One Girl in All the World by Kendare Blake: Review, Giveaway, & Kendare’s Top Ten Addictions!

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One Girl in All the World by Kendare Blake: Review, Giveaway, & Kendare's Top Ten Addictions!

Today I’m featuring ONE GIRL IN ALL THE WORLD, the exciting second book in Kendare Blake’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off! Check out my review, along with Kendare’s list of top ten addictions and a giveaway!

One Girl in All the World by Kendare Blake: Review, Giveaway, & Kendare’s Top Ten Addictions!One Girl in All the World by Kendare Blake
Series: In Every Generation #2
Published by Disney-Hyperion on January 31, 2023
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult
Pages: 352
Source: The Publisher
My rating:
4.5 Stars

New York Times
best-selling author Kendare Blake takes us back to the demon capital of the world in this highly anticipated sequel to In Every Generation, set in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Frankie Rosenberg is coming to terms with the fact that she’s the newest slayer, but that doesn’t mean she has it all figured out just yet. She and her friends are still reeling from the deadly attack on the annual slayer retreat—and the new revelation that some slayers may still be alive. She’s got her own Scooby Gang, but sometimes feels more on the outside than ever. She throws herself into training with her mom, the great witch Willow, and her new Watcher, Spike, but they’ve got demons of their own to contend with (both of the real and metaphorical variety). Buffy made it look easy, but being a slayer is hard—and lonely.
But Frankie doesn’t have time to wander through Sunnydale Cemetery singing about her new responsibilities. With news of Buffy’s possible demise, Demons are making their way back to Sunnydale in droves, called by a Hellmouth that is starting to reawaken. And then an oracle brings news of a new Evil brewing…something called The Darkness. Could this be what attacked the slayers? And is it coming for Frankie?

With a satisfying blend of fresh and familiar, humor and (stakes through the) heart, One Girl In All The World is a breathtaking continuation of the series that Booklist calls a worthy successor to the Slayer stories” (Starred Review on In Every Generation).



If you’ve been around the blog, you know that the first book in this series was one of my favorites of 2022. As an avid Buffy fan, I love seeing old friends in new situations, and I was also a big fan of the new characters as well. I was a little nervous that book two wouldn’t hold up to those standards, but it did… in a big way. In fact, in some ways, this book was superior because Kendare resolved some of the awkwardness between Oz and Willow and also added a new secondary romance for us to root for. One Girl in All the World gives us all the Buffy love–nods to favorite storylines, including familiar ghoulies come home to haunt, characters written with all their old quirks, and vague references that only true Buffy fans will catch–but the storyline is also exciting and accessible to any reader, even one who’d never heard of Buffy before picking up the series. In this installment, Frankie and her Scooby gang are facing not only a whole horde of demons, but a new enemy they never thought they’d have to fight–other slayers. The sequel gives us all the answers to the questions presented in the first book: namely, are the slayers alive, and if so, what happened to them? There’s no second-book syndrome here. The book jumps right in with action, and keeps going until the exciting twist of a conclusion, with a whole new aspect of the storyline left to unfold in book three! So, basically, if you’re a fan of paranormal books, and you haven’t read this series yet, I have no idea what you’re doing with your life. You need to make better choices!

***Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher for review purposes. No other compensation was given and all opinions are my own.***

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About the Author

Kendare Blake is the New York Times bestselling author of several novels and short stories. Her work is sort of dark, always violent, and features passages describing food from when she writes while hungry. She was born in July in Seoul, South Korea, but doesn’t speak a lick of Korean, as she was packed off at a very early age to her adoptive parents in the United States. That might be just an excuse, though, as she is pretty bad at learning foreign languages. She lives and writes in Gig Harbor, Washington, with her husband, their cat son Tyrion Cattister, red Doberman dog son Obi-Dog Kenobi, rottie mix dog daughter Agent Scully, and naked Sphynx cat son Armpit McGee.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon | BookBub


Kendare Blake’s Top Ten Addictions

1. My naked Sphynx cat-son, Armpit McGee
Look, I’m obsessed with him. He’s adorable and ridiculous.

2. Videos/photos of other ridiculous Sphynx cats
The obsession bleeds over. Don’t judge me.

3. My other pet-children: Agent Scully, a dog, and Tyrion Cattister, a cat, clearly
Some folks were born to be parents; I was born to be a pet parent. If any of them played soccer, I would buy a mini-van and drive them, and be extremely vocal on the sidelines.

4. Fancy cocktails
I love a fancy cocktail. They’re like art. Another form of art that I’m hopeless at. I can barely shake a martini.

5. Small-plate restaurants
I like food. That should be half-shouted in the manner of Joey from Friends. KENDARE DOESN’T SHARE FOOD! Except I do, and I like to share small plates, because then I can order half the menu like I always want to without feeling wasteful.

6. Short Story collections
They’re in my cart so fast it’ll make your head spin. And then they’re sitting in a pile, waiting for me for years.

7. Eco-friendly/zero waste products
Talk to me in a sultry voice about compostable mailers.

8. Daryl and Carol from The Walking Dead
I stayed with that damn show for 11 seasons JUST FOR THEM.

9. Girl Meets Farm on the Food Network
I just want to cook adorable things like Molly Yeh, and trust me, it isn’t going to happen.

10. Um, so many foods I could say here, but PASTA
I refuse to go without it. No wait. Mayonnaise. I refuse to go without that either. Put them together and you’ll find me disgusting, but honestly, it’s pretty good.

Okay, I’m a mom of humans, but I can still totally relate to Kendare’s obsession with her pets. My three fluffy pups bring me all the joy in the universe and make me laugh more than any human ever has. Their antics are endless–my youngest fluff needs my full attention at all times, and he gets it in the most hysterical of ways!

1 winner will receive a finished copy of ONE GIRL IN ALL THE WORLD, US Only.

Ends February 21st, midnight EST.

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