Looking for a List of 2019 Reading/Book Blogging Challenges? Look No Further!

Posted November 29, 2018 by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction in Challenges / 69 Comments

My annual list of book blog and reading challenges is up! You can find it here:


This year, I decided to put the list up as a “page” on my blog instead of its own post. For … reasons. I’m actually not sure now if they were good reasons, but I did it that way so I’m sticking to it (because it would be more confusing to remove the page when I’ve already let people know in a few different ways that it’s there. And I certainly don’t want to maintain the list in two different places).

BUT I just now realized that people can’t comment on a page, so I’m putting up this post as well, both as an announcement that it’s up and as a place for people to comment if you want to tell me about a challenge that’s not yet on the list. Sorry to give your clicking finger a workout!

(I should also point out that the sign-up for the 2019 Discussion Challenge will be going up very soon!)


I’ll be adding to the list as I see more sign-ups. (LOTS of challenges don’t have sign-up pages go up until December). Feel free to let me know in the comments if you know of any I’ve missed!!


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69 responses to “Looking for a List of 2019 Reading/Book Blogging Challenges? Look No Further!

  1. I saw the title of this post in my email and thought, Wow, if my family wants to eat tonight, I’d better go cook before I start going through your list; ’cause once I start, I probably won’t come up for air until I’ve gone through the whole thing! *LOL*

  2. Here is a translation of that one. It’s actually in Italian, not Spanish.

    Driiiiiin! Driiiiiinnn! Driiiiiiinnnnn !!!
    Bacci: Allooooooora! That someone answers that phone ringing sound, they will surely be customers who want to book, I’m finishing putting cocoa on tiramisu!
    Laura Libbri: I have a dish to deliver, I can not! And do not tell me that a dish is not enough, that I have just overturned three. AND DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER THAT I HAD NOTIFY THAT THE WAITER IS NOT WORKING FOR ME, I DO ONLY DAMAGE !!!
    Laura Eliza: Do not get nervous now I answer, I was just finishing the chapter, damn it!
    Bacci: It would be your job eh! It is not that doing the cashier means just reckoning and reading between a receipt and the other …
    Laura Eliza: You slapped me here, I wanted to make sweets …
    Laura Libbri: Do not think about it! We just opened, do you want to blow up the pizzeria? And then, here you are the only one who can deal, so mute! Indeed no, he speaks that you must answer the phone

    Are you wondering where you have come from? But how? We spent the last few weeks setting up this place just because you asked for it, because you said that without our Reading Challenges you could not live, so here we are! Yeah, we were looking forward to a year of peace and tranquility, without goals to be included, scores to calculate, cazziatoni to do … but then we realized that (maybe) would have been a boring year, without a slight shudder, and so here we are, at the inauguration of our restaurant / pizzeria!
    Everyone, welcome


    As you may have guessed from the initial conversation, La Libridinosa is dedicated to serving at the tables (combining one slaughter after another, but distracting attention with the uniform all over lace and twins in the foreground), the Bacci is responsible for preparing sweets ( or do you prefer to feel the thrill of waiting for the explosion while you enjoy your favorite pizza?) and Laura Eliza is in the box, at least with her we are quiet that the accounts return (you do not know who, but oh well).
    But this year we will not be alone! Yeah, because our consorts thought that it was not enough to put up with us at home and therefore they will also help us in the pizzeria: the Consort Libridinoso
    will be our pizzaiolo (the pizzas as he does, no one ever!) and, listen, listen … behave well, because this year we also have the bouncer, in the figure of Miranda (it’s a long story, leave it alone), the Bacci Consorte.
    Ah, one last thing. If Laura Libridinosa has sometimes seemed irascible and tending to dictatorial, know that this year has the task of bringing the pizzas to the table, so if you plan to announce each posting of the reviews, without missing one, you will find an extra condiment to your pizza (do you remember the llamas?)! Not only that, he says that at the third spit the pizza becomes inedible, so he throws it and you lose a point. Think people think.
    What is the Challenge? Soon said! Sit at your table, open the menus and read well. Meanwhile, we bring you water …

    Registration and stages

    Registration for the Reading Challenge 2019 opens today, November 30th 2018, and will close at 8pm on January 6th 2019.

    The Challenge will officially start on December 28th and will be divided into three stages, according to the following schedule:
    1st stage: from 28 December 2018 to 27 May 2019: each diner will play individually. Every 28th of the month, in the Facebook group, you will find the pizzeria menu, from which you can choose the pizza you want to eat during the following month.
    2nd stage: from 28 May to 27 August 2019: four tables will be formed which will be accessible only by the guests who have completed at least half of the objectives chosen in the previous months. The selection to access the tables will be by our Miranda bouncer! But beware, Miranda, which is notoriously good, will give you the chance to access one of the tables anyway. To find out how, read further.
    3rd stage: from 28 August to 27 December 2019: each diner will play individually again; those who have not had the opportunity to sit down at the tables, may decide to return to the game. The goals will be released every 28th of the month in the Facebook group.
    Explanation of the stages

    First step. Within the Facebook group you will find the pizzeria menu. Every 28th of the month a poll will be opened by which every guest can choose a pizza to eat during the following month. You will have until 20 hours of the same day to make your choice; if for the current month you are not going to consume your meal, you can communicate it by commenting on the post with the survey. If we do not receive communications about it and you will not choose a pizza from the menu, we will arrange one for you.
    The choices can not be changed. If you do not finish your pizza, you will be forced to skip a month.

    Jamie recently posted: Quiz:The Present Wrapping Oracle
  3. Nice list, Nicole! I think I just became a challenge addict and it’s only my 2nd year into challenges, lol. I know of a type that would really help me out, not sure if it even exists. A first-in-series challenge? Anyone know of someone running one? No matter what genre we read, I know we all have favorite authors who are constantly writing new series. I have a literal TBR of series first in the genre I read (Cozy mysteries). If I could just read 3 or 4 first in series a month…well you know how that goes! Anyway, I thought I would ask if anyone knew of such an animal.

  4. Ari

    Hiya! We’re hosting our first reading challenge at Bookish Valhalla. It will begin around June 24th, and continue into 2020,but participants must join and read during 2019. Our challenge is the YEAR OF ASIAN STORIES, and we’d love to invite everyone to join in. You can find all the details about #YOAS in the link attached to this comment.

    Thanks so much 😀

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