Sunday Post: Book Pre-order Campaigns & Giveaways Galore – 1/10/21

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~ It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on my blog and share news about what’s coming up in the week ahead.

This past week on FYFA (and in my life):

This was a week, right? Just when we thought the good old US of A couldn’t get any more messed up, we learn that we are 100% wrong. It’s a sad, sad world. Between idiots storming the Capitol and the rising number of COVID deaths, I had a hard time focusing this week, I’ll confess.

  • Games We Played:
    • Escape Room the Game: Dawn of the Zombies. We played the final game that came with our three pack. This was the first one we didn’t win—turned out we had decoded a word wrong (it was for medicines and we interpreted co*t*ing as “counteracting” instead of “containing”—complete opposites! Either would work with the information we were given, but we just never even considered that we had it wrong once we thought of the first word and it made sense with our medicines). Oh well—you win some, you lose some!
  • TV We Watched:
    • SupernaturalWe’ve watched a bit more of season 7, but we mostly watched other things that my husband likes too.
    • Are You the One? I had a headache basically all day on Thursday (couldn’t sleep at all on Wednesday night—are you surprised?), so I ended up laying in bed watching this ridiculous show. Why is reality TV so addictive?!
    • The Big Flower Fight. Another show that’s good for times when I’m doing other stuff but just want something on. I wouldn’t say this show is anything special, but the flower creations are pretty spectacular.
    • The Prom. We watched this movie last night, and the whole family really enjoyed it (though my husband didn’t realize going in that it’s a musical—not his favorite).
  • Books I Read
    • I continued reading Send Me Their Souls by Sara Wolf, but I’ll confess that I’m having a bit of a hard time getting into it (I’ve read the first half, but I just keep putting it down for some reason, even though it’s a great book). Maybe I’m still in middle-grade mode?
    • So, yesterday I took a break from that one and read The Canyon’s Edge by Dusti Bowling. It is amazing!!!
  • Agility Training. Danielle and I took Digit to his first agility class, and he’s a natural! We just did the very basics this week, but he had no problem with any of it. For instance, where some dogs are intimidated to walk over the teeter-totter board, he didn’t care at all that the thing was moving under his paws—he just wanted that treat. 🙂

And, of course, I have to share puppy pics:


  • Backyard Shenanigans. Some of you might remember that they came and cut down a ton of trees in the wetland preserve right behind our house this past summer. Well, they now came back and cleared out a lot more of the smaller trees and they’re moving the piles and piles of wood and turning them into bonfires. It’s been quite a spectacle! Our backyard landscape has changed quite a bit—we can now (barely) see all the way through to the distant street and to the neighborhood that’s behind us. But at least they left the tall trees right behind our house that are still really nice. Hopefully it will all look pretty in spring. We’re reserving judgment till then.

See the whole line of trees that they cut down in the summer? Now they’re burning all of that.

Here’s what you may have missed on the blog since my last Sunday Post:

Book Blogger Birthdays and Blogoversaries:

Happy birthday graphic Happy blogoversary graphic

Here are the birthdays and blogoversaries for this week! I hope you’ll go wish these bloggers well on their special days! Make sure you check out the calendar to see what you might have just missed or what’s coming up. (If you want to be added to the calendar, it’s easy! Just fill out the birthday/blogoversary form.)

Book Haul:

None this week!

 Great Discussions/Goings On Around the Blogosphere:

  • I didn’t manage to do much blog hopping this week, unfortunately.

Pre-order Campaigns

(Make sure you scroll to see them all!) Listed in order of release date. Any new deals I added to the list this week will be denoted with a *** so you can easily find them!

Please note: Almost all pre-order giveaways run “while supplies last,” so they might not be open until the date listed. Pre-0rder early for your best chance to get all the goodies!

Awesome Giveaways:

(Make sure you scroll to see them all!)

Lots of good stuff! Have any giveaways or great discussions happening on your site right now? Feel free to share them in the comments!


12 responses to “Sunday Post: Book Pre-order Campaigns & Giveaways Galore – 1/10/21

  1. I feel the same way. Ugh. I’d pick up a book, then put it down, because I really couldn’t concentrate. Let’s hope it’ll all be behind us now.

    Yay, for not adding any books to your pile! Lol.

    Thanks for sharing the giveaways and such.

    Have a great week, Nicole!

  2. This past week has definitely been insane. I watched so much news – way more than normal. I just cannot fathom why people do what they do, and then all the people who think it’s not a big deal or won’t condemn it. Like, what?? Sigh.

    I watched The Prom too and really loved it!! It’s fun seeing a new musical.


  3. I know what you mean about not being able to concentrate. I’ve been having that problem too. I did agility training with my dogs when they were young. Neither of my retrievers would do the jumps, but they liked the stuff they could climb on.

  4. I was stuck between wanting to escape and read the news. I worry what we are in for these next few weeks. I had completely forgotten we had watched The Prom a couple weeks ago! I guess it didn’t make a huge impression on me. LOL I hope Send Me Their Souls gets better for you. But it was a week, so maybe that played into why you were having a hard time focusing?

    I love your dogs! They are so adorable. 🙂 I hope you have a great week, Nicole.

  5. Iza

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news… Digit looks like a bright dog, I’m not surprised, and the sleeping pup is sooooo cute ! All this trees clearing must make a lot of noise ? Have a great week – I know, it’s wednesday, but I’m late 🙂

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