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So, most of you know that I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. I had a week where I posted almost nothing and then a week where I went on vacation. This little slump has gotten me thinking that maybe I need to start rethinking my focus on this blog. Are books really that great? I mean, they’re just words on a page – they don’t impact the world all that much.

Right now, my country is in a pivotal era. With elections coming up soon, I feel like I should talk more about a major passion that I’ve mostly avoided here on the blog – politics. Let’s face it, this is a critical time, and if each and every one of us doesn’t make our voice heard, we could head in the wrong direction.

So for the foreseeable future (until November or so), my posts on this blog are going to focus on this truly important topic. Don’t worry, there will still be discussions about books and book reviews, but I plan to focus on books that make a real impact – not silly little fiction books about vampires or teenage girls debating about which boy to date. You can expect to see reviews of important works like this one:

Crippled America
Just look at this man. Doesn’t he simply ooze “World Leader”? I just know this is going to be a riveting read and I can’t wait to review it for all of you!


A few other fabulous reads I plan to discuss with all of you:


I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you on this entertaining topic! I am positive that all of my readers are eager to hear what I have to say about the political climate of the United States today!




Don’t worry, my loyal readers, I haven’t gone completely bonkers!

If I’m being honest, I probably should be much more well-versed in politics than I am (I completely lied when I said it’s a passion of mine), considering the truly scary things that are happening in the US these days, but I won’t make you suffer through any of my thoughts on the topic. Though I will say that if a certain man becomes president, I just might need to move to Canada. (Sorry to offend anyone with this, but … nope, I can’t even truly be sorry for my thoughts on Donald Trump, but I promise this is the last you’ll hear of them.)

Oh, and it goes without saying that any negative statements I made about fiction in this post are just plain hogwash!!  🙂

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Were you worried there for a minute? Have you posted a fun April Fool’s post? Or read one that was just fantabulous? If so, I definitely want to see it – leave me a link! Or just let me know your favorite April Fool’s prank.


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74 responses to “A Change in Focus – Let’s Discuss

  1. LOL! You had me worried for a while, so year: you totally got me! I have to say that Canada (and I) will welcome you if ever things go horribly wrong come November o_O

    I’m glad though that you’re not going to be posting love letters dedicated to THAT man and his political agenda (or lack thereof) from this point on hahaha!

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted: Let's Discuss...(7)
  2. Haha! I was ready this year! When I got on Bloglovin’ I was like, this is April Fool’s Day, let’s go find Nicole’s post…
    But I’m the same way about politics. I try to stay out of it, mostly (: (but I agree, it would not be a fantastic day if a certain man became president)

  3. Heather

    Is it weird that I think the Meghan McCain one might at least be kinda sorta interesting lol (out of the bunch anyways 😉 )

  4. GayAnna Weddle

    I had actually forgotten it was April 1st, but I knew immediately this post was a joke! Too funny!! I love your April 1st posts!!

  5. Ha I was having a hard time believing you as I was reading it LOL even though I forgot it’s April Fools! I was like, Trump really? 🙂 So you kinda got me too! Good one! I’m starting to wonder if the whole election is a big April Fool’s at this point!

    Have a good weekend.

    Greg recently posted: Bookcover Spotlight #42
  6. OMG NICOLE I BELIEVED YOU FOR ABOUT A MINUTE!!! I was like…. what did I just read?! Or even, she SUPPORTS THE DON?! What the what?! Okay, so I did promise myself not to believe anything on April Fools but in my defense, today is April 2nd and I was totally, TOTALLY not expecting this!

    I do want your thoughts on Crippled America. I mean, because of this trick you pulled, it is just right for you to suffer through that trash for us, yeah?!

    Zeee @ I Heart Romance & YA recently posted: Book Challenge: 2016 ARC April
  7. I was like, “whaaat? Is she for real?” then, “wait, when did she post this!!?” I remember last April 1! You had me for a second, though

  8. You really had me there for a moment. I sat there thinking, “huh what’s going on, this is so weird” and then I realized it was 1 April yesterday.
    I know politics matter, but I much rather read about politics in a fictional world than in real life. I usually do take the time to vote, but besides that, don’t really pay attention to politics.

    Lola recently posted: My To-Be Read List #20: poll


    I almost CRIED for god sake!

    I LITERALLY [I’m not lying!!!!] I saw that picture, read the paragraph below and I was like…

    “oh *sniff* nooo, nooo, NOT NICOLE! NOT HER! she cannot like THAT wacko???. How am I going to be able to visit her blog again if she is going to be talking about HIM??? Should I comment? Should I say something? Should I try to make her see that is SO WRONG? Because I LOVE her! I love her blog! I want to visit it! OMG… what am I going to do????”

    Seriously! all that angst in the 30 seconds that took me to get to your “April fools”


    By the way I have my passport to Spain ready [I love Canada but it is too cold]

  10. Hahhaha I was waiting to see what you would come up with! (Granted I read this a few days ago, but I am only commenting now, haha.) I finally got my act together and did one this year too! But umm people are actually ENTERING my fake giveaway. It’s for half eaten box of candy, a USED infant rectal thermometer, random packs of Equal, and a bottle of Dasani. Also, it makes it clear that NO ONE reads the Terms & Conditions in the RC bwahahha

    And if Donald Trump becomes president… maybe we will go to like, the moon or something, because we won’t even be safe in Canada. GAH I feel your hatred, my friend.

    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted: Meet the Newbies: Meghan Rogers
    • This year I had to make it REALLY clear that this was an April Fool’s joke at the end. Last year lots of people didn’t get the joke and they entered my giveaway and commented about how books really aren’t all that dangerous for kids – yeah, they obviously didn’t read the terms and conditions. I was tempted to enter your giveaway because, you know, used rectal thermometers are all the rage this year, but in the end, I decided to give someone else a chance.

      But, yeah, I figured that if I left this one at all ambiguous at the end, I’d be losing subscribers in droves – Donald Trump’ll do that.

    • There are a few people who said they wouldn’t mind reading my political posts. I think you would have been one of my few lone readers left, though! I’ll leave the political debate up to political bloggers (that’s got to be a thing, right?). 🙂

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