My Book Outlet Weakness (& Why My Latest Haul Is All Your Fault)

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Book Outlet‘s Boxing Day sale is pretty much impossible for a book lover to resist. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. It’s not a personal weakness. No way!

I have WAY too many books on my shelves, but whenever this sale comes around, I suddenly find way more books that I need now! And they totally get me with their “spend X dollars to get Y dollars off” because I’m always so close to that next level—of course I need to find a few more books.

That was the case with this latest haul. I managed to get $30 off (by getting my cart up to $75). I know I’m being a slave to marketing, but this is one of those cases where I just can’t bring myself to mind. When I figure out what I spent per book it’s only $2.68 per book—that’s less than I’d spend on postage to trade books with someone!

Besides—and here’s where you guys come in—there are so many books that you’ve let me know I’m missing out on.need these books!

Here’s my Book Outlet Boxing Day haul (I got all of this for $45.63):

Okay, I can’t blame you guys for all of these, but most of them I bought because I specifically remember a review (or two) from you folks where you raved about the book.

Here are a few specific examples (if you click on the blog links, you’ll see the that blogger’s review of the book mentioned; clicking on the book title will bring you to Goodreads):

So, I can’t really be held accountable for my book buying, can I? I think it’s definitely your fault. And Book Outlet‘s fault. Darn them for amazing sales!

Oh, I might as well also show you my recent Barnes & Noble purchase. This one’s your fault too. (Just so you know.)

I mostly blame this purchase on the Les Misérables Chapter-a-Day Read-along. But the rest of you guys can take some of the credit too—from flaunting your pics of the HP Illustrated editions. And my daughter saw the movie Wonder with friends and loved it, and I had a $5 Barnes & Noble coupon and wanted free shipping, so… Yeah, I had to do it.

Anyway, in case my husband asks why I have more piles of books on my bookcase, you’ll all vouch for me, right? It’s not my fault—you’re to blame. You and Book Outlet and Barnes & Noble. I’m just an innocent bystander.

Can you resist the power of a really good book sale or are you a slave to marketing, just like I am? I want to know!


54 responses to “My Book Outlet Weakness (& Why My Latest Haul Is All Your Fault)

  1. I’ve only bought from BookOutlet once, but I fell into the same trap. I literally ended up there because there was ONE book I wanted, and that’s where it was cheapest, and then I was like, “Spend $35 to get free shipping? Well OF COURSE I have to do that! Why spend $5 for shipping when I could use that to buy another book plus like seven more and then the shipping will be free!” That’s always how they get you, with the free shipping and the sales. Glad you got some great books you’re excited for!

    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted: Book Review: The Watcher’s Son (Dale Bruyer Book 3) by J.L. Aarne
  2. I die a little inside whenever Book Outlet sends out their boxing day sales emails! I ALWAYS end up stocking up my cart with the highest discount rate, but then I never actually bring myself to hit the “purchase” button. It’s just that I’m still a student and don’t make my own money–but when I do, I’m sure these sales will be the death of me. D: AND YES, I BLAME EVERYONE’S AWESOME REVIEWS.

  3. If shipping to New Zealand wasn’t such a killer for most sites I would definitely be doing this too! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), shipping costs an arm and a leg so by the time you add that on, you’re almost paying full price anyway so it’s not worth it. This is an amazing haul though and I am incredibly jealous of some of the books you’ve got… Can’t wait to read some of the reviews!

  4. I used to have absolutely no self-control during BookOutlet sales myself…I no longer have room on my shelves for new books so that’s the only thing keeping me from buying more lately ??

    Don’t worry I fell behind in the readalong myself this week?

  5. Amy

    I totally fall for marketing ploys too, but it’s so tempting!

    I love looking through BookOutlet, but unfortunately it costs a lot to ship to the UK so I just live vicariously through hauls like this!

    Looks like you got your hands on some awesome books 🙂

    Amy recently posted: My Favourite Books of 2017!
  6. Book Outlet is my weakness, too. I’m a champion at snapping up books from their scratch & dent section. If I wasn’t broke all the time, I’d probably spend ALL my money on Book Outlet. I hope you love your new books!

  7. Jen

    YES! I fell for that same sale as you hmmm I believe it was about the middle of last year. And I purchased in the same price point as you too. $30 off?! That’s crazy and who can resist that?! I’m hoping they have that same sale again before May, so I can stock up on some more books for RT. 🙂 I hope you love all the books and I can’t wait to see what you think of Alex, Approximately and Wayfarer (both I still need to read). 🙂

    Jen recently posted: 2017 Favorite Singles
  8. This is why book blogging is so dangerous!! It seems like everytime I read the updates for the blogs I follow, I end up adding half a dozen books to my to read shelf. Thankfully, I’m just digitally adding them on Goodreads… MOST of the time. Once in a while I do cave and go buy whatever book someone just raved about RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE, haha.

  9. Pshhh you can feel free to blame me anytime! Tell him peer pressure made you do it! You were held up at gunpoint! I will agree to any lie 😀 And YEP, I did like both of those books a lot- The Love that Split the World is on my favorites shelf, and Smelly Houses is awesome! And frankly, the cover alone is worth having it 😀 Hope you love them all! (We are not sorry, by the way 😉 )

    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted: Unsolved Mysteries of The 100
  10. aren’t we book bloggers just the worst [BEST!] influence on each other? 🙂 I know I have read MANY books because of your reviews! You got a great pile here Nicole! he Falling Kingdoms Series is one I have to read!

  11. Haha, I totally have no self-control during Book Outlet sales…I had to take myself off their mailing lists in order to stop myself. =P Great pick with Geek’s Guide, by the way – it’s such a good contemp and I feel like it really got comic cons right. I’m planning to read more from Sarvenaz soon!

  12. I always get the Book Outlet emails but rarely order, since I ordered once several years ago and found the books were a little more worn than I’d like (and they weren’t from the Scratch and Dent section). However, I did haul several books over the holidays when Amazon was having that crazy sale!

  13. So many beautiful new hardcover books! That is such a brilliant deal actually, and if I were you I wouldn’t mind too much either 😀 I hope you enjoy reading all of these! I recently got Wintersong as well, and I loved Wonder when I read it! Oh, and I know what you mean. Being part of the book community and reading reviews just makes me want to buy book after book.

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