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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~ It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on my blog and share news about what’s coming up in the week ahead.

This past week on FYFA (and in my life):

  • School has started! The kids started e-learning this week. The process is actually going fine, though they did have to restructure things because they had some Zoom bombing going on one day (I think that some kids actually might have shared info purposely or something—they’re still investigating). The big issue is that my son has proven that I need to babysit him to make sure he’s actually doing what he’s supposed to be doing instead of watching random videos (bordering on inappropriate—we’ve blocked anything and everything actually inappropriate). This, even though he knows I have Securly set up so that I can literally see everything he searches for and he knows he loses his electronics for a week if he’s doing stuff he shouldn’t be doing. So, I’ve been trying to balance keeping him free from distractions (aka the dogs—mostly the puppy) and keeping an eye on him. I’m pretty aggravated that we’re only one week into school and I’m already dealing with this (though I should say it’s a constant struggle anyway during the school day—now I’m just right there to stop him).
  • We watched:
    • I finished watching season 1 of Indian Matchmaking. The season was weird, though— we only got resolution for three of the many people we met (two of whom decided not to get matched after all), and the others were just not mentioned. I guess we have to wait for next season, but it’s a very unsatisfying show to watch in that way.
    • My daughter Danielle (and my son, Noah, who has joined us in watching) and I now completely caught up on season 7 of The 100!
  • We painted and moved stuff. Last week, we did Danielle’s new room, and this week we’re onto Noah’s new room. This one won’t be quite as hard to paint because the trim and ceiling are normal (unlike last week’s room), but we did have to do a TON of patching because my daughter hung anything and everything on her walls (in the many years before we had good Command strips). I’ll share pics next week once we’re done.
  • Reading
    • I read My Life in the Fish Tank—watch for my review coming next week!
    • I’ve been listening to Graceling. I’ve heard about this series for years but never jumped in—I’m loving it! The audiobook is awesome because it has a full cast This is my first audiobook recorded that way, and I’m definitely a fan.
  • Digit! Yep, he’s still a troublemaker. He definitely keeps me busy! But he’s still utterly adorable. And, at least this week, he seemed to be biting me less—the map of scratches and bruises on my arms has actually faded. Woo hoo! Here’s a pic I posted to Instagram this week showing off Digit’s new “skill” and a rare pic of all three dogs looking at the camera (it takes great skill with a treat to make this happen).

Here’s what you may have missed on the blog since my last Sunday Post:

I’ve still only been managing to get one post up (besides this one) per week. I’m hoping this will get better now that school has started—it’s frustrating!

Book Blogger Birthdays and Blogoversaries:

Birthday-150 Blogoversary-150x150

Here are the birthdays and blogoversaries for this week! I hope you’ll go wish these bloggers well on their special days! Make sure you check out the calendar to see what you might have just missed or what’s coming up. (If you want to be added to the calendar, it’s easy! Just fill out the birthday/blogoversary form.)

  • None this week! (Weird!!!)

Book Haul:

For Review:

My friend Megan E. Freeman sent me a signed ARC of her debut, Alone. I’m so excited!! Remember, you still have one more day to enter to win a pre-order of the book for yourself!

 Great Discussions/Goings On Around the Blogosphere:

  • Another week of barely any blog surfing. Once we have these rooms painted, I should have a bit more time!

Pre-order Campaigns

(Make sure you scroll to see them all!) Listed in order of release date. Any new deals I added to the list this week will be denoted with a *** so you can easily find them!

Please note: Almost all pre-order giveaways run “while supplies last,” so they might not be open until the date listed. Pre-0rder early for your best chance to get all the goodies!

Awesome Giveaways:

(Make sure you scroll to see them all!)

Lots of good stuff! Have any giveaways or great discussions happening on your site right now? Feel free to share them in the comments!


20 responses to “Sunday Post: Book Pre-order Campaigns & Giveaways Galore – 8/30/20

  1. That’s too bad about your son. I still think this year is going to be a gap year for some. I’m thankful my daughter is so responsible about her college classes. That’s fun about the room redo – I always look forward to home improvement photos. Congrats on the dog photo. I’m also still glad Lulu was all trained and well behaved We did take her to classes also. She has some idiosyncrasies but we have some too, so we have worked through them.

    Anne – Books of my Heart Here is my Sunday Post

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Thrifty Thursday – Dog with a Bone by Hailey Edwards
  2. I can only imagine how challenging educating your children is right now. I know you homeschooled, but did a co-op right? At least you’re pretty experienced, but this all digit thing must be tough. I know it was had to keep the kids on task when we did computer based activities even in school. I would also find them watching videos. Kids. I liked the Graceling series, thought I felt book 3 was not the strongest ending, but now book 4 is coming, so maybe it will be a better closing book.

    • Yes, I definitely have a leg up when it comes to elearning—it’s not all that crazy of an idea to me. It’s just frustrating to have to monitor him, when I don’t feel like I should need to do that. this week was better, though, so hopefully that will continue.

  3. School is definitely a challenge at the moment. I think it’s tough because it’s such a big change for everyone involved but hopefully as times goes on you won’t have to mentor your son constantly as he adapts. And glad to see you’re reading/listening to Graceling, I didn’t know the audio had a full cast it would definitely add something to experience it that way.

    Becky @ A Fool’s Ingenuity recently posted: Sunday Summary // 30.08.2020
  4. I’m glad that e-learning is going mostly well, though sorry you have to be on top of your son so much!! Digit is just adorable, as always. I LOVE that picture of all three dogs. They are just adorable.


  5. Oh Nicole, I am so sorry that things are not going great with your son’s schooling. I don’t even know what to say, because you are clearly WAY more on top of things than I am (I’m over here like, huh, maybe I should start that monitoring stuff…) I just really hope that it gets better as he gets re-acclimated and such.

    Mine have their first day tomorrow… though no one knows what time (I have received school notifications saying 8:15, 8:45, and 9- non-virtual started at 9 so idk), and no one knows if they’ll be doing live classes or just do work on your own like last year so… it’s going great already, is what I am saying. Sammy’s teachers haven’t even added him to the Google classroom yet!

    Also YAY for you guys being caught up on The 100! We have so much to discuss!!!

    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted: The 100 Episode 7×12: The Stranger
  6. We’ve been doing patching on our walls too, they have pin holes all over them, I need to get a hold of some of these strips.

    Your dogs are adorable!

    Good luck with the school, it can be difficult, my pair I had to limit their phones during the day when they were distance learning to stop them going on Roblox.

    Have a lovely week.

    Heather recently posted: Book Review Round Up - August 2020
    • Command strips are truly amazing. My daughter LOVES hanging things on her walls, and those have saved us!

      And, yeah, I have to monitor my son to make sure he’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing on the computer instead of doing other random things. It’s pretty frustrating, but hopefully he’s learned his lesson since he lost his electronics privileges for a week!

  7. I used to have 3 dogs, and I have exactly 1 picture of them all looking at the camera. It does take skill! I hope your son adapts to school quickly. I feel bad for all the parents, teachers, and kids right now. This situation sucks.

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