Sunday Post: Book Pre-order Campaigns & Giveaways Galore – 9/27/20

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~ It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on my blog and share news about what’s coming up in the week ahead.

This past week on FYFA (and in my life):

  • Painting trim and banisters. Last week I mentioned that we replaced doors and trim upstairs in the hallway. Now, I had to paint it. Scott actually took care of the doors with his sprayer, which was nice, so I just did the doorframes and trim. And then the stairway trim along the risers and the banisters – that took forever! I worked on it A LOT this week, and finally finished yesterday. Yay! Next, we need to paint the hallway and stairs, which is going to be a real pain because of the tall ceilings above the stairs.
  • Reading
    • I finished listening to Honor Among Thieves by Rachel Caine and Anne Aguirre and have moved on to Honor Bound.
    • In between those, I also listened to The Mystwick School of Musicraft by Jessica Khoury. I received this book for review, but I’d heard so many wonderful things about the Audible Original version that I just had to listen to that—it’s done with the help of the New Jersey Symphony Youth Orchestra for the music, which is excellent!!
    • I’m also still reading Maya and the Rising Dark by Rena Barron, which is a great read (but I’ve had a lot more time for audiobooks while I’ve been painting than I have for regular books!).
  • Writing and blogging. I haven’t gotten much writing done this week (I plan to try to fix that today), but I have gotten through a fair number of the discussion posts linked up to the Discussion Challenge—from August. Yes, I’m still a bit behind, but it feels good to read everyone’s discussions. Better late than never!
  • Digit! Digit’s settling into a bit more of a rhythm, and I’ve found that as long as I wear him out a few times a day with a rousing game of fetch, he’s more content to hang out without attacking me in between. We actually hooked three leashes together so that he can have LOTS of room to run (65 feet in every direction) while fetching his ball or frisbee. We’ve toyed with an idea of an invisible fence in the past, and we still may do that, but for now, this is a great solution that gives him lots of room to run. (Of course, literally while I was typing this I had to get up and stop him from digging a huge hole in the woodchip area and put him on a shorter leash. LOL!)
    • Here’s Digit in his favorite sleeping position (apparently, he prefers for his back feet to be elevated?) and then resting on his toy.  🙂

My puppy Digit sleeping with his back legs up on the wall My puppy Digit sleeping with his head resting on a stuffed monster

Here’s what you may have missed on the blog since my last Sunday Post:

Book Blogger Birthdays and Blogoversaries:

Happy birthday graphic Happy blogoversary graphic

Here are the birthdays and blogoversaries for this week! I hope you’ll go wish these bloggers well on their special days! Make sure you check out the calendar to see what you might have just missed or what’s coming up. (If you want to be added to the calendar, it’s easy! Just fill out the birthday/blogoversary form.)

Book Haul:


I bought one book this week, but I didn’t have time to take a pic, so you’ll have to live in suspense until next week! (I know, it’s killing you.)

 Great Discussions/Goings On Around the Blogosphere:

Pre-order Campaigns

(Make sure you scroll to see them all!) Listed in order of release date. Any new deals I added to the list this week will be denoted with a *** so you can easily find them!

Please note: Almost all pre-order giveaways run “while supplies last,” so they might not be open until the date listed. Pre-0rder early for your best chance to get all the goodies!

Awesome Giveaways:

(Make sure you scroll to see them all!)

Lots of good stuff! Have any giveaways or great discussions happening on your site right now? Feel free to share them in the comments!


16 responses to “Sunday Post: Book Pre-order Campaigns & Giveaways Galore – 9/27/20

  1. Good luck with the painting! It’s always nice when it’s done haha. and ooh glad to hear the Khoury book was good. I’ve enjoyed several of hers but haven’t read her most recent releases.

    Cute pics! 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had a pretty productive week! That’s awesome. And Digit is just adorable – love the way he sleeps. Thanks for sharing my giveaway – I’m off to check out some others. 🙂


  3. Some of these audiobooks go for some big production. Wow! A symphony. That’s cool. Digit is a trip! He’s like a herding dog, right? I bet he has tons of energy.

    • Yes, he’s an Australian Shepherd, which is definitely a herding dog. LOTS of energy! (We knew what we were getting ourselves into… mostly.) Just yesterday, I was watching him attack his sloth toy and thinking of you. LOL! I’m sorry to say, he loves those sloth toys, and he’s already vanquished two sloths!

  4. Digit and Lulu could be good friends, I think! We also have to run her around and play fetch to get her to chill out and leave us be. Lol. I just got back from dropping her off at doggy daycare where she can run around and sniff butts for five hours. Hoping that’s enough to keep her placated tonight!

    S. J. Pajonas recently posted: Sunday Update – September 27, 2020
    • Funny story—I actually prefer blogiversary too. Makes more sense since it matches up with anniversary. But at the time that I celebrated my first, I saw blogoversary everywhere (maybe that’s what Blogger called it?), and I just went with it without thinking much about it. Then I created my Birthday/Blogoversary list. Later, I wished I’d used blogiversary, but I’ve always been too lazy to change all my graphics, etc. LOL!

      I do think more people use the i than the o these days, though.

    • Yeah, it makes things much harder. We’ve never wanted to fence the yard because we back up to a preserve, and it’s really pretty and feels almost like part of our yard. But having the dogs on a leash only gives them so much freedom. We have three leashes out there now, but if we put all three of them out at once they just end up in a tangled mess where between one and three dogs can’t end up moving much at all. 🙂 When we attach all three leashes together, though, it’s perfect for playing fetch or frisbee. The funny thing is, neither of the older two dogs had ever really gotten the hang of fetch. They would get the ball, but we were never able to get them to bring it back or drop it consistently, so we just never really played. Digit figured it out right from the start, and I swear the other two learned from him. They were like, “Wait, if we bring the ball back to you, you’ll throw it again? Why didn’t you ever tell us?!” LOL!

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