Top Ten Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read

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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is:

Top Ten Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read

This is a tough list because, I mean, NEVER – that’s really saying something. I don’t like that word. And you all know how completely indecisive I am (just look at my Why I’m Changing My Ratings post and my What I Did Instead of Changing My Ratings post that went up the next week), so really, I don’t think that I can say never about anything. Still, there are definitely some books that I can say I will probably never read!

I Tried. I Really Tried.

 These are all books that I really wanted to read. I mean, what self-respecting fantasy/sci fi fan hasn’t read these books? So, I tried. I really did. 1984 is one classic that I’ve always felt like I should have read. But I’ve picked it up like a dozen times and never gotten past the halfway mark. Then there was The Hobbit. This is one that I NEEDED to read – but it was so boring – and it was written in a really strange style that I just couldn’t get into (I don’t even remember what it was anymore – I just remember that I didn’t like it). The Dune series I actually did enjoy – at first. But I got up at around book five or so and I just got really bored. I don’t remember enough about the series at this point to pick it up again, so I will most likely never finish it.
I tell myself that I’ll read all of these books eventually – but I probably won’t.

Too Darn Many Books in the Series.

Magic BitesMoon CalledSookie Stackhouse

A Game of Thrones

I love the idea of urban fantasy, and there are tons of urban fantasy series that I think I’d probably love (these are just three of the really popular ones that I’ve told myself I might read someday). But I can’t handle that urban fantasy series always have SO many books! It’s a huge commitment, and I just can’t make it!

I actually did start reading A Song of Ice and Fire – and I really enjoyed it. But I stopped reading at some point when I was waiting for the next book in the series and I never picked it back up again. This is actually the entry on this list that I’m most likely to pick back up again – if Martin ever manages to finish the series. After all, I am finally on the last book of the Wheel of Time series – even if it has taken me ages to complete it!

Just Can’t Do It.

50 Shades of Grey A Clockwork Orange

I used to think that I would just never read anything even close to erotica, but then I kind of stumbled into some adult books accidentally when I agreed to review them for blog tours. (Yeah, I know – that sounds really strange, but that’s really how it happened!) I found that I wasn’t as opposed to explicit sex in my books as I thought. But I’m still not a fan of books that are actually about sex. I want there to be a great plot and for the sex to be on the sidelines. So, I don’t think I’ll ever venture over to Fifty Shades of Grey territory.

When I was a teenager (I’m pretty sure I was a teenager – maybe even a little younger?), I watched the movie of A Clockwork Orange. My dad was all about how deep and politically meaningful it was. I just thought it was weird and gross. And very disturbing. I don’t remember any specifics (thank goodness), but I just have a general feeling of disgust when I think about this book or the movie.

So, what books will you never read?


38 responses to “Top Ten Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read

        • Hmmmm … maybe someday. When I eventually finish listening to the last book in the Wheel of Time series. I really only listen to audiobooks in the car, and I just don’t drive that often anymore. But I promise I won’t actually cross these books off my list.

  1. Yeah…I don’t think I’ll ever read those last three on your list. I read The Hobbit in 4th grade, and I remember I liked it, but I don’t remember much about it.

    • War and Peace! Definitely!!! Oh, and Les Miserables could have been added to the list of books that I’ve started, but I probably won’t ever make it through.

    • Hmmm … I don’t know A Boy and His Dog, but I don’t think I’ll rush out to rent it, based on your reaction. LOL!

  2. You’re not missin anything with the Hobbit. I reallllly disliked that book. I didn’t like the movies either! Toooo long and too boring. Game of thrones on the other hand Fabulous but there are too many! I have to admit I fell in the Fifty Shades of Grey bandwagon but before it was a bandwagon! I read it before people started making a buzz about it. I had no clue it was what it was! But I have to admit I liked the story. I don’t like erotica either but, like I said I read it way back before everyone was taking about. Knowing what I know now I wouldn’t have picked it up.

    Paij Slater recently posted: REVIEW - LIARS, INC. - BY PAULA STOKES
    • I haven’t taken them off my TBR either. I’ve just come to terms with the fact that it’ll probably never happen. Sigh.

