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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~ It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on my blog and share news about what’s coming up in the week ahead.

Last week on FYFA (and in my life):

This week started out great, but then got strange fast. I’ll start with the good.

I’m writing this post from a swim meet again (on Saturday). We love swimming, but there’s lots of downtime. But that’s okay because that means I have plenty of time to write my Sunday Post today.

Last weekend, my daughter had a piano/voice recital and she also had a little ceremony because she was one of the winners of our library’s literary magazine contest. She wrote a really adorable short story for my homeschool writing class and entered it in the contest. I’m super proud and impressed with her writing skills (though her spelling is another story—good thing there’s spellcheck! LOL!). The fun thing is that our library actually lists her as an author now since they technically published the literary magazine. She can search for herself in our library’s catalog or in the world catalog and she comes up! (They also have like 30 copies that people can actually check out, even through interlibrary loan, which is really kind of cool.)

If you want to read her story and see a picture that she drew of our dog Bella (with big eyes, since that was the assignment for her art class), you can check it out here. (Can you tell I’m a proud mom, or what?)

Then the crazy thing happened. My house was robbed in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. We forgot to lock the back door before we went to bed apparently. My mom was staying over (as she often does) and she woke to someone walking around with an iPhone flashlight in the kitchen. At first she thought it was my husband coming down for some reason and using his iPhone so he didn’t wake her, but then the person came into the family room and shined the light right in her face a few times. He walked to a table and picked something up (which we later realized was my purse and some cash that I had sitting there) and then he walked around a little more and went back out the back door. My mom was, of course, frozen in fear and shock. When she was sure that she didn’t hear anything else, she went over to the back door and felt that someone had left wet footprints. He also left the storm door propped open. We called the police and they brought a dog and everything, but they didn’t find him. Apparently, he’s broken into several homes in the area when he finds doors unlocked.

The whole situation was more scary than anything. And of course, we had to replace all the locks in the house and get our car keys reprogrammed and replaced (since he had a copy and he obviously knows where we live!). And then there’s the pain of cancelling all the credit cards, etc. The important lesson here is make double sure you lock your doors and windows—you never know what can happen!

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56 responses to “Sunday Post & Giveaways Galore 5/21/17

  1. Oh my god that’s terrible! It could have been far worse, though. Thank goodness your mom was okay and no one got hurt, it can really go either way when it comes to break ins. I hope your mom’s feeling okay because that would obviously have shaken her up. Lesson learned, always double check doors and windows before going to bed.

    At least you’ve had something positive happen this week, that must be very cool for your daughter winning and getting to be known as a published author. Even if her spelling does need work, there is a reason spellcheck exists in the world, right?

    I hope you have a good week.

  2. Sam

    Congratulations to your daughter. How exciting! And then, the robbery – how scary! I am glad you were all unharmed.

  3. I had my house broken into when my son was home alone. He was a teen and quite tall. When they opened his bedroom door and saw him, they said hi and turned and ran out. It still gives me nightmares and I’m always checking doors and windows. So glad you are all okay! And I read your daughter’s story. Teddy is a pistol. LOL Congrats on her becoming an author:)

    My Sunday Post

  4. Omg! That’s so scary!! Glad your mom was okay after all that! And ugh, the pain of cancelling credit cards and all the keys. I’ve had my card hacked before and even though it was just one card it was still a pain in the butt to get that fixed. Especially since I really only have the one credit card! Lol. Glad that you all are safe though!

    Nice new read! That’s a new to me one! Cover is sure colorful! Hope you enjoy it and that this week will be more pleasant!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  5. What a blast for your daughter and you to have her story published. 🙂 Ah, that is the worst feeling to know someone got into your home like that. Glad you were all safe.

    Lots of fun book stuff going on, too.

  6. Oh no! I’m so glad everyone is okay, as bad and scary as it was, it could have been MUCH worse! I hope they catch the guy!

    Have a great (and less eventful!) week!

  7. So sorry to hear that! How terrifying that must have been for your mother- thank goodness no one was hurt, but man the thought of someone moving around your house while you sleep is awful. We were robbed once when I was a kid but we were on vacation, we came home to a mess. I’m pretty anal about locks and such as a result, even as an adult!

    Congrats to your daughter though, that’s awesome! She must feel very proud (and you too)!

    Have a super week.

    • I was robbed when I was in college—during Thanksgiving break. My roommate came home when the person was still there and they ran out through the back door. Wish I’d learned my lesson because of that, but apparently I didn’t completely. (Though, I guess no matter what, mistakes are made.)

  8. Wow thank goodness no one was hurt, that is so scary.
    Congrats to your daughter! I like the picture she drew too.
    Have a great week!

  9. Oh my goodness, such a scary situation to wake up and find someone in your house. I hope they catch him and thankfully no one was hurt.

    What a cute story about Teddy and the drawing of Bella is great, she is very talented. Congrats to your daughter.

    Hope this week will be much better for you. Take care and happy reading.

  10. Congrats to your daughter! And that’s awesome that the library has her listed as an author now!

    I saw your tweet last week, that’s so scary! And I mean, the guy could see that your mom was awake and he just kept meandering around the house??? That’s especially strange. But still scary. And forgetting to lock a door one night, that can happen to anyone. Glad you’re all ok!

  11. That must have been so scary for your mum…I’m glad she’s ok. I must admit I’m obsessive about locking doors and windows, checking them countless times even when I know I’ve done it already. The one night I left it to my dad, he left the back door unlocked. We got lucky that night as nobody came in but it’s so easy to just forget. Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m happy to welcome you anytime to my Book Cave! *waves*

  12. Omg, that’s terrifying! And your poor mom!! I’m glad that everyone is okay though. Congrats to your daughter! That’s awesome she’s a legit author now. 🙂


  13. My gosh, Nicole, that’s is horrible! And your poor mother being awake and witnessing it. Thank goodness the person left and didn’t do any more damage. The hassle of changing everything over truly *is* a hassle… but it’s just so good that no one was harmed.
    In better news, congrats to your daughter! That’s so exciting… and how cool that she’s now listed as an author at your library! 🙂

  14. Oh well done to your daughter, and of course you’re super proud, it’s a huge moment in her life! And OMG so scary about the break in. Thankfully no one was hurt. And yes deffo a good reminder to double check everything is locked up. My husband is paranoid but I’m glad he is. Have a good week.

    • It’s about a teen boy (Todd) who befriends an old man named Ed. When Ed dies, he sort of “haunts” Todd, but not in a mean way—his voice is in Todd’s head and he helps him out. I found the concept intriguing—I hope it’s good! (I agree about the cover too.)

  15. Wow, Nicole that is super scary, and your poor Mom. Glad everyone is ok. My hubby laughs at me because I never leave my purse out at home, and always keep it in a drawer. Very exciting about your little author! I will be sure to check it out.

  16. OMG! How scary! I’m totally freaked out for you! I’m so sorry this happened and I’m so glad you’re all okay. I’m totally going to double-check all my doors every night before bed. xoxo

  17. Jen

    That’s so exciting and huge about your daughter! She must be so beyond proud of herself! What an accomplishment!!
    And I’m so thankful your mom and all of your family were safe! How absolutely terrifying! I hope that guy gets caught!

  18. swim meets must be great for blogging/reading! I wish I could say the same about soccer 🙂
    Yay for piano/voice recitals! My son’s is June 3rd 🙂 Congrats on her winning the short story contest. What a proud moment mamma! Good she has you for all the editing 😉 I would be emailing the link to the library where she comes up to EVERYONE I know LOL It is indeed cool so congrats again!

    Ok I’ll be back. Off to read her story now 🙂

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