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I saw this over at It Starts at Midnight about a month ago (and a couple other places as well) and thought it would be a fun tag to try. The tag originated at Jaded Reader.

In case you’re not familiar with it, here’s some info on Myers Briggs  (and the test, if you want to try it out yourself). I’ve taken this test a few times in the past, and I always come out very borderline between INFP and ENFP. This time was no exception, though I think when I was younger I skewed more toward Extrovert and nowadays I lean toward Introvert, and I actually think that’s pretty accurate. Anyway, I’m going with INFP. (Click the image to see it at its source:


And now… let’s move on to the tag!


You can be outgoing, but need to recharge with some calming solitude, Where is your favorite place to read & unwind? Why is this little oasis where you choose to go?

I prefer reading in bed, even during the day, if I can get away with it. I guess that just confirms my introvert status. I want to be hidden away from the world while I read.


Some books are meant to be understood and others are meant to be explored. What book or character stands for an idea that is deeply meaningful to you?

I love all of Shusterman’s books because they make me think so deeply, and he never tries to give a “correct” answer to all the moral questions he proposes. In the Unwind series, Shusterman explores the value of life (and, yes, it even touches on pro-life vs. pro-choice ideals, but it’s more about what happens when we value our ideals over the very people those ideals are supposed to stand for). The book is nuanced and complicated, and it’s almost impossible to read it without examining how you value the people around you and how you treat them because of that.


Not everything needs to be realistic, where is the fun in a world with limits? Which fantasy world do you find so atmospheric you slip inside and never want to leave? (Put simply a book with good vibes)

The first book that popped into my mind for this one was Furthermore. It’s set in a fantastical world full of vibrant color and magic, and I would love to see it for myself!


TBRs are fun to construct and meant to be destroyed. Do you stick to the list or mix it up every now and then? What’s a book you’ve put down that you want to pick back up, but just haven’t been in the mood for?

I’ve never been good at sticking to checklists or strategic plans, and TBRs are no different. If I didn’t have specific books I have to read for review purposes, my reading would be completely unplanned all the time (and probably more sporadic because I’d mean to get around to reading and I wouldn’t). I can’t think of a specific book I’ve put down that I still want to read, though. I know I have done this in the past (put down a book I just wasn’t feeling in the moment), but usually I get back to it within a reasonable(ish) timeframe.

INFP: The Idealist

Even when conflict runs high you can be the advocate for either side. What is a book that was not well received but you were able to find its good qualities?

Oh, this totally describes me. I don’t write negative (or even neutral) reviews anymore, but even when I did, I always found good things to say about a book I didn’t like. I can almost always at least imagine why someone else might like a book even if I don’t.

As far as a specific example of a book I liked, even though most people didn’t …

I actually really loved the ending to Allegiant, and I could understand why Roth made the choices she did. I know lots of people thought that the series was ruined because of the ending, but I wasn’t one of those people. (Of course, being an INFP, I can see both sides, and I certainly understand why lots of people were frustrated.)


So, have you taken the Meyers-Briggs? What’s your personality type? At the very least, tell me if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. I want to know!




18 responses to “Briggs Book Tag

  1. I completely agree with you on Neal Shusterman books. Unwind is my first Neal Shusterman read and it’s still my fave. I LOVE the world and how he further explored it and the characters throughout the series.
    Also, this looks like a fun tag, I’d love to do this as well. I took the Meyers-Briggs a couple of months ago and I’m ISFJ-T 🙂 Funniest thing about it is that I’m 96% introvert. Really explains why I’m so awkward. hahaha

  2. I’m a major INFP myself, for better and for worse. I have a reading chair by a window in a quiet room. I am more comfortable stretched out but propped up than I am flat in bed. And as you know, I share your love for all things Shusterman! I literally just handed Dry to my colleague twenty minutes ago.

  3. I’m sincerely loving this tag. Seeing everyone’s answers has been so fun. It’s an absolutely unique way of getting to know our fellow bloggers. And, of course, what titles fit with who/what! Logically speaking, I, too, see why Roth made the choices with Allegiant that she did. I’m just a bitter old lady who’s heart was broken by it! I still think about all the backlash she got for it. Dang.

  4. Jen

    I took this test in my psychology class in college and I have a feeling I’m still pretty close to what I got, I’m ESFJ. This is such a fun tag! If I can find time I’d love to do this too. And I agree with the ending to Divergent. In that first book I was like uh oh, she has no sense of protecting herself or putting herself first. So the end seemed natural to me.

  5. I love reading in bed! It’s where I can focus the best and get lost in the story. Unwind does sound very thought-provoking. I’m not an INFP (I’m INFJ, so we’re close!), but I also try to find some good in every book and consider who might like it, even if I didn’t, so I get that. Fun post!

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