  3. 1984 is a book I really want to try, The Hobbit though is one my brain is always aware of, and sort of says “one day” to, when really it probably means “just rent the movie”. I just don’t know how I feel about it. I get you with the too many books in the series thing, I did buy all of the GOT books, and there’s 10 in the Sookie Stackhouse series, but the one I shy away from is Rachelle Mead I think? There’s like a 10 book series and two long spin-off series isn’t there? Pft. R x

    • Yes, I’m lucky that I discovered Richelle Mead before I started blogging (so, before I was completely inundated with books to add to my TBR) and before she wrote the spin-off! Otherwise, I don’t know if I ever would have started!

  4. Good call for never bothering with Sookie. After 13 books, a whole bunch of novellas, and a lot of my money, the whole thing was a HUGE let down. Fifty Shades is the most awful “book” I have ever read, no question. I knew it’d be bad, I just didn’t know it’d be THAT bad. Very nice list, I am solidly in agreement with all your choices!

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted: Books I’m Never Reviewing: Part Four
    • I watched several episodes of the show a few years back and enjoyed it, but then let it drop. I thought maybe I’d really enjoy the books, but … yeah, I don’t think I can do it. So, I’m glad that you’ve confirmed my decision. Now if only everybody wasn’t trying to convince me to read the other two still! 🙂

  5. Okay the only book I’ll probably disagree with you in this list is Clockwork Orange.Not that I have read it,but I adore the movie!It probably makes me sound like a weird kid,but I love violent movies-after all I am a die hard fan of Martin Scorsese!I just love the concept of violence and psychology in that film.
    But I can understand your desire for not to read it.The story might gross a lot of people,my mother was petrified when I told her the plot:)

    Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales recently posted: Flailing over the epic villainousness || Vicious by V.E.Schwab
    • I actually might like it now, but I just can’t even handle the thought of it because it just brings back bad memories. You must be more mature than I was as a teen! LOL! 🙂

  6. I can’t do long series either! EXCEPT Harry Potter and it’s long books are worth it so I’ll always give the series a try if I really want to read it. I think the Outlander series is long… at least it has a lot of pages and after watching the show I really would want to give it a chance.
    I’ve stumbled on to books that are mostly about sex or it plays a large part. They were NA books and I found I didn’t mind it too much. However, I enjoyed the parts where the character grows more than the talk of sex. If a book just talks about sex all the time it’s not as enjoyable for me either.
    I watched A Clockwork Orange. I can just imagine the book. It’s too disturbing and messed up. It’ll just make me really angry. I totally agree with you.

    Adriana @ BooksOnHerMind recently posted: Songs for a Teenage Nomad by Kim Culbertson
    • I really DO still want to read the Outlander series sometime, but it’s going to be a big commitment, and I’m not sure I can do it. We shall see!!

  7. I feel you on the Charlaine Harris series, and this is coming from someone who has read every single book. There are a heck of a lot of books in that series. AND, 1984 I just couldn’t. I tried. I really tried! Great list!

    jazmen recently posted: Waiting on Wednesday, # 23
  8. I actually love the Mercy Thompson series. Think you’d like it to if you ever get the time to start it. *grins* But the only thing you’re missing about the Sookie books is the urge to throw them. *nods* I tried reading the first book in that series, and gave up at around page 70 or so. If I hadn’t been reading it on my Kindle, I -would- have thrown the book long before then. Just couldn’t stand the main characters the way they were written.

    The Hobbit I can see skipping, it was done in a totally different style from the other books in the series. It was more little kiddish almost.

  9. You definitely DO NOT need to read the whole Dune series. I don’t know what happened to Frank Herbert but I think he went a little nuts later in life and his work got boring and non-sensical. Lol. The first two or three books were great. The rest? Meh. I will never read Clockwork Orange. I’m a huge Stanley Kubrick fan (HUGE) and I can’t even watch that movie again no matter how damned beautiful the cinematography is. Sigh. I have a limit with senseless violence and that movie hits it in the first ten minutes. As for Song of Fire and Ice? Just watch it on HBO! They even give you more sexy times. Gotta love HBO 🙂

    S. J. Pajonas recently posted: Teaser Tuesday – The End Of The Road
  10. I am not interested in any of these books either (with one exception). I tried to read Dune in high school when a friend raved about it and it gave me nightmares. Giant sand worms are not my thing. The rest I would avoid for pretty much the same reasons as you. The exception is The Hobbit, which I read as a child and loved. I’m reading it to my son now — for the second time! But I know some people just cannot get into Tolkien, and that’s OK.

    Lory @ Emerald City Book Review recently posted: Does reading matter?

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