve Read the Most (a Sort-of Top Ten Tuesday Post)

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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is:

Top Ten Authors I’ve Read the Most

But as I started getting this post ready and was putting together pictures of the books that my top author has written, I decided that I just wanted to focus on her. I’ve been reading Robin Hobb since I was in college. I read her Farseer Trilogy, and I was instantly in love. From then on, I was hooked. I have read seventeen books by Robin Hobb – basically all of them (except for one book of short stories that I never picked up for some reason). And her newest book releases TODAY!!

If you’re a fan of fantasy and appreciate creative worlds and deeply drawn characters, you  should read Hobb. She doesn’t get a lot of attention in the blogging community, and I think that’s a shame. I think it’s mostly because her original books are so old (I’m totally dating myself here)- the first one was published in 1995.

These books are not specifically YA, though the main character in the first book does start out as a teenager – we get his full life throughout these books (in fact, we’re still getting his story in the newest series The Fitz and The Fool). Also, as a disclaimer, I suppose I should say that the characters do have sex in these books, but there’s nothing explicit at all (I can’t remember if anything is actually shown in any of the books, but these are not that kind of “adult” books!)

If you’re interested in reading them, you should read The Farseer Trilogy first.

Here’s the order they were written in:

The Farseer Trilogy
The Liveship Traders Trilogy
The Tawny Man Trilogy
The Soldier Son Trilogy
The Rain Wild Chronicles
The Fitz and The Fool

.  BUT if you just want to get to the newer books faster, you could get away with just reading The Farseer Trilogy and The Tawny Man Trilogy and then just skipping straight to The Fitz and The Fool (which I believe is going to be a trilogy). The Liveship Traders Trilogy and The Rain Wild Chronicles are very closely related, and The Solder Son Trilogy takes place in the same world as all of the other books, but it’s pretty separate.


If you’re a fan of fantasy (especially authors like Melina Marchetta and Maria V. Snyder), I highly recommend giving Robin Hobb a try. You won’t regret it!!

Do you have a favorite author that you wish got more attention? I want to know!



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32 responses to “The Author I’ve Read the Most (a Sort-of Top Ten Tuesday Post)

    • She’s actually a great one to start with if you’re curious about epic fantasy, but you don’t quite feel ready for the much denser and heavier (literally) books of authors like George R.R. Martin and Brandon Sanderson. I find her books to be a little more accessible than those – more along the lines of Melina Marchetta.

    • I can’t figure out why people don’t talk about her more, to be honest. Like I said, it might just be because her first books were in the nineties and they’re all interconnected, so people aren’t picking up her newer books unless they’ve read the older ones. But she’s definitely worth it!

  1. Great idea, Nicole! I can’t think of any of my authors who are neglected off the top of my head, but I read a lot of “chick-lit” and the genre doesn’t get enough respect in general. I’m sure you find that with the fantasy genre, which I personally find too complicated for me to understand, but some uninitiated think is for children.

    Elizabeth the Evil Overlord recently posted: Most Read Authors
    • I agree, Elizabeth. I think chick lit gets a bad rap, even so far as to have heard people mention these writers (mostly women) not being real writers. Like, last time I checked that book actually exists. Pretty sure she’s a real writer!

    • Yes, I agree that chick-lit doesn’t get a lot of respect. It’s not my favorite, to be honest, but that’s not because I don’t think they’re good books – just not my style. And you’re right – with fantasy, there are people who avoid it because it’s just a little too heavy and then people who think it’s fluff. I will say that if you’re looking to get your toes wet with epic fantasy, this is a great author to start with because her books aren’t as dense as certain other fantasy authors’.

    • Yeah, if fantasy isn’t your genre, you probably wouldn’t know her. I definitely love her books and wanted to spread the word, though!

  2. I know OF the author, but I’ve never read anything by her. I’m not a huge fantasy person, but it all depends. I’ve probably read J.K. Rowling the most (all the HP books and her three adult titles, so far).

    I think Stephanie Kuehnert needs more attention. She’s contemporary though.

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted: Joyland by Stephen King
    • Actually, I confess that while I’ve read BOTH Melina Marchetta and Maria V Snyder, I have yet to finish either of their series (even though I loved them). I have a serious series issue.

  3. Ahh, another Hobb Lover! I recently wrote an “Author Addiction” post on her books, she’s one of my favourite authors – and shares the first spot for fave female fantasy writer with Victoria Schwab. I haven’t read all of her books, sadly, but I’m slowly working my way through them. She writes the best characters, such great psychology, and her wordbuilding is effortless.

    Kaja recently posted: Author Addiction: Robin Hobb
  4. Eventhough I love fantasy Robin Hobb is just one of those authors, like Brandon Sanderson, Terry Goodkind and Robert Jordan, that I’ve never read because I don’t really know where to start with their books. I do love it when authors write multiple series set in the same world, cause that way you really get to know the world, so I should look into Hobb’s books! Your explanation of where to start and what really is necessary to read is definitely helpful!

  5. Great post! I’m reasonably new to fantasy after being intimidated by it for so long (and thinking it was all stuffy with ye olde language!). I’m still way behind all the favourites, the Grisha trilogy, Brandon Sanderson, etc. But I’ve seen Hobb books around (mistakenly believing the author was a man) and I’ve been wanting to try them for ages. It will happen someday! R x

    Rachel recently posted: The Random Questions Tag

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