Sunday Post: Book Pre-order Campaigns & Giveaways Galore – 3/29/20

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~ It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on my blog and share news about what’s coming up in the week ahead.

This past week on FYFA (and in my life):

Hope everyone has been keeping themselves busy! We’ve been getting used to our surreal current reality. Praying that you all are staying healthy!! Here’s what we’ve been up to while stuck indoors this week:

  • We watched:
    • My daughter and I watched High School Musical and binge watched High School Musical: The Musical: The Series all in one day. It was cute!
    • My husband and I have been watching season 2 of Ozark. That show is … messed up.
  • We’ve been working on a puzzle. It’s a Thomas Kincaid painting, which makes for a really tough puzzle because it’s all very hazy and watercoler-y.
  • I read two books: Of Curses and Kisses and Awesome Dog 5000 vs. Mayor Bossypants
  • We played a board game: Dungeon Academy. This is a rare game that everyone in our family both enjoys and is capable of playing (to varying degrees of success, but still.) We have trouble finding games that my older daughter will play (she hates games that rely on luck) and my son is able to play (he has special needs and can’t manage to follow the rules of more complex games and can’t play games that utilize math skills or higher reading skills without help). This game is the perfect solution for us! My oldest usually wins, but the rest of us have fun getting beaten—and last night my younger daughter won.  🙂
  • The kids played LOTS of Animal Crossing. I keep seeing authors saying they’re playing it, and it makes me want to join in too maybe? But I don’t think I could manage to get my oldest to give up the controller for long enough so I could play.  🙂
  • I caught up on all of the discussions linked up to The Discussion Challenge!
  • We did more of the work on our trim for the hallway and kitchen (almost done with both of those!).

Other than that, I’ve just been checking the news once per minute and trying (semi-successfully) not to turn into a hypochondriac! 

Here’s what you may have missed on the blog since my last Sunday Post:

Book Blogger Birthdays and Blogoversaries:

Birthday-150 Blogoversary-150x150

Here are the birthdays and blogoversaries for this week! I hope you’ll go wish these bloggers well on their special days! Make sure you check out the calendar to see what you might have just missed or what’s coming up. (If you want to be added to the calendar, it’s easy! Just fill out the birthday/blogoversary form.)

Book Haul:


I won The Bromance Book Club and Undercover Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams from Rachel @ Waves of Fiction!! The cute cover art for these books is done by Jess Cruickshank. I’ve heard so many fun things about this series. Thank you, Rachel!


I got an email with an offer for Four Days of You and Me by Miranda Kenneally and I couldn’t resist. I absolutely love Kenneally’s books! This cute cover was illustrated and designed by Jenna Stempel-Lobell. Thank you, Sourcebooks!!

 Great Discussions/Goings On Around the Blogosphere:

Pre-order Campaigns

(Make sure you scroll to see them all!) Listed in order of release date. Any new deals I added to the list this week will be denoted with a *** so you can easily find them!

Please note: Almost all pre-order giveaways run “while supplies last,” so they might not be open until the date listed. Pre-0rder early for your best chance to get all the goodies!

Awesome Giveaways:

(Make sure you scroll to see them all!)

Twitter Giveaways:

Lots of good stuff! Have any giveaways or great discussions happening on your site right now? Feel free to share them in the comments!


44 responses to “Sunday Post: Book Pre-order Campaigns & Giveaways Galore – 3/29/20

  1. Sounds like you are making the most of the situation. That’s all we can do, right? Love the photo of your dog. My cats are loving having us home more, although I think they are still a bit confused by it. I hope you and your family stay well and safe.

  2. Your family is doing some fun stuff. Not only having a good time, but being productive too. Fantastic! Glad you are all together and keeping safe.

  3. We’re still drifting until school starts this week. Yay for the Bromance Book Club – those are fun. I actually like the second one better than the first and that was good too. We LOVED High School Musical movies, but haven’t seen the series. I would suggest Hairspray if you like it, that was awesome also and also Zac Efron in it, oddly. We own them on DVD. We must have watched each of those at least 20 times. We like musicals. I should get out one of our puzzles. We like board games too and have many.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy reading!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Read-along & Giveaway: Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs
  4. Animal Crossing is getting lots of love but I don’t get it myself. *shrugs*
    Of Curses and Kisses is one I’d like to read! Am curious as to what you thought? I love Beauty and The Beast re-tellings usually. 🙂

    Hope you have a good week Nicole! Surreal reality is a good way to sum up the current state of affairs!

  5. I loved High School Musical: The Musical: The Series! I definitely agree that it was adorable. It was very nostalgic for me, but with a modern twist!

  6. Love that y’all are staying busy and have a lot going on. I was having trouble finding any puzzles at Amazon or Walmart online (ship dates were all 3-4 weeks out) so I finally went on eBay today and ordered several that should be here by the end of the week. I’m excited to have another distraction. 🙂

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted: The Sunday Post #201
  7. When you say Ozark is messed up…is that in a good way or bad? My husband and I just started Altered Carbon (only one episode) and it seems really interesting. We still need to finish The Umbrella Academy though!

    Thank you for sharing my post! I also have another giveaway going on for The Oremere Chronicles by Helen Scheuerer! There’s still five days to enter 🙂

  8. shooting

    I’m really trying not to focus on the news TOO much, but it can be tough. I’m glad you found a game that your whole family can enjoy though – that’s wonderful!! I’m hoping to have a movie night with my sister soon, so that’ll be something to look forward to. Congrats on the giveaway win – I have The Bromance Book Club to hopefully read soon. I’ve heard good things too! If you want to do a buddy read, let me know!!


  9. Animal Crossing is all the rage and really seems to be helping people relax and get away from all the bad news for a while. What great timing it was for that game to come out! 🙂

    Dungeon academy sounds fun too. We’ve been playing Trouble (haha) and a few other things t keep us occupied. I always liked Thomas Kincaid’s art- a puzzle of his sounds fun.

    I’ve heard that about Ozark, too…

    stay safe and well this week!

  10. I’m glad you’re doing well! We’re staying home, working from home, and trying to stick to our regular schedule as best we can. (It helps that we often stay home on weekends anyway.) It sounds like you’ve found some good activities to keep you occupied, though.

    I’ve also been avoiding the temptation of Animal Crossing, regardless of the authors in my feed who are playing. Maybe I’ll try it eventually, but I don’t want to play solely because of FOMO. 😉

  11. I used to play the old Animal Crossing game on my DS when I was younger. At the moment I do not have the funds for a Switch just to play the new game but I so want to and it looks amazing! Love High School Musical. I haven’t tried the series though! And I have heard such wonderful things aboutt he Bromance romance series so yay for hauling those in 😀

    Olivia Roach recently posted: Monstress Volumes 1-3 [Mini Reviews]

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