Why Reading & Blogging are the Perfect Hobbies! Let’s Discuss.

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Recently I’ve come to realize something. I am never bored. Ever. Certain other people in my family (who shall remain nameless) get antsy when there’s “nothing to do.” Me. Nope.



If I have five hours, I can sit down and read a book, write a post, browse other blogs … If I have five minutes, I can sit down and reply to a few comments.

Waiting in that extra long line at the grocery store? That’s okay – I’ve got a book on my phone. Can’t sleep? The Kindle won’t wake my hubby up. I can always find something to do!

You can’t say that with all hobbies. I used to scrapbook, and I loved it, but it was an elaborate hobby. If I had ten free minutes, it wasn’t practical to sit down and scrapbook for that amount of time. Heck, it took me ten minutes just to get my supplies organized! (Though digital scrapbooking was a little bit better when it came to that.) Lots of hobbies involve a relatively long block of time or a lot of stuff – not mine!

Arthur and Library Cards

Here are a few more reasons that reading and blogging are the perfect hobbies:
  • Meet lots of amazing new people! (Yep, that’s you.)
  • Understand and empathize with other people more because of the multitude of POVs presented to you through books (and through bloggers’ interpretations of said books).
  • Have something to daydream about when you’re supposed to be paying attention to something boring. (NOT recommended for use on family members).
  • Learn about places in the world you may never travel to. (Or be inspired to go there!)
  • Escape into a world of fantasy when reality just isn’t looking all that peachy.
  • Get to talk a lot about something you love. And no one can stop you or stare at you with a glazed-over look when you go on too long!
  • Meeting authors is WAY easier than meeting movie stars. (And way more fulfilling too.)


Yep, I could pretty much go on and on with this. These are just a few of the reasons that reading and blogging is an amazing hobby. I’m not gonna lie – there are some drawbacks. (My family would say that the fact that I can always be doing something for my hobby might not be such a good thing at times. And sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of things I want to get done for my blog.) But I still say those of us who love to read and/or blog are pretty darn lucky!

Do you think that reading and blogging are the perfect hobbies? Why or why not? I want to know!




46 responses to “Why Reading & Blogging are the Perfect Hobbies! Let’s Discuss.

  1. I think that is what I love most about my Kindle and Kindle App is the accessibility and availability to books anytime, anywhere. And you’re right, so much either to read for ten minutes versus trying to craft for ten. Usually by the time I get all my stuff out and organized, my ten minutes are up LOL!

  2. You are right reading and blogging ARE the perfect hobbies! I also like to knit but like you said it is hard sitting down for 10 minutes and knitting because it takes forever to get everything out. There’s a ton of stuff need It usually has a pattern, knitting needles, yarn, and other accessories. But I always have my phone on me so I can hop on twitter and chat with people about bookish stuff or visit other people’s blogs. Plus with reading there is something for everyone. My husband isn’t a reader and he gets so bored when it is rainy and crappy outside, I tell him to pick up a book but he says he doesn’t have the patience for it hehe. One day I WILL talk him into reading a book. 😉

  3. This is so true! I literally can’t remember the last time I was bored (besides when I’m at work…and then I’m just mentally composing blog posts or thinking about the latest book I’m reading). In fact sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day so I could get all the things I want to get done on my blog, plus have more time to read and write.

    Laura recently posted: How do you review?
  4. Love this post!! I love reading so much. My husband just asked me last night if I am even watching the kids because I have read so many books this year. I tried to explain how you can fit in reading at any time for like 10 minutes – plus I read fast! The blogging part has been such a blast this year. I have met so many great people and found so many new books and types of books. Plus I would have never tried audiobooks which have been my favorite lately.

    Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog recently posted: Am I Too Easy of a Rater??
  5. Yes yes yes !! They are awesome hobbies and even if you only have a few minutes, a quick comment reply or drafting a post outline is a great way to use that time for blogging. Reading is a little different because I don’t want to just read for only 5 minutes so that does take a little more time commitment, but you always have something to do when you have “nothing to do”.

  6. Omg I relate to this post SO SO MUCH!! I’m never bored either. XD Like there’s always a book to read or shelves to organise or bookish pictures to take or comments/blogging to be done. x) It’s fantastic and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! (Although I totally relate to getting a bit overwhelmed by it all at times too…) And I just love that books let us live like a zillion lives of sheer awesome. BOOKWORM LIFE IS THE BEST LIFE.

    • Interestingly, blogging and reading is the one thing in life that I almost never end up feeling paralyzed over (that’s definitely my number one reaction to being overwhelmed, so it’s surprising). Of course, I do still manage to procrastinate on some things …

  7. I relate to this post so much. It’s so easy to get immersed in all the blogging and reading that I actually forget how much time actually does pass. I love getting to talk to other bloggers because not a lot of the people in my life are big readers so my inner book nerd is unleashed in this community. Reading is definitely my escape, especially on bad days. I love being transported to another world and learn about another culture. Reading and blogging are without a doubt the perfect hobby. 😀

    Lois @ My Midnight Musing recently posted: Review: Uprooted by Naomi Novik
  8. YES! Especially since reading can be an inexpensive hobby… sometimes… (if you don’t demand to buy every single book you read it should be fine). Other hobbies can cost so much more! For example I love art, but the professional quality art supplies I buy are crazy expensive!! Also reading is just so, so much fun

  9. This is funny, because I was just telling my parents that I’m the type of person that can get stuck in an airport and not complain.. because I have my books and my blogging! Those two things can make the time fly like no other.
    Also, I love what you say about daydreaming. I’m in that state constantly haha.

  10. This is just SO true! I cannot remember the last time I was bored. Cannot! I mean, I may be umm the opposite of bored (insanely overwhelmed) but it has been SO good for me. Especially when like, you need a distraction from life, you know? I have needed this, I don’t know what I would have done without it actually! It has made me so much more aware of myself and my likes and wants and needs. It’s something to look forward to, and people to chat with. Ah, best hobby EVER, for sure! And the BEST part? You do not have to wear pants. WIN.

  11. I LOVE THIS POST! Definitely makes me want to read and blog more rather than “being bored” because I do fall victim to that when reading/blogging slumps occur.

  12. YES! Before I put up a blog, reading was very, how do I say this, narrow? Boxed? But when I blogged about the books I read, it was like finding a community of like-minded people and reading became so encompassing – so big! It’s something I definitely recommend for every book lover in the world!

  13. You’ve stated it perfectly and given all the right reasons as to why it is the perfect hobby. I really do love it and it makes me so happy all the time. I know all hobbies usually make said people who do them happy but it makes me REALLY HAPPY. I love seeing how much my blog has grown, meeting and talking to you all and reading when I can. Knowing that people are just as obsessed with something as I am is what makes blogging and reading so fun. I haven’t had as much time to do it because of exam week, but I’m done in two days time and can’t WAIT to be here and more present!

  14. Yes of course these are great hobbies! But for me, well, I’m treating it like the best job in the world. I’m kind of house bound for the foreseeable future, and it’s amazing how BORING netflix and lazing it up can get. So I’ve resorted to treating reading like a job. It stimulates my brain. It gets me going. I FEEL HEALTHIER WHEN I’M ENGAGED IN READING AND BLOGGING. Without these hobbies, I’d go nuts! CRAZY FROM CABIN FEVER! (I may be mildly over dramatic but who’s to really judge that xD)

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