Sunday Post: Book Pre-order Campaigns & Giveaways Galore – 9/6/20

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~ It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on my blog and share news about what’s coming up in the week ahead.

This past week on FYFA (and in my life):

  • School has started! Elearning is going decently well–not ideal, of course, but it’s working. Danielle has also started swim, and she had her first swim “meet” on Friday. They compete against their own team and then just compare scores with the other team. It makes the competition aspect a lot less fierce, but at least they still get to do it. We were able to watch via webcast, which kind of worked. Kind of. I’m just glad she’s still able to compete and stay active.
  • We put together a bed and moved stuff. Plus, buying and selling.
    • The room renovations continue. We had bought a Pottery Barn Teen loft bed for Noah used, and it had some problems that needed to be addressed from when it was taken apart. We managed to fix everything and got it assembled yesterday. Now we just have to move the rest of his stuff over (that is in process).
    • We’re also in the process of selling a bunch of stuff from the kids’ rooms, including my daughter’s dollhouse-turned-bookcase–we were sad to see it go! (But it takes up a LOT of space for the amount of storage you get.) We’re also selling various other things, including a bunch of Noah’s Legos and his old bed (we already sold Jade’s bed right out from under her the week before she left. LOL!) It’s actually surprising how much time it takes to sell stuff—lots of picture taking and writing and editing listings and responding to queries. But the money we’re making is helping pay for some of the stuff we’ve been buying.
    • Speaking of buying, we also bought a used kitchen table that matches our new trim a lot better. So the table you saw Digit standing on last week is gone—guess that was our final memory of it. LOL! Buying furniture used has been a fantastic deal. We got a $3000 bed for $400 and a $3000 table for $300—there are some cosmetic issues, but we know we’re not going to be able to keep them perfect ourselves (see pic of puppy standing on table).
  • We grew an accidental garden! Okay, I am the absolute worst at keeping plants alive. So imagine my complete surprise when I found a whole slew of tomato plants and a pumpkin patch in the back of our yard (and in the preserve just behind us). In the spring, the village came and cut down a whole bunch of trees behind our house creating a bit of a clearing. At first we were sad, but it turns out the trees behind the trees they cut down are actually even prettier than the ones we could see. Anyway, we used to have a camera on a tree back there so I could watch wildlife, and I would often throw fruits and veggies back there when they started to get too wilty for us. (It was lots of fun to see the animals eating them!) I threw cherry tomatoes back there on several occasions, and apparently they grew! The pumpkins are even weirder, though, because it’s just from us throwing jack-o-lanterns back there after Halloween—but we haven’t carved pumpkins for at least two years! Apparently, the seeds were dormant until the trees were cut down and conditions were right for them to grow. We have a bunch of tomatoes and a giant pumpkin growing!

  • Reading
    • I finished listening to Graceling. This full-cast audiobook was amazing!
    • I started listening to Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust, which I got from NetGalley. This is my first time listening to a book via the NetGalley app, and so far I think it’s working out great.
  • Digit! For this week’s pup pictures, I’m giving you a series of Digit and Bella playing with a little narration. They play like this all the time. Digit will snuggle into Bella when she’s lying on the floor and then casually get her into play mode. It’s pretty cute.

         Wait, Bella, look at Mom.                   What’s going on? Oh, hey, Mom.

            Cheese!                                            Okay, let’s get back to it.

Here’s what you may have missed on the blog since my last Sunday Post:

Book Blogger Birthdays and Blogoversaries:



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Here are the birthdays and blogoversaries for this week! I hope you’ll go wish these bloggers well on their special days! Make sure you check out the calendar to see what you might have just missed or what’s coming up. (If you want to be added to the calendar, it’s easy! Just fill out the birthday/blogoversary form.)

Book Haul:

None this week

 Great Discussions/Goings On Around the Blogosphere:

  • Another week of barely any blog surfing. Once we have these rooms painted, I should have a bit more time!

Pre-order Campaigns

(Make sure you scroll to see them all!) Listed in order of release date. Any new deals I added to the list this week will be denoted with a *** so you can easily find them!

Please note: Almost all pre-order giveaways run “while supplies last,” so they might not be open until the date listed. Pre-0rder early for your best chance to get all the goodies!

Awesome Giveaways:

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Lots of good stuff! Have any giveaways or great discussions happening on your site right now? Feel free to share them in the comments!


13 responses to “Sunday Post: Book Pre-order Campaigns & Giveaways Galore – 9/6/20

  1. Those pictures of your dogs made me laugh! I LOVE that you accidentally planted a veggie garden. Looks pretty good too. I like Graceling a LOT. The second book was probably my favorite, which made the (original) final book seem like a sputter. I am curious where the series will go now with the 4th book.

  2. I love the dog photos – and the commentary!! too cute.

    That’s great Danielle can still swim. It’s definitely a weird way to compete, but it’s something, right??

    I find it hilarious that you have an accidental garden now. Love it though!


  3. How cool is that? You grew plants without even trying! I only manage to grow monster weeds without trying, I am now attempting to stay (mostly) on top of the gardening because that’s the only way to keep things under control.

    It’s great your daughter can still do her swim meets even if it’s not the same I know kids are losing out on a lot of the physical parts of school right now.

    Becky @ A Fool’s Ingenuity recently posted: Sunday Summary // 06.09.2020
    • We’ve been replacing tons of our really old furniture with new-to-us furniture. It’s a great way to change things up a bit without feeling like you have to keep it that way forever, but it definitely takes a bit more work sometimes if the used furniture needs some “help.” 🙂

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